Simple Ways to Keep Your House Clean
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5 Steps to making your home free of allergens


Put simply, allergens are anything that can cause an allergic reaction. For some people it can be dust, pollen, or even animal hair, depending on their particular allergies. The buildup of allergens can lead to allergic reactions, so minimizing allergens in your home can help prevent allergic reactions to them.

The specific steps to make your home allergen free will depend on the allergen in question, but there are some general steps that you can take to help make your home allergen free.

1. Vacuum

One of the easiest ways to remove allergens from your home is to regularly vacuum your floors and ceilings. This includes carpets, hardwood floors, rugs, and tiled areas. Vacuuming physically removes allergens such as dust and pet hair from your home. By regularly vacuuming your home you can help keep allergen levels to a minimum. If your allergies are severe, you may want to consider investing in a specialist vacuum designed for people with allergies. Such models are currently available from several leading manufacturers.

2. Use green cleaning products

Many conditions such as asthma can be triggered by some of the harsh chemicals found in many off-the-shelf cleaning products. Using green cleaning products can help reduce the harsh chemical residues left inside your home while cleaning and as a result help to minimize any allergic reactions you may be having to them.

3. Reduce pet dander  

So, what is “pet dander”? Well, pet dander is a combination of dead skin cells and hair which are shed by most household pets. Reducing the amount of pet dander in your home can greatly reduce the amount of allergens, by eliminating not only the pet hair, but also things such as dust mites which animals often transport into the home. Consider grooming your pet regularly to help reduce the shedding.

4. Prevent mold and mildew

Preventing mold and mildew from taking hold is much easier than getting rid of it when your home is infested with them . Preventing your home from becoming damp is the first step in preventing mold and mildew. Try and open windows and encourage airflow throughout your home. You can also use things such as fans to help prevent dampness from collecting, or even dehumidifiers which will collect water vapor from the air. Also, it is important to prevent any rainfall from seeping into your property and creating damp conditions in which mold and mildew can thrive.

5. Dust – clean air ducts

One often overlooked way of making sure that your home is allergen free is to make sure that your air ducts are clean. Air ducts transport air throughout your home, meaning that they can also spread dust once they become dirty. Duct cleaning can be a complicated and difficult job without the right specialist tools. The easiest way to make sure that your air ducts are clean is to use a specialist cleaning company like Willard Duct Cleaning. You can check out details of their services, and get a free estimate, on their website here.

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