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3 Trendy bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget


The cost of remodeling a mid-range bathroom costs around $3,000 to $5,000. Those figures only cover fresh paint, new tiles for countertops, and lighting. It does not include new flooring or new sinks yet. If you want to change everything, right from the flooring down to the fixtures then you definitely have to shed more or less $20,000. These are just rough estimates because there are other factors that could influence the entire remodeling cost.

Your location can influence the cost of labor and construction materials. For instance, expect to spend less on an Orlando bathroom remodeling than a Jupiter Island remodeling. The latter is the most expensive city in Florida so expect everything to cost higher. With all these considerations, it can be hard to believe that there is such a thing as a "cheap bathroom remodel." However, you can still a save few dollars by following these tips:

  1. Repurpose materials to add new storages and shelves. You do not have to buy new a shelf or a towel rack to freshen up your bathroom. It may be tempting to add the little stuff but even those small fixtures can blow your budget. Take your DIY skills to the next level if you are on a serious budget! For storage solutions, you can use old mason jars as containers. Use wood palettes as floating shelves to give your space a rustic feel. If you are not in the mood for some DIY, save money shopping upcycled bathroom accessories on Etsy.


  2. Refinish fixtures. It's fine to trust your DIY skills for the little things like painting the walls and installing new shelving unit. But there are things that you should leave to the pros, like refinishing your tub. You will also need help for the difficult operations such as plumbing and tiling. It is important to note that there are fixtures that are better replaced than refinished. For instance, you will actually shed more if you refinish your sink than having it replaced. A professional can help you find better and more cost-effective alternatives.

  3. Shop for everything before starting with the project. You can save money by finding your own deals. You will be overwhelmed with all the choices you have. If you are on a budget, shop for the budget-friendly options. A luxury vinyl is a good alternative to fancy porcelain tiles. You can find moisture-proof vinyl floorings that also have excellent heat insulation. You can even use pebbles from the dollar store as an alternative to tiles.

Sprucing up your old bathroom does not need to be expensive. Remodeling does not always mean you have to tear-out and replace everything. Repositioning items can also drive up the entire cost of the remodeling project. Keep the plumbing in their place as much as possible. Besides that, you can stick to your budget by choosing simple materials. After all, who needs all those high-end floorings and bathroom fixtures? What matters most is the bathroom stays functional and pleasant for daily use.

partnered post • cc-licensed photo by Cheryl Marland