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Helpful Tips on Caring For Wood Furniture

Note: this is a partnered post & consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed photo by Kate Fisher; wooden box made by Caroline Jones.

Quality wooden furniture is something to be cherished for generations. But it is essential to take good care of that piece of furniture to make it last long. Some basic care will make it appear as good as new for years to come. Here are a few tips on caring for wood furniture.

Protect your furniture from direct sun

Always keep your furniture away from windows or other such inlets through which direct sunlight may fall on them. Long term exposure to direct sunlight damages the fine finishes resulting in fading and damage. The heat from the sun also results in shrinkage of wood that eventually leads to the formation of cracks.

Maintain a regular cleaning and dusting routine

Always dust the wooden furniture as frequently as possible. This practice will prevent the settlement of dust and grime on the surface of the furniture. Make sure to use soft cloth or feather duster to clean the surface.

You may also clean the surface using a damp soft cloth.  Just ensure that the cloth is not dripping wet and won’t soak the furniture with water. You may also use a mild dish soap and warm water. Wipe the furniture immediately with a dry soft cloth to avoid any staining. This is helpful when you are cleaning furniture after a long gap of time and has too much dust accumulated on it that can’t be removed by just dusting.

There are certain commercial cleaners available in the market that is specifically made to clean the wooden furniture. These contain powerful ingredients that not only clean the furniture but also leave a clean sheen. But one needs to be very careful while using these as they contain chemicals that may be harmful to humans.

Other maintenance tips

  • The best way of protecting the finish of furniture is using a good quality soft paste wax. These waxes can be applied as instructed on their labels. These waxes ensure long-lasting protection to the treasured furniture. Waxing also provides long-term lustre to the wooden surface.
  • Antique and French provincial furniture can be preserved for longer duration by covering them with slip-on films that protect them from dust and direct light. Also, to clean the details and crevices, you may make use of soft brushes.
  • Avoid any sort of moisture retention on the furniture. Make use of coasters prior to placing any glass, cup or bottle on table tops. Clean up any sort of spills immediately to avoid spot formation.

Following these simple steps will ensure that the investment you made on your furniture doesn’t go down the drain and the wooden furniture may even be passed to many generations ahead as a family heirloom.