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The Different Type of Sheds Available Today

Sheds are typically single storied structure usually constructed in the backyard for storage or a workshop. Sheds vary in size, shape, and material depending on their intended purpose and place of construction. While some sheds are small, open sided and sport a tin roof others are large, made of metal or wood and have windows as well as electrical outlets. One can either buy sheds through online stores or contact a shed builder in Perth. Sheds are broadly classified into two types:
  • Small Domestic Sheds: Building sheds of this type proves to be the least expensive besides being easy. This kind of sheds can be purchased through online stores at discounted prices. Such sheds are used to store garden tools and other utility equipment. They can also be used to store stuff like pesticides, gasoline that cannot be stored indoors. Smaller widespan sheds Perth can be constructed in apex shed as well as pent shed forms. Cabin sheds are another type of small sheds that are built for people to relax or for pets.
  • Large Domestic Sheds: These sheds are mostly made of wood and include features that are typically found in residences. They boast of windows, shingled roof as well as electrical outlets. Larger sheds with better features are used for gardening purposes, workshops or general tinkering. These type of sheds are highly customizable, and owners can add some decorative options to them.

Construction of widespan sheds Perth

Widespan sheds perth are constructed from various materials and different frames types depending on their intended purpose. Popular materials used in the construction of sheds include metal, wood, plastic, asbestos, vinyl and tin.

  • Metal Sheds: These are made up of sheet metal sheathing which is an alloy of galvanized steel and aluminum. These sheds offer great resistance to fire and termites, providing long lasting durability. However, it is necessary to ensure that the walls of the shed are thick enough to prevent any denting.
  • Plastic Sheds: Sheds using molded plastics like PVC are not only durable but also cost lesser than the metal ones. PVC resins and UV-resistant polyethylene make the shed light, stronger and enhance stability. Another advantage of using these sheds is that they are rot free and maintenance free.
  • Wooden Sheds: Sheds made of wood have a natural look and can blend in with the surroundings well. In spite of being strong, wood tends to rot over time if proper attention isn't given. In addition to this, fire and termites also pose a serious threat to wood. Nevertheless, wood being a renewable resource is preferred by many.
  • Asbestos Sheds: Asbestos-cement sheds have for long been used in the construction of private garages and garden sheds. It is a popular shed material courtesy of its low cost and durability. However, environmental concerns led to a reduction in their usage. Apex sheds too have become one of the most commonly used sheds today.

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