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The kitchen is a special room that requires daily cleaning, sometimes more than once a day. In this regard, there are particular requirements to the materials used for flooring your kitchen. In this article we will study the most appropriate types of flooring and identify all their strengths and weaknesses.


At all times, tile was considered one of the best floor coverings both for the floor and for the walls, especially in such premises as a kitchen. There are quite a lot of advantages of the tile but, above all, it is high performance characteristics that allow quick and simple cleaning of the floor in the kitchen. Such a floor is not afraid of blows from falling of heavy objects, nor scratches, which also can be made by a vacuum cleaner and a mop. There are no scratches made by the furniture like kitchen tables and chairs on the tile. The tile is considered a sanitary floor covering, on the surface of which the pathogenic microbes are not bred. The tiles are produced in a huge assortment and there are plenty of color and structure solutions on the market, so it will not be difficult to choose it based on your taste preferences.However, there is one drawback connected with the seams between individual fragments of the floor covering. Despite the fact that they are sealed with a special trowel, over time they are clogged with mud, and it is very difficult to clean it. They also go very well if you've got Essex Worktops in your kitchen.

Laminated floors

The indisputable advantage of laminated floors is that they are simply washed with a semi-dry cloth. A lot of people choose this flooring because they like the high quality of it. It is for this quality, plus an attractive appearance, this material has grown fond of a modern man. When it come to the laminate floor for the kitchen, it is better to choose the waterproof laminate which has all the necessary characteristics. It’s excellent resistance to water makes this flooring protected. As far as cleaning goes, this flooring is not afraid even of use of household chemicals - this laminate is somewhat resistant to the effects of abrasive detergents.


This is also a fairly common floor covering, which can be successfully used in any room and the kitchen is not an exception. It is a waterproof and has a lot of advantages.

The most important thing is, of course, a simple and easy cleaning. There is nothing to argue about here, since many people have already appreciated this benefit.

Another advantage of linoleum is the absence of seams. Even if the kitchen space is large and you could not find the cover with a whole piece, the linoleum can be soldered or joined with special glue so that it looks like one single piece.

For some reason, it is believed that linoleum is a budget variant of flooring. By and large, this is a mistake to think so. Today in stores you can find both cheap and expensive linoleum, which differs in characteristics, colors and structure. You can even find some types of linoleum that are made from environmentally friendly materials.

So, if you want your floor to look stylish you can always choose reliable and durable linoleum, but keep in mind that it can cost even more than laminate.

In fact, there are other floor coverings, which also look great and have good characteristics. For example, the hardwood floor in Toronto or marble will turn your kitchen into a beautiful and comfortable place in your house.

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