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3 energy efficient additions to your home

According to an Idaho Falls custom home builder, there are many ways you can be more efficient and cost effective with your home. Modern upgrades offer energy saving solutions that are easy to implement. You don’t need to go to the extreme of adding solar panels to your roofing, but you can make small changes today. The following are a few options you could try.

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Switch out light bulbs

Home lighting is one of the first places you can go to save on energy costs. Try switching out those outdated bulbs and replacing them with new light emitting diode bulbs. These bulbs use up to 80% less energy, last far longer, and can save you upward of $100 per year on energy costs.

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Use fans for cooling

Air conditioning is nice, but can become quite expensive if you’re trying to keep the home at sub-zero temperatures. Instead, try using mobile and ceiling fans to help keep the heat down. Keep fans in the rooms you use most often, and try only using air conditioning for the hottest parts of the day. These small steps can help save you money and use less energy.

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Cover windows

Windows are another great place to start. If you live in climates where winters are as brutal as summers, you have several options. Keeping windows covered during the day can help block out sunlight that heats up the home in the summer, and according to a reputable window contractor, there are many professional and DIY options to help seal windows during the winter to keep heat in.

These simple changes and additions to your home can save you some money, use the energy you have efficiently, and help keep your home comfortable all year round. Who wouldn’t want that?

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5 Tips To Updating Your Backyard This Summer


The summer is the perfect time for you to update and upgrade your backyard. It is the perfect time to host gatherings for your near and dear ones. You should understand that it isn't necessary for you to spend a fortune on state-of-the-art furnishings and lavish greenery. By incorporating the facilities and amenities mentioned below, not only will you make your backyard more aesthetically appealing, you will also help increase the overall value of the home. Here are 5 tips to updating your backyard this summer!

  1. Using lighting

You can easily use lights to make a huge impact and there are many lighting options for you to choose from. One of the easiest ways of making a huge impact is by installing string lights. String lights basically work well for any outdoor space, whether it is for a patio or a pergola. You can also install string lights around tree trunks to create a wonderful ambience for your gatherings.

  1. Installing a deck

One of the easiest ways of updating your backyard this summer is by installing decks. You can also consider installing a deck in the backyard to entertain your guests. Decks help create more living space and provide multi-level landscaping. Therefore, installing a deck in your home will undoubtedly help increase the value of your home. It helps that decks can be customized to suit your space; therefore, there are perfect decks for every backyard.

  1. A beverage area, perhaps?

If you don't have enough space to install an outdoor kitchen or a bar, you should consider setting up a compact beverage area. If you can get your hands on an old bar cart and can repurpose an unused dresser, you are good to go. Basically, get your creative juices flowing and you will be able to make a great outdoor space for beverages. Creating your own beverage station also won't cost a pretty penny.

  1. What about installing a Gazebo?

A gazebo is excellent for providing shade and shelter from the scorching sun and other external factors. In addition to that, it also changes the entire landscape of your backyard, making it even more aesthetically pleasing. Gazebos can be used on your patio, garden, decks, hot tubs to accommodate your guests during gatherings and social events such as weddings, dinner parties, and concerts. Installing a gazebo is undoubtedly a quick fire way to making your backyard attractive to the eye.

  1. Installing a fire pit

Everyone enjoys the relaxing warmth providing by a backyard fire. What does it do? Well, having a fire pit in the backward paves the way for interesting conversations and an entertaining night well past the wee hours. Fire pits are typically built from landscape blocks, also called retaining wall blocks. There isn’t a dearth of fire pits available for purchase in the market and they come in different styles and sizes. You can also choose between portable and permanently fixed fire pits. Therefore, you can have the pick of the bunch. Acquiring fire pits is also not heavy on the wallet.

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3 DIY Vinyl Projects For Your Home

It can be so hard to figure out how to decorate any room in your home. We’ve all been there. But we want to make it easier for you by providing you with some simple vinyl projects that we found on Pinterest.

Ever used a milk can or a globe for home décor? Well, now’s your chance! Check out these three simple do-it-yourself vinyl projects that will help you beautify your home.


