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Has your garage turned into a household catch-all? You are not alone. The typical residential garage is full of junk. This is where we store our hand tools, building materials, gardening supplies, and even the toys the kids have outgrown. There are garages that are too cluttered that they cannot fit a car or cannot be useful enough to turn into a workshop. To transform your garage from a room full of clutter to a more functional space, consider these tips below:

  1. Install a custom cabinetry system to organize your garage – letting go of the clutter is not as easy as it seems. Take small steps if you do not have enough time to deal with all the mess. Before going through all your old stuff, book the time on your calendar. Get a separate box for each item you would likely toss, donate, and sell. For small garages, make use of the wall to install a shelf. If you are in desperate need of more storage, install overhead racks. They are ideal for storing rarely used items such as Holiday decors that are pulled out once a year. Installing a folding workbench is also a smart way to add a workspace without taking extra space. You can create a workbench that doubles as a storage to maximize your space. When you have enough space for it, install a cabinet with deep lockers for large items.
  2. Treat your garage floor with concrete floor polishing to make it good-looking and extra-durable – transform your garage from clutter to a clean slate by clearing the floor and polishing it. Compared to other flooring materials, polished concrete is more durable and easier to maintain. A polished concrete floor also looks elegant and warm. Concrete Grinding Solutions Australia is the most expert concrete polishing Melbourne has ever had. With more than 20 years experience in concrete grinding, you can be sure of the quality of their flooring system. Work with an expert who will give you the right information on how to maintain your polished floors.
  3. Secure your garage with an insulated steel door – garage doors are one of the weak points in home security. According to Australian Institute of Criminology in 2015, more than 200,000 burglaries are recorded in the country annually. Steel is the most popular option among door materials because they are strong and inexpensive. Although they are not aesthetically pleasing as wooden doors, you can easily customize steel doors by painting them. Get the insulated ones to keep your garage comfortable in Australia’s hot weather. Insulated doors are also good at saving energy. Aside from the door itself, install a deadbolt or special padlock for added protection.

The garage gets the biggest space in your house. Keep it functional and stylish. If you are not using it as a parking area or a workshop, convert it into something useful like a home gym or a home office. With proper insulation and a few makeovers, you can remodel your garage from a room full of mess to one of the most comfortable spaces in your house.

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