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What Are the Most Durable Materials for Outdoor Furniture?


People tend to put a lot of thought and energy into picking the proper furniture for the inside of their home. Furniture that works with the space both in size and design, and yet is still comfortable to relax on is usually top of the list. With so much attention being paid to bringing the indoors outside and essentially making your garden feel like an extension of your home, outdoor furniture is being viewed in a new light.

Maybe you’ve gone out of your way to find a tradesmen who is qualified and experienced in terms of designing the landscape and your gardens, so obviously you want to cap it off with the perfect furniture. Outdoor furniture needs to be durable, functional, practical, and comfortable. So we’re here to help you with one of those important criteria, as we take a look at what the most durable materials are for outdoor furniture.



If you find yourself drawn to the look of wooden outdoor furniture, then you aren't alone. Wood is an extremely popular choice for people looking to create a comfortable atmosphere. Within the category of luxury wooden furniture, teak is the most popular. This particular wood is extremely strong and is able to endure all weather conditions. If properly cared for, it's not unusual for it to last as long as 50 years.

Synthetic Resin

Synthetic resin has become very popular as of late for a number of different reasons. As far as the looks go, it is meant to look like traditional wicker furniture. Unlike wicker furniture, however, the synthetic resin won't fade and disintegrate. It's known for being easy to clean, extremely lightweight, and durable. Now keep in mind that there are some cheaply made versions that can crack and unravel, so you want to be sure you purchase a high-quality synthetic resin.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron patio furniture tends to have a more traditional and almost elegant look to it. It’s extremely heavy so it’s the kind of furniture you want to place in a spot and then leave it there. It's quite common to find intricate details in this style of furniture, so it's ideal for those who appreciate a more unique look. While wrought iron is extremely strong and durable, and won't go tumbling around in a wind storm, it gets rusty over time. You'll need to store it in winter and cover it when it rains if you want to keep it looking pristine.


While many people may turn their nose up at the idea of plastic outdoor furniture, the fact of the matter is that plastic has also come a long way. Consumers can now find a variety of designs, colours, and sizes and it tends to be very cost-effective. Unfortunately, it's not very durable, and because it's so lightweight it's the first thing to fly away in heavy winds.

Narrowing Down the Options

By taking a look at the durability of specific materials used in outdoor furniture, along with other important criteria, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and find the perfect furniture for your space and needs. For example, some online retailers carry a wide range of outdoor furniture in both conventional and more modern materials, some of which are extremely durable – visit website to check them out.

Note: this is a partnered post. CC-licensed images by Louise Cohen and Tamera Clark