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If you are looking for unique garage storage solutions for your space, you have come to the right place. We will provide some great tips to selecting the best garage storage solutions for your home. Did you know that adding garage cabinets and storage to your space can add value to your home? Many people do not realize that by taking care of their garage, they are actually adding great value to their property. It is true that many home buyers find a clean and organized garage to be a point of interest and if you keep your garage tidy, you are likely to do the same for your home.  

  • How do you use your garage currently and how do you plan to use it in the future? Before you begin looking for potential garage storage solutions, you will need to determine how you will be using the space. Is your garage simply going to be used for storing random items or will you be using it as a man cave? Perhaps you want to have a designated space to work on your car or other hobbies but you need it to be a space that is organized and not overrun by the family's’ belongings. Depending on your answers to these questions, you can then begin to generate ideas on how you want to create storage areas.
  • Determine your budget. Another step that you must take before you jump in to your new project is to determine your budget. Your budget will need to take into consideration the equipment, tools, labor, and any items you want to purchase to create your space. Once you have determined how much you can feasibly afford to spend on the project, you can then begin to look around at different storage solutions to see what will fit within your budget.
  • Be creative. Regardless of your budget, try to be creative and come up with a layout and space that is representative of you. In order to truly enjoy the space and want to spend time in it, you need to feel that you are represented and that the space is truly your own. Look for areas that you may hang storage cabinets but also consider hanging up old license plates, signs, or other things that represent who you are. This will cost very little but will add a great deal to the space.
  • Use your ceiling space. If you are working with a small garage, consider using your ceiling space. Garages are built with plenty of upward mobility and room. If you have bikes standing up against the wall, they are taking up space. Instead, hang them from the ceiling. This will open up the walls and create more areas for you to work with.
  • Look for warranty information. When selecting items for your garage, you will want to look for warranty information. For example, if you plan to add a lift for your car collection, be sure to check with the manufacturer about a warranty. When you are investing in expensive purchases, it is a good idea to know if you are protected should something go wrong.

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