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If you are thinking of moving to another place or you just want to sell your place to another buyer, the spring season is the best time to sell your home.

The buyer demand, according to reports, is high during this time as the inventory rises and more and more buyers search for homes for sale.

But selling is not always as easy as putting up a “For Sale” sign in the front of your home. You need to stand out from the sea of listings. It takes careful planning and research for you to be able to bag a deal with a homebuyer, who is also eager to find a nice and new home.

Here are five tips to arm you to sell your home fast this spring.

  1. Polish your house

First impressions last. A buyer will first see the status of the house and imagine himself and his family living there. Create a nice impression by having a general cleaning of the property you want to sell. Start with polishing the mirrors and windows and get rid of stains. It will also help if you trim bushes so the sunlight can get into the house and can create a more positive vibe.

Also mow and edge the lawn for a cleaner look and buy flowers in containers to make the front yard more beautiful. This will also make your place more fragrant. Inside the house, attract and catch your buyer’s eyes with clean drapes and curtains that let the sunlight come through.

When buyers arrive, impress them with bottled water by the kitchen which they can grab. Also put some candies or biscuits out for a quick snack as they tour around the house.

  1. Know the market

Experts in realty state that one should not just jump in the market and looker for a buyer. Usually, the reports released showing information on a seller’s market are mostly far from truth, and thus it defeats the purpose of fast selling. One way not to get into this trap is through careful research and marketing. Another important factor to note is that a house should not be overpriced as buyers will have the wrong impression of it.

  1. Look for a realtor

If you are seller with small connections, chances are your house might sit for so long until the spring season is over. Hiring a realtor will help you quicken the selling phase. Aside from the fact that they do the negotiations from both parties, a realtor will also educate you on how to price your house so that it is not only competitive but is also attractive to buyers. You need to pay your realtor a commission and cover the buyer’s agent fees too.

  1. Clear tax records

Before setting up your house for sale, double check that you do not have any debts in the municipality tax records. Issues may arise in the middle of negotiations which might lead to cancellation of the deal. It will save you time, effort, and resources if you check your tax records before hiring your realtor.

  1. Advertise

And now that you are set to sell your home, you may now advertise. While the realtor looks for a possible buyer, it will help if you also do the marketing of your house through display advertising and distribution of brochures. You can even set up a social media page advertising your home to prospective buyers.

For display advertising, opt for a colored photo to give home hunters the idea of the house you are selling. You may also mail four-colored postcards with UV coating to your neighbors.

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Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by Kathy Rawls.