Project One: Vinyl letters on a wood pallet


This first project comes from Thoughts In Vinyl. This project is a small, painted wood pallet with vinyl letters placed upon it. Use the right colors to fit your front room’s color scheme, or place this in your kitchen with some fun phrases and colors. The sky is the limit with this project.


Project Two: Vinyl letters on a globe


For those of you who love to travel, or have a loved one who does, this project will probably pique your interest. Find you favorite quote about travel, get the letters, and place it on a globe. For a unique look, you could try to find an antique globe.


Project Three: Vinyl letters on a milk can


Love the farmhouse look? Try adding vinyl lettering to a milk can. Use your last name, a favorite quote or phrase, and use it for a vase with your favorite flowers. Pick flowers from your garden, or find some silk flowers that will last forever. This simple, yet beautiful project will get you excited for flower arrangements in your home.

Never used vinyl before? Not to worry! These Pinterest projects make even beginner crafters feel like pros. And what beautiful ways to decorate your home!

3 Ways to Soundproof Your Ceiling

Sound transmission and acoustics are one of the most overlooked aspects of building design and construction. And while there are certain standards that public and multi-family building types must adhere to, single family homes are left woefully unsupported, which can lead to undesirable acoustic conditions for homes with more than a single story.

However, there are things you can do to your home that will keep lower floors free from the heavy stomping feet of inconsiderate visitors or family members. And for those who have overactive children, taking a few acoustic measures could mean preserving what little sanity you might have left.

Here are 3 ways to soundproof your ceiling and reduce the transmission of sound.

1. Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings are probably your most aesthetically pleasing form of soundproofing. Jason Tilton of Fanatic Finish shows what every homeowner should know about coffered ceilings on this infographic below.

INFOGRAPHIC - Tilton Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings offer a number of different styles and designs, and can have the added effect of transforming your space into a warm, inviting, classical expression of architectural detail. Not only do coffered ceilings provide an apt barrier of sound transmission, they help improve the acoustic quality of the space they are installed in by promoting dispersion and reducing echo.

To install coffered ceilings, you’ll likely need the help of a skilled professional. That investment is worth every penny, as you’ll be left with an attractive new look and an interior free of noise pollution.

2. Batt Insulation

It’s likely the floor cavities between conditioned spaces in your home are completely hollow (save from a few ducts, wires, and light fixtures). All that dead space is filled with air, which acts as a perfect conduit for transmitting sound. If you fill those cavities with batt insulation, you get a much more robust acoustic barrier, and reduce much of the noise that would otherwise cut right through it.

If you’re looking to retrofit an existing home, you’ll either have to rip out the ceiling drywall in order to install the batt insulation, or hire someone to perform a minimally invasive blow-in technique that requires only a drywall patch and a bit of paint. Either way, it’s an inexpensive solution to your acoustic problems.

3. A Second Layer of Drywall

This is perhaps the least invasive, most cost-effective solution on this list. The easiest way to soundproof an existing ceiling is to simply add a second layer of drywall. Of course, you’ll have to work around light fixtures and other ceiling penetrations, but you’ll get a lot of value out of simply covering up what’s already there. You get the added bonus of concealing any blemishes or cracks in your old ceiling, and it can go a long way to making an interior space feel brand new.

If you’ve got a bit of construction experience, this is very much something you can do yourself. You’ll save money on labor, and show your family you are good for something after all! As an extra layer of acoustic protection, we’d recommend installing resilient channels between the existing and new layers of drywall. These are shallow metal channels that give a much more sturdy acoustic barrier.


Whether you’re looking to simply prevent sound transmission, or coupling it with an aesthetic renovation, there are plenty of options at your disposal. If you have the money to invest fully in the acoustic well-being of your home, you might consider hiring an acoustic consultant to lay out your options and how much it would cost to implement each one. This will convey the best vision of your options, and allow you to go down a road that matches up with your budget as long as your wish list.

Vegetable Gardening Tips For Small Apartments


Most people think that gardening is only for those who have a lot of space and time. But the truth is, with a few simple tricks, planting and taking care of a small vegetable garden can be for everyone who has a little bit of space and time on their hands.

