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It's Time For Your Heater's Checkup

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It’s that time of year again. The rapidly dropping temperatures in cities like Toronto signal the occasion for your annual heater checkup. By keeping on top of this simple appliance maintenance, you can ensure your furnace is running as efficiently as possible. This comes as an advantage after fee increases affect your utility bill, as an efficient heater takes less energy to operate.

The repair crew at Toronto Refrigeration, a reputable service in the city, would like to remind you that annual inspections are the most important preventative step homeowners can take in order to maintain their heating system. These checkups should only be completed by technicians employed by the appliance repair Toronto homeowners trust, as they’ll be dealing with intricate mechanical systems when performing these assessments. Only those technicians who are licensed, insured, and experienced should ever be given access to your home, whatever the season, so remember to do a thorough background check before you call out for help.

An annual system check will help keep your heater in working order. That’s because a repair professional will inspect the entire appliance to make sure there are no current failures or futures ones that could affect its ability to heat your home. A typical maintenance check will include the following:

Thermostat Check: Your thermostat will be monitored to ensure it’s able to maintain and adjust your home's temperature properly. 

Electrical Connections Check: All of your electrical connections will be measured and checked. Any faulty connections may pose potential safety hazards as well as reduce the life of your heating system. 

Motor Lubrication: Any moving part or motor within your system will be properly lubricated to reduce possible friction. 

Check Condensate Drain:  If clogged, this drain can cause water damage to your home and create humid conditions. 

Check System Controls: Your starting cycle equipment will be checked to ensure that your system starts, stops, and operates properly.

Check Gas or Oil Connections: Your fuel connections, fuel pressure, burner combustion, and heat exchange will all be tested to ensure that your system is working safely. If these connections are not in proper order, your heater could be a potential fire hazard or may even cause health problems. 

In Toronto appliance repair is a necessary part of owning a home. Make sure you schedule your checkup with an appliance repair crew you can trust, so stick with those professionals who are qualified, insured, and reputable to help out when the temperatures drop.