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5 Things to Research When Replacing Your Windows and Patio Door


Windows and patio doors are considered perfect additions in every home. They are regarded as great choices because of the unique style, functionality, and convenience that they provide. But over time, they wear out and the need for replacements arises. Fortunately, windows and patio door replacement will never be too much of a worry. Casey Windows and Doors offers only the best service and the highest quality of replacement doors and replacement windows Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

To help you assess your window and patio door replacement needs, here are five things that you need to research beforehand.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Approximately 70% of heat energy inside your home escapes outside through the windows and patio doors. And up to 90% of this heat is released through the glass. During winter, you definitely want your home to be well insulated. While during summers, a better air circulation is desired.

Practically, there are two indices that you need to check before replacing your patio doors and windows. The first one is the U value. The lower the value of this index is, the slower the rate of heat loss inside your room is during the colder seasons. The second index is the SHG or solar heat gain coefficient. The lower the value is, the less heat your home will absorb during the warmer seasons.

  1. Material

Weather and condensation are just two of the several factors that you need to consider when choosing the best material for you patio door and window frames. During summer and fair weather days, there should be no problem with most types of doors. But during the fall, rainwater and high moisture can cause wooden frames to splinter and sag; especially when they are exposed to the outside. Aluminum is a durable frame material but it could rust through time and it is also highly susceptible to temperature changes. Vinyl frames are perhaps the most weather resistant, moderately durable and take a long time before the color fades.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Windows and patio doors are not just used to let fresh air and sunlight to pass through. You must also take into account how well will they look from the inside and from the outside. Consider a wide range of patio doors such as French and Olathe designs, and window styles including sliding, bay, bow, casement, double-hung and much more! Also, consider the space that you have.

  1. Timing

Ask yourself why you need to replace patio doors and windows. Are there any leaks? Does the chill get in more easily during cold seasons? Do they make creaking noises and are difficult to open? Or is the old design not a good match to a newly renovated room? After you have assessed the problems, you can easily know what exact qualities are you looking for in a replacement window or patio door.

  1. Company that You Can Trust

Windows and patio door replacement is definitely not an easy task that you can just trust to any company. You need to find the highest standards of service and product quality to ensure a patio door and window replacement that will last for long.

Casey Windows and Doors banners 40 years of experience in home improvement industry. For several generations, the unwavering passion and commitment to superior service are what made them a trustworthy choice for Colorado homeowners.

If you're in the UK and you need secondary glazing, thermal windows, or soundproofing windows, make sure you consult a company that has the experience to do it right – such as South East Secondary Glazing in London.

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8 Tips for Those with Way too Many Clothes

7319098068_9ba7f81383_bNote: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed photo by G Soda.

It’s amazing isn’t it? Somehow you feel like you have nothing to wear but your wardrobe is crammed with clothes! How can this make any sense? It’s like saying that you are hungry and have nothing to eat and there’s a full fridge of food! What to do? Let’s take a look at 8 simple steps to getting things organised.

  1. If there’s something that you haven’t worn for a year, then just get rid of it. Never mind the condition, price or size.  Why a year? Well, think about it, every season has been covered during that period of time and if you haven’t worn it during the year, you probably never will.
  2. If you have a piece of clothing that you wear, but just don’t feel comfortable in it, out it goes, simple as that.
  3. Wardrobe too small? Why not do yourself a favour and get one of those good looking and space saving built in wardrobes? They are more popular than ever nowadays and reasonably priced.
  4. There’s nothing wrong in having clothes that used to fit you, but don’t anymore, but for goodness sakes you don’t need to keep all of them! Styles change, your tastes will change, and your body shape may change, so the chances are that when you ever get back to that size, you’re going to want new stuff anyway!
  5. Nostalgic clothes that you haven’t been wearing shouldn’t be in your wardrobe. Just simply take a photo of it to preserve the memory, or limit yourself to one piece of the clothes to show your children so that they can have a good laugh at what I wore before, someday.
  6. You don’t really have to do it all at once. Try taking your organizing in stages and be motivated by your success. One day you could do shirts, the next day shorts, etc. Lucky enough to be residing in W. Australia and looking for the very best in wardrobes? Wardrobes in Perth from Lifestyle Wardrobes offer a top class and quality choice of all things wardrobe and all with the number one service in town. Check ’em out!
  7. Take the time to try everything on. Do not hold something up and say uhmmm this is really nice, I think I will keep it. That’s way too easy, and what you might have forgotten is that although it’s a nice piece, the buttons sag at the front showing off parts that you rather it wouldn’t! That’s silly, so out it goes, get rid of it.
  8. You only have the space that you do and wardrobe solutions need solutions. Jamming all your clothes into the wardrobe and battling with them on a daily basis to find what you need, just won’t make your wardrobe grow over night.  If this happens every day, you will soon get irritated and who wants that? It’s just not worth it.

