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Wherever you live, I’m sure you’ve seen homes being renovated following certain trends. You’d think it varies per location, but some trends have spread all over the world. In Canada for example, if you find custom home builders in Vancouver you’ll learn that families are leaning towards smart technology now. Down south in the US, homes are starting to get more minimalist, with preference to wide and open spaces.

The ongoing trend is that we’re going minimal and digital, and this year is no different. We’ll be seeing more of these minimalist and futuristic trends get into our houses. Take a look at the top 3 custom home renovation trends this year:


Smart homes – Home renovation projects are likely to install at least one smart system in their house. The popular ones include:

  • Security upgrades. Traditional alarms have proven how immune homes are to burglars and accidents. Which is why homeowners are attracted to smart security systems. It gives them the ability to protect their homes even when they’re away. Aside from that, it allows them to monitor who goes in and out of their place.
  • Smart lighting. This upgrade rose to popularity because of its energy saving features. No doubt it will continue to be popular this year.
  • Smart entertainment system. We’ve seen how smart TVs dominate our living areas and how this technology just keeps getting better. Today, smart TVs are getting bigger, with faster streaming capabilities, and even voice command features.


Master Suites – A lot of couples are investing in upgrading the master bedroom to a suite because it’s a place of rest and relaxation. Being the largest bedroom in the house, it contains more amenities than the rest of the bedrooms. Today, suites are being remodeled to include the following areas too:

  • Themed master bathrooms. Full bathrooms with thematic tiles and decor.
  • Seating area. Considered like a second living room, complete with couches and an entertainment system.
  • Walk-in closet. Big walk-in closets are a girl’s best friend! The trend nowadays is to combine the vanity area and the walk-in closet in a single room.


Open kitchen layout – More and more houses are breaking walls to reveal an open kitchen. Despite being costly, the advantages are worth considering:

  • It gives the house a wider, lighter, and more breathable feeling.
  • A wide open space lends to a more consistent decorating solution. It would seem like you’re designing for just one big space.
  • It will be easier for the family to gather and see each other. This gives parents peace of mind, not having to worry where their children are.
  • Easy access to everything. Bringing things from one place to another is easier in an open space. This eliminates accidents along the way.

We’ve seen a lot of home renovation trends come and go. The aesthetics always change. The technologies always improve. Renovating a space takes a lot of money, but nothing compares to a house the whole family will love.

Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by Cameron Degelia.