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The importance of a chainsaw can’t be overlooked when working on wooden materials and surfaces. This is because it makes your work much easier. Owning a chainsaw will give you a head start when you want to carry out some minor repairs. With such a power tool, you can finish your home projects without breaking your back.

The good thing is that you can manage the projects on your own without having to hire an expert. The other advantage is that you can hire a chainsaw if you don’t intend to be using it on a regular basis. Below are some home projects that require you to have a chainsaw.

  1. Pruning Trees and Shrubs in the Garden

Overgrown trees and shrubs give your garden the wrong image. Moreover, such bushes block the spectacular view that you normally get when you look outside through the window. Trimming these plants will also allow fresh air to flow into the house. The chainsaw can also be used to shape the appearance of trees. This is done by pruning the branches that have grown out of proportion. Pruning can actually help in containing diseases in plants by removing the affected branches. The power tool can also be used to bring down tall trees that are abstracting the power line.

  1. Repairing the Garden Fence

Building a logs fence around the garden makes it look attractive. However, the fence needs to be repaired after every few years. This is because the logs are prone to damages that are caused by termites and other insects. If such a fence is not repaired on time, it might fall on the flowers which means you will have to start landscaping from scratch.

Since using an axe to cut the logs is cumbersome, it’s recommended you invest in a chainsaw before starting such a project. Having a chainsaw will help you cut the logs into the desired length within a short time. Once the logs have been cut, it’s easier to fasten them at the joints using nails or ropes.

  1. Building Garden Furniture

Spending quality time in a beautifully designed landscape leaves you feeling refreshed. There is no point of having such a garden if it doesn’t include a place to relax with your guests. In fact, having furniture in the garden comes in handy when you want to have a party outdoors. The advantage is that the furniture can be as simple as you want it to be.

Having a chainsaw will make the work of cutting the pieces of wood into different sizes simple. You can actually make some benches or just chairs and build your way up later to include fancy furniture such as a swinging porch. This works well when you have ample space in your garden that can be utilized to discourage people from stepping on the plants.

  1. Splitting Firewood

Starting a fire in the chimney during winter will keep your house warm throughout the night. All you have to do is split the logs with a chainsaw into smaller pieces and put them into the fireplace. If the logs are too long, you will have to shorten them. This makes the wood less bulky. The story would be different if you were to use an axe because it’s very tiring. With a chainsaw, you can split a lot of firewood that can last for several weeks if not months.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Thomas Widmann