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3 DIY Vinyl Projects For Your Home

It can be so hard to figure out how to decorate any room in your home. We’ve all been there. But we want to make it easier for you by providing you with some simple vinyl projects that we found on Pinterest.

Ever used a milk can or a globe for home décor? Well, now’s your chance! Check out these three simple do-it-yourself vinyl projects that will help you beautify your home.


Project One: Vinyl letters on a wood pallet


This first project comes from Thoughts In Vinyl. This project is a small, painted wood pallet with vinyl letters placed upon it. Use the right colors to fit your front room’s color scheme, or place this in your kitchen with some fun phrases and colors. The sky is the limit with this project.


Project Two: Vinyl letters on a globe


For those of you who love to travel, or have a loved one who does, this project will probably pique your interest. Find you favorite quote about travel, get the letters, and place it on a globe. For a unique look, you could try to find an antique globe.


Project Three: Vinyl letters on a milk can


Love the farmhouse look? Try adding vinyl lettering to a milk can. Use your last name, a favorite quote or phrase, and use it for a vase with your favorite flowers. Pick flowers from your garden, or find some silk flowers that will last forever. This simple, yet beautiful project will get you excited for flower arrangements in your home.

Never used vinyl before? Not to worry! These Pinterest projects make even beginner crafters feel like pros. And what beautiful ways to decorate your home!