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3 Tips to finding a top residential air conditioning repair company in the heat of the summer


One of the most stressful things to deal with as a homeowner is the immediate need for the replacement of an air conditioning system in the heat of the summer. This is because chances are that your home is hot and the need to replace your broken system is of the utmost importance. Using a fan to circulate air inside your home can work for a period of time but after awhile the need to replace the air conditioning will be too great to ignore any longer. If you are in need of professional assistance for AC repair in McKinney or elsewhere, there are local companies that can assist. This article will help you identify ways to find the best residential air conditioning repair company during the heat of the summer when prices are the highest as demand is great.


  1. Do your research. There are a plethora of air conditioning repair companies that are willing to come out and help you in fixing your AC unit. Before you commit to a company, be sure to look online at their website to understand the services that they offer along with any warranty details that may also be provided. Then check out social media channels and explore how they interact with potential and current customers. After you have done that, look at your own social media channels and ask for recommendations from family and friends. Once you receive some recommendations, you can then begin to decide which companies you will call. Call at least 3 companies and schedule an appointment for them to come assess your unit and give you an estimate. Many companies offer this service for free as they hope you will purchase your new system with them.

  2. Understand what you need. Understanding your air conditioning system along with a general idea of how it operates will help you in discussing your challenges or repair needs with the professional technician. In addition, the more knowledgeable you are about the problems you are having, the more you can understand what you need done to remedy the problem. This can also help you in negotiating the cost of service. While it may not be typical to actively negotiate the cost of their AC repair, you can make a wiser decision about the services rendered for the price. For example, if company A offers the installation, repairs, and a 5 year warranty and company B offers installation and repairs but is a few hundred dollars cheaper, you may choose to spend more because you will receive a warranty with the purchase. These are decisions you have to make on your own about the investment you are purchasing for your home.

  3. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). More than ever, air conditioning units are easier and more efficient to use than they have been in the past. New technology has allowed for the measuring of efficiency of air conditioning units as well as heat pumps. When purchasing a new unit, be sure to look for a higher SEER number. If you are a US resident, you may be eligible for a rebate or tax deduction at the end of the year.

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