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Saving Space with Your Home Gym

For many, having a home gym is the ultimate goal. It saves time and money. However, as a homeowner, you’re space is often limited. While many resort to throwing exercise equipment into the garage, it can be ultra-frustrating to not have space to park the car.

This story may sound familiar to a few, and the team at Quality Home Fitness wants to share a few product ideas to help save space, while meeting your goals of a home/garage gym.

Rogue Fold Back Wall Rack

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The ultimate space saving system that provides users with durability, functionality, and the ability to hit countless workouts. After your workout, close the rack and pull the car in. The best of both worlds! There are also several options for wall mounted plate racks, foldable benches, etc to complete your wall rack.

The Steady Rack

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Noticing issues with people trying to lift their bikes to ceiling hooks, and bikes simply taking up too much space in the garage, the team at Steadyrack solved all these problems with their product. Simply put, you place your bike in the wall mount, and pivot it to the side. This enables users to save more space, with the ease of loading and unloading their bikes. For a garage or home gym, this is perfect for storing your bike. Hit your cardio hard, then hang up the bike out of the way.

Smaller Items

Not every home gym requires large heavy equipment. Often all you need is a few small tools to help you get a great workout. The following options are a great solution to save space, yet get a great workout.


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Ropes are a great tool for exercise, and come in many varieties. From battle ropes to jump ropes to ropes with rings, the possibilities to get a great workout are endless, and they take up very little room.


Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 2.27.27 PM

Mats are a great way to give that added measure of comfort and cushion, with the ability to fold or roll up and tuck out of the way. Whether you are doing bodyweight exercises, or yoga, mats are a great aid in working out and exercising at home.

For more home exercise equipment, and tips and ideas for treadmills, ellipticals, and row machines, visit Quality Home Fitness.

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