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After the professional packers and movers are long gone, you need to organize your new home. Here are five tips to organize your new home after a move. The tips include key strategies to help you enjoy your new home sooner, rather than later!

Pack How You Would Unpack

Moving success depends on the prep work. Organizing your home becomes a lot easier when you do the prep work correctly. Put all your kitchen items (e.g. plates) into one box. Label the box. Unpack the box once you arrive at your new home. Leave clothes on the hanger. This will make organizing your clothes later much easier. Move toy boxes and desks filled. You simply move everything in place at your new home. More transferring, less shuffling.

Viola! Easy moving!

Following this tip will limit your stress and burnout.

Designate a purpose for each room

Giving each room a purpose makes organizing your home much easier! You will be able to determine how to better organize, and just as important, store your stuff. Get a large piece of paper. Create a diagram of your new home. It does not have to be perfect. Include rooms, bathrooms – all nooks and crannies.  Label each room on your diagram. Now jot down each room’s purpose near the room name. Do not be afraid to use your eraser.

Organize Big Items First

Think of the large items as the foundation, the cornerstone of your decorated home. These larger items include beds, tables and futons. Move those items to where you stated in the first step.

Aim for unpacking for your needs first. Place your items for function not beauty. You have to take care your basic needs first – eating, sleeping and hygiene. Therefore, unpacking your bedroom furniture is a good start. Then move on to other rooms, your wants. Start with the items you use daily.

Start Decorating!

Decorating will depend on your lifestyle and personal tastes. Unpack your storage spaces last. A typical storage space is the garage. Most of the garage items are not required for daily living. So you should take steps to make the storage space work for you and your family. The same applies to your patio.  Set up your grill first – to cook, especially if your kitchen is not ready yet. Using the grill will minimize your utensil and kitchen supplies. There’s less work to do amid a pile of work to do.

Don’t Rush the Process

Moving into a new home excites many people. It is also a time of high anxiety and stress. But! Quick-fix decorating or ‘functional’ decorating hurts you in the long run. Some people take weeks, months, even years decorating their home. Live in your new home for a while before you begin your decorations. That includes any new big ticket purchases or projects. So, hold off on that pool and entertainment center! Get a feel for your new residence first. You do not have to be a minimalist – owning only the bare minimum to survive. You should, however, take your time making your house into a home.

That’s it! If you follow these tips, you will decorate your home to your satisfaction.

Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by Simone Meier.