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We can all agree that one of the most topsy-turvy areas in our home is the garage. It is where the old stuff along with the garden and house tools are stored. It is where the old cans of oil and dirty car parts are placed when they are no longer needed. It also tends to be the dumping ground of the house because of its big open space. Sometimes, the garage also becomes the storage unit for those unused gym equipment items. But, your garage doesn’t have to be like this. It deserves to be cleaned and organized too. By cleaning your garage, you will be able to organize and maximize the space as well as avoid unnecessary accidents. If you are interested in the idea then here are 5 tips that will keep your garage organized.

  1. Take everything out of the garage and organize

This is the first step when cleaning and organizing your garage. Take everything out and clean the inside of the garage. Then you can start segregating the things that are to be thrown out and are to be kept. You can also distinguish and put those things that belong to a group like the tools for cars or gardens, the old Christmas decorations, and other stuff. This will give you a rough idea on how you will organize your garage.

  1. Use vertical space as much as possible

By placing things vertically, it helps you save more space. The rakes and shovels should be standing up instead of lying down. It is also the best way to protect your car’s tires in case you run them over. You can also take advantage of the ceiling space by placing a shelf horizontally at the ceiling or putting a net up that will serve as a container for some light materials. You can also brighten up the ambiance in your garage by keeping things vertical.

  1. Use Storage Cabinets for Garage

This is the best way to keep your things organized especially those small things that are easily misplaced. These garage storage cabinets are handy when it comes to keeping your tools intact and keeping them out of reach from the children. Garage storage cabinets are also a perfect spot for chemicals and paints that are not in use. Not only will it make your garage look good but it will also keep your tools and materials safe and sound.

  1. Store your things by group

By grouping your things together based on their class and their uses, it will be easier to find them in case you need them. Group together the car tools, the garden tools, and the gym equipment so that you don’t have to disarrange the things just to find one specific object. Also, try to store those things that are used more often in the place where it is easy to spot so that you don’t have to search each corner just to find them.

  1. Put it back after you use it

A lot of people always forget this but the number one cause of a cluttered garage is the practice of not putting back things after using them. You might think that it is harmless but when you forget to put it back, you will find a hard time looking for it when you need it again. And things will just worsen with time, tools found in random places will be lost eventually. So before making things worse make it a habit to return those things after you use them. If you want, put a sign in your garage that says “put the things back in their place after using”. That will surely remind you every time you are finished using the tools. Make it your habit to maintain your organized and clean garage.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Jacob Loupe