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Bigger is better, right? Sometimes we choose to move into a smaller home because it’s cozy and works just fine for our little family. But what if you come to a point where you decide you don’t like small and cozy anymore? Or what if you’re having people over for a holiday or get together and don’t want your guests to feel crowded in small space?

Try some of these tips, provided by C.C. Builders, to make your home appear larger than it actually is.

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Space it out

Space your furniture and decoration out. Rather than having everything centrally focused in the room, keep furniture, tables, shelves, etc. along the wall or creating a border to the room to open it up more.

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Use light colors

Light colors make spaces appear larger. Painting a room white or a light gray or neutral tone will make your guests feel like they’re in a larger space. If you want color, you can always use accent art pieces or pillows to liven it up. Using variations of your light wall color around the room will also help it keep the large appearance.

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Multifunctional pieces

Don’t crowd your rooms with a bunch of different furniture items that only hold one purpose. Find some multifunctional items that can be used for many purposes. For example, you don’t need a foot rest, a table and a storage shelf next to the couch. Instead get an ottoman that you can place in front of the couch, store items in, and use as that table.

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Mirrors can make any room appear larger than it is. Try placing a large mirror above the couch as artwork. In a cramped entryway, you can use mirrors to reflect light and the living room to brighten it up and make it feel bigger.

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Leave windows uncovered

Curtains that block out light can make a room feel smaller. Leave the windows uncovered, or use light curtains for decoration, to allow the natural light to make your room larger. Maybe you want the best of both worlds, dark and cozy and bright and inviting, then keep those light block curtains, but open them up when you have company over.

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Eliminate clutter

Clutter, whether you have a large space or not, will make any place feel crowded. Keep your house tidy. Use furniture pieces, like the previously mentioned ottoman, and TV stands with drawers to help you eliminate the clutter that tends to build up on tables and shelves.

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TV as art

Don’t let your TV take up more space than it has too. Use it as “artwork”. Mount your TV up on the wall above a shelf and add other artwork to either side of it.

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Large wall decorations

Use larger wall decorations and artwork. Have you ever walked into someone’s home and every inch of their wall is covered in galleries of small frames? It feels crowded even if you’re the only person in the room. Larger wall pieces eliminate that wall clutter and all us to breathe easier. If you do like smaller pieces, just space them out more and tactfully place them so they aren’t overcrowding the room. You don’t need every baby picture spattering the wall.

If you feel crowded in your home, or want to create a larger space for your next get together, keep this tips close by and use them to enlarge your home.

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