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If you have decided to install a shed on your property, no doubt you have to select what kind to use. There are a lot of different types of shed on the market today depending on purpose. Shedsfirst.co.uk is a great resource if you want to look for different shed options. To help you further, here’s a list of the top 5 shed types and their considerations:

  • Wood sheds

If you want to build a workshop type of shed, wood is the best material to get. Wooden sheds are usually made from pine or spruce. It's a great insulator so it’s perfect for spaces where you want to spend a lot of time in. It’s a traditional material that’s beautiful and full of character. It’s strong, sturdy, and environment friendly too.

Because of its versatility, It can be sawn to different shapes and sizes. It’s easy to work with and highly customizable. You can dress it up however you want and design it to your own liking. A common drawback with dealing with wood kits is it’s very time consuming to build. Constructing one based from plans can take time. Buying a premade shed and having it installed by professionals is the way to go if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of building.

  • Plastic or resin shed

Plastic sheds are also very common in households today. It’s not as appealing as wood looks, but it’s very lightweight and easy to assemble. Common concerns with plastic material is its strength and durability. But in fact, it’s weatherproof and even waterproof.

Plastic sheds are long lasting and pretty much maintenance free when installed correctly. You don’t have to worry about rotting or rusting too. Security is an issue for most buyers because plastic isn’t the strongest when it comes to brute force. When choosing this type, consider getting sheds with steel locking mechanism for better security.

  • Vinyl-sided

This falls under the category of plastic sheds but uses a different material for the sides. Mainly for aesthetic purposes, vinyl sides were created as an alternative to aluminum siding back in the 50s. Today, many houses use this material, as well as sheds. Just like plastic, it offers great value for money and is low-maintenance too.

  • Metal shed 

Metal sheds surely aren’t the prettiest but just like wood they remain a popular choice today. They offer great value for money and unlike other kits, are very easy to assemble. DIY enthusiasts are going to enjoy building a metal shed. If you’re opting for a small shed, you’d be surprised at how lightweight most metal kits are. Unlike plastic, metal is generally more resistant to extreme temperatures, but they’re prone to rust and corrosion. They may look flimsy but they’re actually strong, portable, and long-lasting too.

  • Fabric shed

Fabric sheds are cheap and convenient storage solutions. They’re easy to setup and protects your tools and items from the weather. They’re not that long lasting because of the material, but it’s a quick and practical alternative for a bigger shed. Perfect if you only want to store a couple of outdoor equipment like your mower or tractor. Because of its material, it’s lightweight and can be easily moved around and collapsed.

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