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4 things you didn’t know you needed in your first apartment

If you’re a first-time apartment renter, moving out on your own is probably something you’ve been looking forward to. But there are a few things that may not have crossed your mind in your search for that perfect first home. When searching for apartments for rent in Boise, or anywhere, don’t forget about these four, but necessary, things that you might have taken for granted in college dorms or your parents’ house.

  1. Bathroom Fan

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Why would anyone think to look for a bathroom fan in a new place? All homes have bathroom fans … right?

Well, if you ever have company over, or if you’ll be living with another person, you can imagine why this would be an important one. Not only does this important feature block out undesirable noises and smells, but it also helps keep your bathroom clear of mold by airing it out after a steamy shower. Don’t leave this one off your checklist.

  1. Laundry Room

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Even if it is a shared laundry space that you have to pay for, this is a much better alternative than having to run to the laundromat to wash that shirt you wanted to wear in a job interview later that day. This feature is all about convenience. Don’t deprive yourself of the added comfort of knowing that you have a washer and dryer nearby when you need one.

  1. A Decent Showerhead

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Most, hopefully all, apartments come with a shower. We all need to bathe. But they don’t always have a great showerhead. While touring apartments, turn on the water in the shower. See if the range is good, if it’s tall enough for you, or if the water just trickles down in a small stream.

This feature doesn’t necessarily need to come with the apartment. But make note of it, because you may want to purchase a replacement showerhead for the duration of your stay there.

  1. Good Lighting

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Okay, you probably know that you need lights in your first apartment. But what you might not realize before moving in, is that the lighting is too dim or too bright. Some older apartments don’t have a built-in light in the front room or hallways, so you might want to get a lamp or light fixtures you can hang on the walls. Another thing that some apartments don’t come with is blinds or curtains over the windows. You might need to purchase these yourself, so keep this in mind when planning your budget.

Prepare a checklist for your first home with all of the features that are necessary for you to live there, and maybe even with some things that you’d be willing to live without. When searching for that new apartment, just remember that you get what you pay for. Cheaper isn’t always better.

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