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Modern Or Rustic: Find Solid Wood Tables In Toronto

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Think about the oldest piece of furniture you have seen at a family member's house, possibly something of your grandparents’ or something your parents inherited. It usually has a story about how your great-grandfather worked for weeks to piece it together and make it perfect for the home, or how it was passed down to its current owner. Today, decades later, that same piece of furniture looks the exact same as the day it was built, or perhaps it’s been refinished and restored to its former glory. A well-cared for piece of wood furniture can last forever as you pass the stories of it down to future generations. Real wood furniture simply stands the test of time, not least of all because it’s solidly with joints that stand up to use, abuse, repair, and refinishing.

The dining area is a place where loved ones come to share a meal and share their day; sitting at a custom dining table only adds to this experience. Owning signature pieces of solid wood furniture makes a statement that you are steeped in tradition and care about the lifespan of your furniture, plus it adds a certain character and comfort to your home. These days many furniture manufacturers slap together some plywood and while their furniture may look all right, it's cheap and won't last. According to an information site called Woodweb, it's all about saving money during the manufacturing and the results are bound for the curb within a matter of years. Real wood made by a woodworking shop such as Toronto’s Woodcraft may cost more in labour and materials, but it pays off in the long run as the piece will not have to be replaced.

Wood furniture is a special kind of delight that can transport you to log cabin nights or summer days in the forest; it’s the kind of furniture that shows the knots where tree branches grew as well as the grooves where someone worked by hand to scrape that piece of wood of its bark. While you can paint over these characteristics to create a more contemporary or uniform look that will last for ages, using colours that leave these distinguishing characteristics is popular for those who want a more traditional or farmhouse look. No matter the style of your home, there are custom dining tables in Toronto that will fit your design scheme and that can be updated later to fit the changes you make. The secret is finding something worth refinishing and that’s worth keeping through the years and the changes to your home.

You can take character and visual appeal to another level with pieces like a custom dining table in the middle of a modern room, while a rustic style home begs for these pieces in almost every room to add to the flair and the feel. Trust a reputable shop making solid wood furniture in Toronto like Woodcraft to create a custom piece that will appeal uniquely to you, in the dimensions you want, even if you need to cut odd corners to fit a unique space.

One important thing to remember about wood furniture is that the care that it takes to last for decades is easily done, as long as you store it properly and clean it simply. It's imperative to hire an experienced craftsperson to refinish or repair any issues with your wood furniture, such as dents, scratches, or refinishing jobs. It's also important when first buying premium wood pieces to shop with a manufacturer that promises "White Glove Delivery" to your home, including insurance and experience taking care of such valuable pieces. These signature wooden pieces will not only be in your modern or rustic home for years to come, but should be passed on for generations as well.