If you live in a small apartment, there are a few things you should consider before starting your own vegetable garden. First of all, you should decide where you want to start the garden. Vegetables need a lot of natural light so be sure you pick a place that has access to sunlight.  Second of all, you have to think about the vegetables and herbs you want to plant and how much space they need. And lastly, you have to choose the best planters and pots that are not only suited for your small apartment but also for the type of vegetables you want to plant.

Besides these general tips, I have three suggestions that might come in handy before you start gardening:

1. Vertical Arrangements

As you can see in the examples on, when your apartment is small, you do not have a lot of space for horizontal arrangements that occupy a lot of space and that is why you should look for the best way to arrange your small garden vertically. There are many vertical planters you can choose from and some of them can be used for vegetables while other are more suited for herbs. Based on the space you have in your apartment or balcony, you can think of the best way to use vertical planters.  

2. Inside Gardening

If your small apartment does not have a balcony or an outdoor space you can use for a vegetable garden, you can use any available indoor space that has access to direct sunlight. You can install planters near the windows to get the best light possible for the plants and you can benefit from the advantages of having fresh vegetables and herbs in your own house. Of course, you cannot grow large plants indoors, but you can plant some herbs, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. Your window garden should provide enough vegetables to make a fresh salad from time to time.  

3. Raised Gardening 

Raised gardening is probably the best way to grow veggies and herbs in small pots. There are also a lot of benefits that come with raised gardening, such as good soil drainage, pest barrier and soil compaction prevention.

For small spaces, the best type of raised gardening is square foot gardening. The idea behind this type of gardening is pretty simple: you have to construct or purchase raised beds, fill them with soil and then plant the vegetables and herbs. However, a square foot garden can be pretty expensive so you can always opt for a container gardening. The idea is basically the same but instead of raised beds you can use containers and wine crates. Raised gardening also gives you the possibility to move the containers around to make sure your garden gets the best sunlight.

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5 Tips to Maintaining Your Pool


Being able to take a relaxing swim in your backyard during a hot summer day is undoubtedly something very desirable. However, what a lot of homeowners fail to understand that having a pool also requires quite an effort. You have to maintain it properly in order for it to be safe and enjoyable to use.

With this in mind, here are 5 tips to maintaining your pool without it being the burden that it otherwise is.

  1. Removing Leaves and Debris

As you may know, leaves and other types of debris are getting in the water every single day. They are most commonly brought by the wind. Obviously, one of the most basic elements of having to maintain your pool is to conveniently and regularly remove these elements from the water. The best tool to use is a long-handled pool net as it is going to conveniently enable you to reach to all the ends of the pool with the least amount of effort.

  1. Checking Your Water Level

As you get your pool installed, a professional should let you know about the optimum level of water that needs to be contained within the pool. This is something very important and it shouldn’t be disregarded. Maintaining a proper water level is going to help you sustain the chemical balance in the pool as well as allow the pump and the filter alongside other equipment to function as they are intended to.

  1. Maintaining the Right Temperature

This is another important consideration and the logic is pretty much the same as the previous one. What is more, maintaining a proper temperature is also going to enable you to enjoy swimming a lot more.

You can check Australian Energy Systems and see their many types of pool heating available. There are cost-effective and efficient ways to quickly heat up the temperature in the pool and to extend your swimsuit season.

  1. Scrubbing the Pool Edge Along the Water Line

Flotation as well as evaporation is capable of causing quite a lot of bacteria, algae and other issues to rise on the surface in your pool. This is usually going to manifest as thick and grease black lines along the edge of the pool or on the tiles themselves. Regularly scrubbing this off is capable of preventing a lot of further complications.

  1. Shock Treatments

Every couple of weeks you can give your pool something that’s referred to as a “shock treatment”. This is basically the utilization of high dosage of chemicals which are going to restore the overall sparkle of your pristine water and conveniently kill germs and any organic contaminants.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you might want to consider but the truth is that if you manage to turn this into a routine, it’s unlikely to take you more than a few minutes every couple of days. At the same time, it is going to provide you with a crystal clear and enjoyable pool.

