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Tax season can be a stressful time for some, but many can also look forward to tax refunds once all is said and done and they’ve filed. You may already be dreaming up appliances, electronics, or vacations you can put that money toward. If you haven’t thought about setting that money aside for home renovations, it may be time to consider the long-term benefits of improving the energy efficiency and value of your home by investing that money in new windows and doors.

Your home is an investment, but you don’t have to wait until you sell to reap the benefits of it; by investing in its performance now, you can reap savings for years to come. Why not invest your tax return in new, energy efficient windows and doors this year, especially as hydro bills have become a source of outrage for many living in Kitchener, not to mention the rest of Ontario? Money spent now on upgrades can result in major savings down the road, and you could well be due for new windows and doors in Kitchener anyway. While it wouldn't be much of a home without them, homeowners often tend not to pay much attention to their doors and windows, at least until they start to rattle in the wind. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that these have a lifetime comparable to that of the building itself, but depending on their type, most windows and doors need to be replaced every ten to fifteen years. Depending on the sides of the building where these doors and windows are located, deterioration can occur even faster.

It's time to replace your home's doors and windows when the weather stripping deteriorates and when they become loose and drafts are noticeable on either side of them. Fogging and condensation between panes are also signs that it's time to replace windows, but even if your old windows seem to be functioning to their optimal performance, you can still invest in windows that do better. For example, Energy Star windows made by Kitchener-based Golden Windows use new energy efficient technology to prevent infrared light (heat energy) and UV rays from passing through the glass. They prevent both heat carried in sunlight from entering your home during the summer and heat generated inside your home from escaping in the winter. Since it may well be past time for door and window replacement in your home, why not make those new windows and doors in Kitchener energy efficient ones? In addition to being a great investment of your tax return, it’s also a renovation that delivers a significant, 85 percent ROI.

Homeowners can expect to see reductions in their hydro immediately upon installation, with savings of as much as 30% at the end of the first year. But in order to see these benefits, it's important to select the right windows and doors, which is why it's important to work with a professional window and door company like Golden Windows. Doing so will help you select the right type for your home, and experienced staff also help you choose the right materials. This spring, try saving your tax refund and putting it towards an investment that will keep giving back to your pocketbook.