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Rugs are used in interior design to add warmth to a room or to add accent to floor finishes. When embellishing a home with a rug, it’s best to educate yourself first with the type of rugs, the appropriate size needed in a room, and other important details such as price, color, and quality.

Choosing the right color of a rug will depend on your lifestyle. How often do you use a certain room? For example, if there is a heavy traffic in a room, very light carpets or white rugs may not the best option. A heavily used room requires gray tones like taupe or salt and pepper. Take note that solid darks can show dirt as much as very light carpets do. Instead of investing in anything too dark, use patterns or colors that can easily hide stains. Just make sure that the pattern contrasts with your flooring.

A rule of thumb in choosing the perfect pattern is to keep the color of your flooring in mind. For espresso wood floorings, zebra animal prints would look nice because the white outline can provide a good contrast on the dark floor. On the other hand, a room with light wood floorings and light-colored walls would look full of life with a pop of color. Use bold colored rugs or patterned rugs to give the room a vibrant ambiance.

When is it best to use light rugs? Lighter colors work best when you have formal rooms that do not have much traffic or rooms that do not have enough lighting. If you want nothing but light colored rugs, invest on stain resistant rugs. Wool rugs are easier to clean than natural fiber like Jute, Sisal, and Seagrass. Wool provides more warmth in a room because of its good heat insulation.

Having children and pets is another thing to look at when buying a rug. You may opt for the mid-tone tan carpet. Patterned rugs are also your best bet because the busy details can hide stains and spills. The safest one to get is traditional Persian rugs. Also, consider the material used. Carpets made from sturdy polypropylene are usually easy to maintain.

Geometry plays a part in buying a rug. The appropriate size of a rug also depends on the size of a room. So if you have a spacious living room, choose an area rug that is at least 9’x12’ or big enough to fit your furniture. For small spaces, the rug should be the focal point of the area.

Other than color and style, the price of a rug also matters. This is an important factor because the price determines the quality of what you’re getting. Silk rugs and chenille are expensive and they are not suitable for high traffic areas. For allergy sufferers, bamboo rugs are a great option. However, bamboo can be difficult to clean.

The last and most important thing to consider when buying a rug for your home is to go out, see and feel the rug to get an idea of its quality. If you don’t have much time to do this, be meticulous in buying online. One of the most recommended places to shop for rugs in Australia is Cheapest Rugs Online. This gallery is known for their high quality and budget-friendly rugs. There are lots of designs and materials to choose from so you don’t have to worry about finding the right one for your home.

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