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It is normal to put a lot of emphasis on decorating your living room. In the end, this is the part of your home where you spend most of your free time. It is also area where your guests sit and as such, it represents you. Worst thing that can happen is having a dirty or distasteful living room.

Sometimes, idea will not click for your living room. You might try something that looks awesome on paper only to discover that it really sucks. Numerous things need to be considered and because of that, it is easy to fail.

In order to help you out, we have created a list of incredible ideas that can help you decorate your living room. Have in mind these ideas are quite unusual and a real breath of fresh air. This is precisely why they will do wonders for you.

1. Using the mirrors to your advantage

Mirrors are a must for every home. Today more than ever, market is saturated with different models and we can purchase mirrors online from sites like We can choose from Hollywood mirrors, LED mirrors, folding mirrors etc. In this case, you are searching for mirrors that will help out your interior décor. Functionality is secondary as you probably won’t fix your makeup on a mirror that is placed in the living room. So why are mirrors such great decorative pieces? No matter where you place a mirror it will reflect rest of your room. This means that you’re practically doing nothing with it; if the rest of the design is nice, the image in the mirror will be nice. However, mirror provides something else that is valuable. Simplicity. Instead of using paintings or something else for your walls, you can simply add mirrors.

2. Using smaller pieces of furniture

Most homeowners do not like having small pieces of furniture for their living room. We are used to a big sectional that is placed just in front of a big screen TV. This is an ideal that was singed into our brain. But, you can do something completely different. Break things up by getting chairs, settees or ottomans. Mix things up a bit. First of all, this will create shocking experience as people are not used to this layout. It also leave you with more room for sitting as you do not have to squeeze with anyone else. In terms of positioning, you can still group these items together. Still, you will have your personal space.

3. Bookshelves and open cabinets

People usually do not realize this but books can easily be used as decorative pieces. Each book has a different cover. They usually come in vivid colors. By grouping titles together you can create an awesome visual experience. And best thing yet is that books can be rearranged all the time allowing you to freshen up the space. You don’t even have to invest much time in it. Just use the stuff you already have. But for this to be effective (and even noticed) you need to have open shelves or cabinet. These books need to be seen by the viewer. Otherwise there is no point. If you have a bigger collection, you can place it in separate sections. For example, you can use two smaller furniture pieces and spread “book feel” all over the room.


When it comes to proper decoration of the living room, try to be neutral. Trying too hard to mix everything together can create an adverse effect. This is why you have to go with tricks that can easily be changed and that can fit any interior.

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