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So, you have finally renovated your floor, replacing your old worn tiles with new, glorious ones. Of course, the renovation didn't come without a hefty bill. Therefore, you are now looking for ways to maintain your tile and ensure their improved longevity. So, how do you go about doing it? Well, you have nothing to worry about as we have you covered. Here are 4 ways you can maintain your tile. Following and scrutinizing these tips are essential for tile cleaning!

  1. Scrutinize the Grout

The first thing you need to pay attention to when maintaining your tile is the grout. You must ensure that the grout is clean and well-maintained. In order to do so, you need not necessarily splurge on special cleaners. You can easily create a cleaning paste at home with the ingredients of baking soda and water. After the creation of the paste, you can spread it on the grout with the help of a tooth brush. You can then proceed to clean it off with warm water after letting it sit overnight. If you are troubled with more serious, stubborn stains, you can instead mix the baking soda with vinegar. Then, you can rinse it off after an hour of application.

  1. Uniform cleaning schedule

Cleaning the tiles is really something that must be done regularly for its maintenance. How can you clean the tiles? Well, you can vacuum and mop regularly. It is essential to ensure that dirt and dust are removed from the tiles before they can be a part of the grout and tile. Are there any specific solutions that can be used to mop the floors? Well, you can simply create an efficient cleaning solution by mixing warm water with castile soap. However, if you have a greasy floor, you can instead proceed to use water with distilled white vinegar. Cleaning the tiles regularly will undoubtedly increase the longevity of the tiles and have them sparkling! You should be warned to not use a straw broom to clean the tiles as it can leave scratch marks.

  1. Take care of spills pronto!

If you spill on the floor tiles, you need to take care of the spills pronto before it collects dirt and stains your tile permanently. You can clean the spills by using absorbent cloths with cleansers and disinfectants. If the spills are stubborn and aggressive such as raw meat spills and egg spills, there might be a need for you to mop the entire area.

  1. Re-Waxing

If your floor is losing on shine, it might be time to re-wax it again. In order to do that, you need to mop the floor with a specific solution. How can you create the solution? Well, all that is required is for you to mix laundry detergent and water with ammonia. After mopping the floor with the solution, you can then scrub the tiles with a sponge or stiff brush. Then, you can apply wax after the floor is dry.

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