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5 Reasons You Should Install an Outdoor Studio in Your Yard

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 6.35.59 PM


Having the luxury of a house with a backyard is something that many people dream. You get the chance to walk out and have a nice and enjoyable afternoon or evening with your friends and family without having to be stuck in a tiny apartment or a house. There is something particularly attractive in spending time outside that it’s rather curious that we spend so much time perfecting the inside. Nevertheless, there is one thing that could make your yard even cozier and more enjoyable – an outdoor studio.


If you are not convinced that this is something you’d need, just take your time to have a look at these helpful suggestions.

1. Refugee For Your Kids

Just try to remember how many times you’d dreamt of spending a night under the stars as a kid. And, regardless of how hard you insisted, your mom just didn’t let you sleep in the patio. Well, with high-tech and modern outdoor studios which are just as luxurious as the inside, you can rest assured that you can safely let your kids sleep outside.


2. Comfort and Space


When done right, outdoor studios are particularly comfortable and they offer you the perfect chance of using that additional outdoor space for something incredibly useful. They provide a very enjoyable space to spend your afternoons at. Why not try a studio for your backyard? They are also quite affordable, easy to construct, and particularly durable and reliable.


3. Room for Relaxation


Open up the doors on a warm summer afternoon, jump in the bed in your outdoor studio and just spend some time listening to the birds. We get so caught up in our busy lives that we rarely have time to appreciate the moment.


4. Changing Room


If you have an outdoor pool, there is no better solution for your changing. Not only can you keep your pool party attire in the studio, you could also store all the necessities for the pool, including inflatables alongside cleaning tools and others of the kind.


5. They are Stunning


In terms of visual appeal, outdoor studios can be made incredibly beautiful. If you are looking for something to add both value and incredible appeal to your backyard, an outdoor studio is capable of fulfilling these requests. This is something to consider. They can even be made with a great verandah and they could easily turn into your summer time get-away.


All in all, there are quite a lot of reasons for you to consider getting an outdoor studio in your backyard. They come in different dimensions and can be tailored to your yard. This is the beauty of it. They will add a lot of charm and appeal to your backyard and they could be of great use just as well. Make sure to take advantage of this otherwise unused outdoor space. You can even use the studio for your outdoor guest-house. Put in a nice master bedroom and decorate it a bit and you’ll have a private guest room unlike any other.


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The cost of a Mitsubishi air conditioner and its many benefits


We all want to walk into a comfortable and cool home after a long day at work, especially during the hot summer. During this season, we all want to have maximum comfort as much as possible with minimum disruption in our own homes. There are a lot of air conditioners out there, which is why it can be a little difficult to select the best one in the market. One of the best is the Mitsubishi air conditioner, especially the ductless ones. They provide high performance and competitive systems that are cost effective and produce low emissions.

The ductless cooling system allows greater energy efficiency. This means, that you do not just save some money, you also help reduce your total carbon footprint. Among other systems, it is also much easier to install since it does not require ductwork. Some may require a technician, but it can definitely be done on your own.

Other than that, ductless air conditioning systems allow greater control on the temperature compared to central air conditioning systems where it cools the whole house rather than the rooms they are put in. Ductless air conditioning also emits less noise since they are known for having lower decibel level when running.

An example of a great unit would be the Mitsubishi ductless split air conditioning system. One of its features is that it is a cooling and heating system in one. Unlike other traditional HVAC systems, it gives your home the comfort you need with more energy efficiency. With that being said, this type of air conditioning unit is more eco-friendly. It produces fewer amounts of greenhouse gases which are released by its HVAC system. With the Mitsubishi split air conditioning systems, it has been proven to not deplete the ozone layer as it utilizes a refrigerant known as R401A. The great thing about this is that the government gives out tax credits to those who are installing highly efficient systems at home that is good for the environment. You may be eligible for this which means additional savings.

And as mentioned, ductless air conditioning distributes even temperature. With the Mitsubishi split air conditioning system, it provides efficient cooling to your room, making your living space properly cooled and not stuffy. It also uses advanced technology filters that remove allergens and dust. Optimum indoor quality is definitely guaranteed.

