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4 Reasons to Upgrade Kitchen Appliances


If you’re looking at upgrading your home, the kitchen is a brilliant place to start. You can reap a wealth of rewards from new kitchen appliances. While they may require a sizable investment upfront, they’ll pay you back in both convenience and cold hard cash. If you’re thinking about adding a new refrigerator, range, or other appliance to your kitchen, consider these great perks that will sweeten the deal.

Increased Home Resale Value

Your kitchen is a prime place for remodeling if you want to increase the value of your home. In top markets, you can recoup over 100 percent of your investment in kitchen remodeling. New appliances are an important part of the package. Buyers look for a sleek matching set that coordinates well with the overall design of the home.

Stainless steel has enjoyed a long reign as a top choice for sleek kitchens. A more recent trend is appliances disguised as cabinetry, so if you’re updating the cabinets in your kitchen, you can select appliances that will blend right in. Newer appliances are an appealing perk when your home is for sale because buyers know they’ll enjoy a long lifespan from these items.

Lower Energy Expenses

Today’s modern Energy Star appliances operate at a fraction of the cost of their older counterparts. The refrigerator is the second-largest consumer of energy in most homes, coming in just behind the air conditioner. An 18-cubic-foot refrigerator circa 1986 uses a whopping 1,400 kilowatt-hours a year while the latest Energy Star models consume less than 350 kWh annually. Upgrading to newer appliances will yield instant savings on your energy bill.

Reduced Maintenance and Repair Costs

Older appliances typically cost more to maintain. As they age, they require more frequent repairs. Obtaining the right parts for an aging appliance may be trickier than making a quick repair on a newer model. Once you’ve invested in an upgraded appliance, protect your new purchase with a home warranty from TotalProtect. This will help you manage the expenses associated with regular wear and tear.

Improved Performance

Today’s kitchen appliances are a far cry from what was available even a few years ago. Samsung offers a refrigerator that dispenses sparkling water thanks to a SodaStream cylinder concealed inside the door. GE’s Profile Series French Door refrigerator will dispense the exact amount of water needed to fill your glass.

GE’s Profile Built-In Electric Double Convection Wall Oven is compatible with the GE Brillion app that lets you preheat remotely and get smartphone alerts when food is gone. Dacor offers both app compatibility and voice control so you can simply tell your oven what to do. Today’s feature-packed kitchen fixtures are designed to revolutionize the way you store, prepare, and serve meals.

Are you ready to enhance your kitchen with new appliances? Whether you want sparkling water right from the fridge or you’re looking for a lower sum on your utility bill, there’s a suitable option for your kitchen. There’s no excuse to wait – start searching for your next upgrade.

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