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CC-licensed photo by Bernhard Friess.

As winter is slowly fading out, many of us are becoming excited at the prospect of bringing out the garden furniture. Especially as the days get warmer and evenings get lighter. However, as you have probably noticed over the years, the weather is often unpredictable, and  winds can be still high.

Particularly in certain parts of the country, the unpredictable Spring weather has meant that many people have often awoken to find their furniture scattered across the garden.

Solutions to stop your furniture blowing away

You have probably tried an array of ideas to stop your garden furniture from blowing away. Experts of the trade, Race Furniture are here to let you know that you no longer have ask your pets to sit on the furniture until the wind disappears. Here are a couple of handy ways to keep your furniture safely anchored.


A simple solution is to tie your furniture down with a couple of sandbags. This is a typical solution for large venues that experience high winds. You can even get sandbags for your canopy. Just attach them to the legs and the jobs completed!

Plant some greenery

For the garden fantastics out there, this solution may just be ideal. Planting some extra greenery such as tall plants and hedges will act as a natural barrier for the wind without appearing as a basic bland fence. A natural windbreak like this will also add to the decor of your patio instead of looking like something you purposely planted there to stop furniture from flying away.

Stack Furniture in the Corner

Stacking chairs are probably the easiest solution for this problem. Once you see the wind picking up, simply head into your garden and stack your furniture in your shed, or against a wall so they are not exposed to the blustery conditions. This way they can remain outdoors without you having to worry about the wind dragging it around your garden and scattering them everywhere.

Race Furniture has some seriously trendy stacking chairs which has a style that allows them to lock into place, making it easy to stack away. Stacking chairs are easily the best bet when you want to store furniture away efficiently

Furniture Covers

Protect outdoor furniture which have cushions such as sofas and chairs with a heavy duty furniture cover. Not only will this stop them from being damaged and dirty, but it will stop it the wind from blowing it around your garden.

Bungee Cords

A straightforward method, this is where you tie your furniture to an immovable object such as metal railing. Wrap the cord around your furniture multiple times to create a higher level of resistance. Doing this will make sure your furniture will be impenetrable to severe weather conditions.