A Mitsubishi ductless cost depending on the model and you may try to research online first in order to know the different models and designs. This way, you will also get to read the BTU rating as well as other features of each model in order to see if it fits your home’s needs. They have a versatile product range that is specifically designed to cater each customer’s needs. Another addition to the list of great things about the Mitsubishi air conditioners is that they have flexible designs both for new and old homes. Most of them are ideal for those who are installing an efficient air conditioning system for their new homes, and for older homes where you cannot put up with ductwork.

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4 Tips to Fixing Broken Glass in Your Home


Broken glass can be really frustrating. It happens every now and then, usually unintentionally. In some cases, broken glass is so shattered that they are beyond repair and the only way to deal with it is through glass replacement. However, there are instances when there is still hope to fix it, but careful measures must be observed to make sure that it is fixed right, still functional, and remains to look good. Broken glass ranges from glass accessories, wine glasses, windows, glass tables, and others.

Rockingham Glass, one of Australia’s leading glass products provider offers the following tips to fix broken glass at your home.

  1. Assess the Damage

Before doing any broken glass fixes, make sure to have a realistic assessment of the state of the broken glass. Sometimes, the break might look manageable but the nearby dents that it creates may look risky.  Make sure the damage is fixable on your own. If not, it is good to either call the professionals to fix it or permanently replace it with a new one.

  1. Buy a Glass Repair Kit

Hardware shops near you may have some glass fixing kit available. Use this to fix the broken glass. A glass repair kit basically includes some repair resin, glass wipes, mini screwdrivers, and many other accessories necessary to fix broken glasses and dents. It also helps prevent stone damage and other factors that may cause further damage to glass surfaces. There may also include some basic instructions on how to do the repair, just follow it and you are good to go.

  1. DIY Repair

If a glass repair kit is not available, you can use some home materials to do your glass repair. You will need some strong, quick- dry glue and a piece of cloth. To do this, you have to wipe clean the damaged area first for the crack or dent to be easily identified. Apply glue or epoxy on the affected area.  For parts that are totally broken, clean off the edge to scrape away minute glass debris. Then, carefully apply glue or epoxy into the edge of the damaged area, making sure that you put on as think as possible, but enough to hold the pieces together. Hold the pieces together firmly in place until the glue or epoxy dries out totally. Scrape off excess glue if possible.

  1. Use a Glue Gun For Cracks

Another alternative that is applicable for cracks, like on your glass table, for example, is the use of a glue gun. You can fill it in with a repair resin and use the glue gun to trace the cracks, thinly applying the resin on the surface. Wait until it dries completely and then scrape and clean off any excess resins.

While broken glass can still be fixed, experts advise that if possible and affordable, totally replace your glass materials. There are some cases when a repair may look like it has fixed it, but the item is no longer advisable for usage. Be practical on this to keep you and your family safe from harm.

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4 Ways To Maintain Your Tile


So, you have finally renovated your floor, replacing your old worn tiles with new, glorious ones. Of course, the renovation didn't come without a hefty bill. Therefore, you are now looking for ways to maintain your tile and ensure their improved longevity. So, how do you go about doing it? Well, you have nothing to worry about as we have you covered. Here are 4 ways you can maintain your tile. Following and scrutinizing these tips are essential for tile cleaning!

  1. Scrutinize the Grout

The first thing you need to pay attention to when maintaining your tile is the grout. You must ensure that the grout is clean and well-maintained. In order to do so, you need not necessarily splurge on special cleaners. You can easily create a cleaning paste at home with the ingredients of baking soda and water. After the creation of the paste, you can spread it on the grout with the help of a tooth brush. You can then proceed to clean it off with warm water after letting it sit overnight. If you are troubled with more serious, stubborn stains, you can instead mix the baking soda with vinegar. Then, you can rinse it off after an hour of application.

