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Keeping the Office Tidy: Why Investing in the Right Floor Cleaning Equipment Matters


You’re proud of the business that you built from the ground up. Now that the company is no longer housed in leased facilities, there is the desire to make sure your cleaning crew has the right resources to keep the place clean. That includes investing in the right type of equipment to maintain your floors properly. Here are some of the reasons why owning your own equipment makes sense.

Using the Right Equipment for the Job

One of the nice things about owning your own cleaning equipment is that it’s possible to make sure there is the right machine for each job. What works just fine to clean the decorative area rugs is not necessarily the best choice for the wall to wall carpeting in the reception area. Neither of the machines suitable for carpeting or rugs will be just right for the tile in the hallway or the break room. If you have hardwood flooring anywhere in the office, that calls for another type of floor cleaner. By purchasing the machines yourself, there is no doubt about what to use in different areas of the facility.

You Control the Maintenance and Upkeep

Having your own machines and your own cleaning staff provides the opportunity to make sure each piece of equipment is maintained properly. This is important since you want each machine to clean your floors efficiently. Since the machines remain at your company site, it’s easier to ensure they are inspected on a regular basis and repairs are made promptly. Thanks to this arrangement, you don’t have to worry about the Nobles floor scrubbers leaving behind marks or scratches.

No Waiting for Cleaning Appointments

You have an important client who is in town unexpectedly and just called to ask if it’s convenient to drop by. Of course you say yes and then remember the coffee that was spilled on the carpeting in the reception area.

There’s no time to call a professional service but that’s not a problem. The fact that you have the right carpet cleaning machine on hand will take care of the problem. In no time at all, the carpeting in the reception area will be spotless and smell fresh. That will make the first impression of your client all the better.

Those Warranties Help

Purchasing machines outright allow you to take advantage of the warranties that come with them. If any major parts should need attention, the warranty terms and conditions will keep your repair costs within reason. Some companies even provide the opportunity to renew the warranties from one year to the next, allowing you to maintain the protection for a long time.

Remember that the right type of floor cleaning equipment will last for years and more than pay for itself. Always choose equipment that is designed for each type of flooring in your facility. Don’t forget to find the right vendor for any parts for carpet machine and scrubbers that you purchase. Doing so will ensure that keeping the floors looking their best will be a breeze.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Laura d'Alessandro