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5 Tips To Updating Your Backyard This Summer


The summer is the perfect time for you to update and upgrade your backyard. It is the perfect time to host gatherings for your near and dear ones. You should understand that it isn't necessary for you to spend a fortune on state-of-the-art furnishings and lavish greenery. By incorporating the facilities and amenities mentioned below, not only will you make your backyard more aesthetically appealing, you will also help increase the overall value of the home. Here are 5 tips to updating your backyard this summer!

  1. Using lighting

You can easily use lights to make a huge impact and there are many lighting options for you to choose from. One of the easiest ways of making a huge impact is by installing string lights. String lights basically work well for any outdoor space, whether it is for a patio or a pergola. You can also install string lights around tree trunks to create a wonderful ambience for your gatherings.

  1. Installing a deck

One of the easiest ways of updating your backyard this summer is by installing decks. You can also consider installing a deck in the backyard to entertain your guests. Decks help create more living space and provide multi-level landscaping. Therefore, installing a deck in your home will undoubtedly help increase the value of your home. It helps that decks can be customized to suit your space; therefore, there are perfect decks for every backyard.

  1. A beverage area, perhaps?

If you don't have enough space to install an outdoor kitchen or a bar, you should consider setting up a compact beverage area. If you can get your hands on an old bar cart and can repurpose an unused dresser, you are good to go. Basically, get your creative juices flowing and you will be able to make a great outdoor space for beverages. Creating your own beverage station also won't cost a pretty penny.

  1. What about installing a Gazebo?

A gazebo is excellent for providing shade and shelter from the scorching sun and other external factors. In addition to that, it also changes the entire landscape of your backyard, making it even more aesthetically pleasing. Gazebos can be used on your patio, garden, decks, hot tubs to accommodate your guests during gatherings and social events such as weddings, dinner parties, and concerts. Installing a gazebo is undoubtedly a quick fire way to making your backyard attractive to the eye.

  1. Installing a fire pit

Everyone enjoys the relaxing warmth providing by a backyard fire. What does it do? Well, having a fire pit in the backward paves the way for interesting conversations and an entertaining night well past the wee hours. Fire pits are typically built from landscape blocks, also called retaining wall blocks. There isn’t a dearth of fire pits available for purchase in the market and they come in different styles and sizes. You can also choose between portable and permanently fixed fire pits. Therefore, you can have the pick of the bunch. Acquiring fire pits is also not heavy on the wallet.

partnered post • cc-licensed photo by Karen Maraj