  1. Uniform cleaning schedule

Cleaning the tiles is really something that must be done regularly for its maintenance. How can you clean the tiles? Well, you can vacuum and mop regularly. It is essential to ensure that dirt and dust are removed from the tiles before they can be a part of the grout and tile. Are there any specific solutions that can be used to mop the floors? Well, you can simply create an efficient cleaning solution by mixing warm water with castile soap. However, if you have a greasy floor, you can instead proceed to use water with distilled white vinegar. Cleaning the tiles regularly will undoubtedly increase the longevity of the tiles and have them sparkling! You should be warned to not use a straw broom to clean the tiles as it can leave scratch marks.

  1. Take care of spills pronto!

If you spill on the floor tiles, you need to take care of the spills pronto before it collects dirt and stains your tile permanently. You can clean the spills by using absorbent cloths with cleansers and disinfectants. If the spills are stubborn and aggressive such as raw meat spills and egg spills, there might be a need for you to mop the entire area.

  1. Re-Waxing

If your floor is losing on shine, it might be time to re-wax it again. In order to do that, you need to mop the floor with a specific solution. How can you create the solution? Well, all that is required is for you to mix laundry detergent and water with ammonia. After mopping the floor with the solution, you can then scrub the tiles with a sponge or stiff brush. Then, you can apply wax after the floor is dry.

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Top 4 Reasons To Switch To A Metal Garage


Today there are many different types of garages to choose from, but when time comes to install a new garage or replace an existing one on your property, there is little question that a metal garage will be your best choice.  

Metal garages simply offer you an array of simple and yet significant advantages over their wooden counterparts, and we’re going to go over these advantages in this article.

Here are the top four reasons to switch to a metal garage:

They Are Extremely Durable

This is the biggest reason why people who switch over to a metal garage do so. They are simply far more durable and weather resistant than wooden garages, and can easily withstand the natural elements such as high winds, rain, snow, and so on.

Wooden garages are also pest resistant, so rodents or insects that would otherwise wreck havoc on a wooden garage won’t be a problem.

They Are Cheaper

Not only are prefab metal garage kits relatively inexpensive up front (you can easily find them for less than ten thousand dollars), but they will save you lots of money over the long term as well.  

Since metal garages are far more durable than wooden garages and aren’t so susceptible to pests and the environment, this means that they won’t require repairs or maintenance as frequently and you’ll be able to significantly save on the costs of running your garage.

They Are Easy To Set Up

Metal garages are also relatively simple to install, and while you will likely need to hire a licensed contractor to set it up for you. Nonetheless, you should be able to set up a smaller garage kit on your own, which would further help you save on more costs since you won’t need to hire a contractor for that.

They Can Increase The Resell Value Of Your Property

Last but certainly not least, the fourth advantage to switching to a metal garage is that it can actually help boost the resell value of your property. This is for a couple of reasons.

First, the very act of having a metal garage built on your property can help increase its value because of the advantages of a metal garage that we’ve gone over so far.

Secondly, if the look of your metal garage complements the look of your house, then the resell value of your home and property are literally guaranteed to increase. If you’re thinking about selling your property in the future and are trying to think of a way to increase its value so you can earn more money in the sale, installing a metal garage could be the solution you’re looking for.

Switching To A Metal Garage

All in all, these are the top reasons why you should highly consider making your next garage a metal garage. Conduct research on the best prefabricated metal garage kits online to find one that fits your needs and complements the look of your home.

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4 Tips For Choosing A Roofing Contractor For A Roof Replacement


Has your roof sustained terrible damage due to the recent wave of hailstones? Or, are you simply looking to install a new roof design to make your home look better? Whatever your reasons are for hiring a roofing contractor, there are many things to consider before you go about your search of finding the right roofing contractor. Although there isn't a dearth of roofing contractors available for hire, all promising to do a stellar job, the ones worth hiring are actually few and far between. However, you have nothing to worry about as the tips mentioned below will aid you in your quest of choosing the ideal roofing contractor for a roof replacement.

