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Need a hot water heating system? Find out which is most ideal for your property

Do you require a heating solution for your home or workplace? Regardless of your budget and specifications, there will be an option available that will benefit your property the most. But before jumping into anything too quickly, it is important to know what options are available, so that you can choice the one that is best for your property. This article will explain the four main heating solutions available for residential and commercial buildings.


​One of the most common heating options is heat pump hot water heating. Because they do not work very efficiently in cold areas, they are better suited to new homes (which are well insulated). There are many different brands of heat pumps on offer, and you there are some advantages to all heat pumps. Not only will the heat pump provide heat in the colder seasons, but it can also provide your home with cold air in the warmer seasons, meaning a useful heating product all year around.

Electric hot water heating involves using a cylinder which hot water is generated into. This heating solution would not be considered the most energy efficient, but on the brighter side, it will cost you less to repair or replace the system that more energy efficient systems. These cylinders can range in sizes (from as little as 25L to as big as 250L) – your hot water specialist will be able to access your property and tell you which size is best for your home.

Using natural or LPG gas, gas hot water heating systems can heat the water in your home. LPG gas bottles can be bought for your home. Otherwise, some may find that natural gas is available on their street. Gas hot water heating systems can be easily installed or retrofitted onto your existing cylinder and offer fast heating.

Solar hot water heating is the most environmentally friendly solution for your home or workplace - an ideal option if you are concerned about the environment. This heating solution uses the power of the sun to heat the water in your house. The installation of this system is fairly quick and easy and requires microscopic maintenance.

Still unsure of what heating solution is most ideal for your residential or commercial premises? By contacting your local plumbing company, you can discuss with them what option is best for your property, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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