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Homeowners in London, ON, are fighting a battle all year long: do they let the sun shine in or do they pull the curtains close together and keep out either the cold drafts of winter or the hot rays of summer sun. The heat generated from light beaming through your windows in the summer can leave you cranking up the AC, not to mention fade any fabric or leather furniture and hardwood flooring you own. Meanwhile, older windows are known to lose tremendous amounts of heat, not only because of drafts caused by loosened weather stripping but also as a result of heat radiating through the glass itself.

Energy efficiency is something many London homeowners consider when they look for replacement windows and doors. While replacing the caulking and weather stripping are great ways to reduce drafts, Low-E glass windows will vastly improve the energy efficiency of your home in all seasons. They are applied with a micro-coating that reduces the amount of energy that can pass through the glass, whether it’s going inside or out, reflecting heat energy back to its source and keeping it warm or cool, depending on whether you’ve got the heaters up or the AC running.

As hydro rates in Ontario keep going up, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to save on their bills themselves, as well as add value to their own homes. Energy Star windows are not only an investment that will keep giving back, saving you about 15% of your bill each year, they are also known to have a high ROI as a home renovation. But more importantly, they let you bring more light into your home; if you’ve always wanted gorgeous bay windows or sliding patio doors to add transparency and light to your home, but dreaded the expense, turn to a window manufacturer in London, ON that supplies energy efficient solutions — all you have to do is look for the Energy Star sticker.

An Ontario supplier should not only help you reduce your hydro bills, they should also have the right style of frame and grille, your preferred material (whether it’s aluminum clad, vinyl, or a more traditional wood), and fit any dimensions you need. A number of Southern Ontario contractors and builders partner with London suppliers like Golden Windows because they offer high quality windows with Low-E coatings and customize their products to fit any home project. In addition to fitting any size or style, whether it’s awning, hung, architectural, or skylight, they offer Colonial, Victorian, and Muskoka grille styles, in addition to custom options to fit any modern home.

Investing in replacement windows and doors is a great way to start economizing while increasing the value of your home. Make sure you work with a contractor who knows their way around windows and doors, or who’s willing to rely on a company like Golden Windows that will send their own technicians to make sure you get the most out of your new energy saving product. When it comes to keeping your house protected from the elements, you want to make sure you have the right windows and that they are truly energy efficient.