Tip1: Focus on hiring local, midsize contractors

There is simply no denying that small, midsize-local roofing companies care the most about the quality of the job. That's because, unlike, national companies, they solely rely on the success of their business for sustainability and they also don't hire subcontractors. National companies hire sub-contractors and pay them on the basis of sq. feet of roofing installed. Hence, these sub-contractors are motivated towards completing their tasks as soon as possible, giving very little importance to the quality of installation. You can identify these companies by asking them to provide you with relevant references for the jobs they conducted in the vicinity of your home. You can then call these references to know more about their services and what not. When you go through websites of local, midsize contractors, you will see in-depth and detailed information of the recent projects they undertook near your area.

Tip 2: Focus on hiring the master of the trade, not on the Jack of all trades

When searching for the right roofing contractor, it is important for you to overlook the ¨we do everything¨ types of contractors and instead focus on hiring specialized contractors that only work with specific roofing materials. These contractors will undoubtedly have more experience and knowledge with specific roofing materials that you want to install. How can you identify these specialized contractors? Well, they will have detailed instructions on the specific services they provide on their websites. Contractors that focus on all aspects of roof installation don't usually take the time out to explain each and every service.

Tip 3: Search for reviews online

It is always beneficial and recommended for you to search for reviews on the shortlisted contractors online before actually hiring them. Reading through unbiased reviews and responses from customers will give you a proper indication of how a particular roofing contractor works. Reliable sources such as Angie's List and Better Business Bureau will also help you know what the roofing company excels at and for how long they've been doing what they do!  

Tip 4: Rely on Referrals

You can also ask your friends and relatives about the roofing companies they use to get their roofs fixed. Your friends and relatives will provide you with unbiased reviews of the services provided by those specific contractors, which will, in turn, help you make the decision to choose the right roofing contractor.

We would recommend you to work with Stay Dry Roofing as they are one of the best roofing contractors for roof replacement.

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5 Tips to furnishing your home in luxury on a budget


Buying furniture for your house can be tricky. Choosing the right furniture that will match the room’s color, lighting and space make it difficult. It might make your beautiful home into a storage unit when you pick the wrong furniture. All homeowners want their homes to look nice and most of them will resort to buying the expensive furniture thinking that it will make their house look good. The downside of this is that buying those luxurious furniture can put a hole in your bank account. It doesn’t have to be expensive to make your home look good. You can buy furniture that are not that expensive but still looks fancy and luxurious. All you need is a sharp eye on choosing these furniture. You can find furniture that are affordable but elegant minus the expensive price tag. If you are going to furnish your home you don’t have to spend over the budget. Allow us to guide you on your furniture hunting with our simple tips.

  1. Start with the primary pieces

By selecting the primary furniture first, it will give you a rough picture on the color palette you are going with. The primary furniture will serve as the foundation for the design and patterns you are trying to achieve because they are the most obvious furniture you will see. The primary furniture must be functional and at the same time stylish. Avoid those furniture that are too bulky because it might consume too much space.

  1. Buy accent pieces

Accent piece are furniture that stands out because it complements the room’s decoration. An example of this are lumbar and throw pillows. These little pieces are important as much as the primary piece of a living room because it can elevate the overall look of the room and will give the room a sense of motif. You must match the accent pieces to the primary piece to give them a harmonious color scheme.

  1. The lesser furniture may be better

You don’t have to flood your living room with so many furniture pieces. Sometimes less is more. Each piece that you will select must have a function in the room and at the same time can add beauty to the place. By eliminating the things that have no function in the room it will give emphasis to the other furniture and will make them sparkle.

  1. Buy sideboards

Sideboards are one way to make any part of your home look appealing. It is also a practical way to store some items. By purchasing a white gloss sideboard in your living room it will automatically uplift the space due to its stylish and practical look. You can make any corner in your home look good by adding a sideboard and mirror on top. It is the perfect solution to those bare and empty spaces. You can check out different sideboard designs on this site

  1. Consider the paint job of your home

By having the right paint job in the room, it will be easier for you to choose the right furniture. It is the inexpensive way to add glamor and luxury to the room. Try to avoid the dark shades of color to paint your room because it makes the room gloomy unless you intend to design the room that way. It will also serve as a guide when you start layering textures. Just think of it as the base color in the room you will furnish once you start buying different furniture.

