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According to an Idaho Falls custom home builder, there are many ways you can be more efficient and cost effective with your home. Modern upgrades offer energy saving solutions that are easy to implement. You don’t need to go to the extreme of adding solar panels to your roofing, but you can make small changes today. The following are a few options you could try.

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Switch out light bulbs

Home lighting is one of the first places you can go to save on energy costs. Try switching out those outdated bulbs and replacing them with new light emitting diode bulbs. These bulbs use up to 80% less energy, last far longer, and can save you upward of $100 per year on energy costs.

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Use fans for cooling

Air conditioning is nice, but can become quite expensive if you’re trying to keep the home at sub-zero temperatures. Instead, try using mobile and ceiling fans to help keep the heat down. Keep fans in the rooms you use most often, and try only using air conditioning for the hottest parts of the day. These small steps can help save you money and use less energy.

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Cover windows

Windows are another great place to start. If you live in climates where winters are as brutal as summers, you have several options. Keeping windows covered during the day can help block out sunlight that heats up the home in the summer, and according to a reputable window contractor, there are many professional and DIY options to help seal windows during the winter to keep heat in.

These simple changes and additions to your home can save you some money, use the energy you have efficiently, and help keep your home comfortable all year round. Who wouldn’t want that?

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