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3 Most common roofing problems


There are many things that can go wrong with a roof. People seem to forget that they are actually expensive and serves as the first protection against the heat of the sun and rain. That’s why it is important for homeowners to always check their roofs for signs that of damage.

If you are a homeowner, check out the most common roofing problems below and see if your roof may be suffering from one or all of them. Putting off inspecting your roofs may result to worse damage and may cost the owners more money than needed.

  1. Roof leaks and moisture – it does not matter what type of roof you have, it there is a leak, there is a problem. There may be many reasons why the roof may be leaking. If a building or a home experience a lot of foot traffic then it will most likely happen. Extreme weather, be it wind, snow, ice, rain or hail can all contribute. Even if the leak is small, it’s important that it be fixed right away as it can lead to mold growing inside the house, endangering the health of the people living there.
  1. Poor installation – if there is poor workmanship, it automatically increases the chances that your roof will not have a long lifespan. If the shingles are not attached properly, the wood beneath it could get holes and be susceptible to rotting. The same is true when the flashing is not properly sealed, as this is usually the part where the water leak and damage starts. Homeowners need to make sure that whoever will attach their roofs are experienced enough and will make sure that every part of the roof is properly attached.
  1. Lack or improper maintenance -  it’s not just enough to make sure that the roof is properly installed. Much like cars need maintenance, the same is through for roofs. Homeowners must not wait until the damage gets worse before actually doing something about it. When there is heavy rain the night before, for example, it’s good to check the roof the next day and if see there is any roof that has stayed on the roof as there may be underlying causes for this. Small animals, like birds and even insects, can also cause damage to the roof so homeowners must be vigilant if they want to make sure that their roofs will have a long life expectancy.

Whatever problem you see with your roof, it is just as important that you call a professional roof repair company to handle it for you. When you find a problem with your roof, make sure that the company you choose is reputable and boasts of not just years of experience but also of quality service. Ask around for recommendations from family and friends who have undergone roof repairs. If they cannot give you a recommendation and you are around the Bristol area, check out Roofing Bristol. They offer a wide-variety of services and can even survey your roof and give you a quote for free.

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3 ways to improve your home’s outdoor space


Owning a home can be rewarding but also take a great deal of work to maintain it. As your life changes and you begin to expand your family, you will likely want to improve your home’s outdoor space. This article will expand on several creative ways in which you can improve your home’s outdoor space.


  • Build a playground. If you have small children or are planning on having a family, investing in a playground in your backyard is a great idea and one that will likely have a great return on your investment. Before you start preparing your yard to have a playground, it is important that you plan out a budget and begin to research different type of materials that you will need to build the foundation for the equipment. Places such as PD Play can help you create great ideas for your playground while staying within your budget.
  • Add an inground swimming pool. If you love to swim or you have family that loves to swim, installing an inground swimming pool can be a great idea. Your family and friends will love to come over to your house to use your pool and visit. Your house will be where all the social gatherings are held because of your great outdoor space.


It is important to think about safety measures for your pool and also check with your local municipality and be sure that you get a permit if that is a requirement. Some areas also require you to install a fence around your pool so that it can deter anyone from falling in to the pool and drowning. This is an effective safety tool but can add a substantial amount to your bottom line. Before you begin the installation of your pool, be sure you have checked on other necessities so you do not run into a problem later on.


  • Build a shed. If you have an abundance of yard equipment, bikes, or other toys and your garage is cluttered up, build a shed. A shed is a great place to store extra items that you want to keep but you do not want to put in the basement or in your garage. A shed can be convenient as you can access all your yard equipment in one space as opposed to mowing the lawn and then walking to the garage for your edger and other equipment. If you store everything in the shed, you will be able to access everything you need at once.


There are many great ways that you can improve your home’s outdoor space. When deciding on how to go about doing so, be sure to keep your family and their needs in mind. It is also important to think about what could be convenient and helpful for you if you are the person most likely to take care of the yard work. By taking everyone into consideration, you will be able to prioritize the best improvement that will suit the entire family. After doing so, you can determine your budget and then set out to find the right people to help you with the job.

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