Getting it Just Right

Well, there you go, if that doesn’t make your wardrobe a nicer place to hang out, then nothing will!

Tree Care Specialists: Five Reasons Why You Need One


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed photo by Gerald Brazell.

Trees can sometimes get out of hand, so it is handy to be able to call on the services of a quality surgeon. They will be able to deal with any problems that are being caused by the tree in an efficient and safe manner. It is a good idea to shop around in order to compare different arborists before making a final decision; you can compare their years of experience as well as the prices that they charge.

There are five key reasons why you will need a tree lopper in Perth who can deal with any tree-related problem.

The Tree Has Grown Too Much And Is Blocking Out Light

One of the most common reasons for calling on the services of a tree surgeon is if the tree has grown so large that it is blocking out light to the garden. Usually, the branches of the tree will be blocking the light, and they will need to be hacked off. Plants and flowers will start to die if they do not get enough sunlight, and this can make the garden look neglected and unloved.

Once the branches have been lopped off, then the garden will be exposed to the right amount of sunlight. Tree surgeons of WA will be able to hack the branches effectively.

The Tree Is In Danger Of Falling Onto People Or Property

Trees weigh a tremendous amount, and if the roots start to weaken then they can begin to lean over. Heavy branches can also be the reason behind trees leaning over. This can put people and property in immediate danger – if the tree falls on someone then they could be seriously injured, and the tree could also cause thousands of dollar’s worth of damage to the house.

A qualified arborist will be able to take the tree down in stages. Firstly, they will cut the branches off the tree before hacking down the trunk. Finally, they will be able to remove the stump completely from the ground so it looks like a tree never stood there in the first place.

The Tree Is Encroaching Onto Someone Else’s Property

If you notice that the branches of your tree are passing over the garden wall and onto your neighbour's property, then it is definitely time to have the branches cut back to an appropriate length.

The Tree Has Become Infected With A Fungus

Sometimes the leaves, bark or roots of a tree will become infected with a fungus. If this fungus is not dealt with properly, it can cause serious damage to the tree and may even cause it to die. A tree surgeon will be able to cut this fungus out without damaging the tree.

The Tree Roots Are Interfering With The Garden

Tree roots can grow incredibly long, so they might start breaking up the ground in the garden. A surgeon will cut back the roots so that they don't do any more damage.

Use this guide to understand the importance of tree surgeons.

Why is irrigation so important in agriculture?


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed photo by ukgardenphotos.

Irrigation is mainly a way of keeping plants watered, and it’s especially important in areas where rainfall might not be adequate. Although it’s often used in gardens, its most important application is in agriculture, where you’ll often see large irrigation systems put in place. However, irrigation wasn’t always as high-tech as it is now, and the concept was invented over 5,000 years ago. So, what is irrigation, and what is it used for?

Surface irrigation

When most people think of irrigation, they’re talking about surface irrigation, where sprinklers move across the surface of the land, wetting the soil. This allows for crops to be watered easily, and means farmers don’t have to worry about lack of rain.

Sprinkler systems

Sprinklers are a type of irrigation often used in people’s back yards, but they’re also useful in agriculture. Sprinklers can be placed at set points, and programmed to water efficiently, or you may see travelling sprinklers which move around different points of the farm.


Most people think that irrigation is all about watering the crops, and this is certainly the primary function. They’re either watered overhead, or via the soil, and this form of reticulation uses only the necessary amount of water for environmental reasons.


Irrigation can sometimes be used in revegetation, which is the process of rebuilding previously dead soil. Soil that has been dried out or disturbed can be revived through the right irrigation techniques, and this is important for farmers who want to reclaim their land.

Protecting plants

Protecting crops from frost is essential to their survival, and irrigation helps to stop frost from settling on plants. However, the irrigation system needs to be set up by professionals such as TLC Services Perth, as the sprinkler needs to work uniformly to prevent additional freezing of the plants.

Weed control

In some areas, irrigation is used to help with weed control, especially in rice and other grain fields. This is mostly when managing aquatic weeds, although a system called buried drip irrigation can be used, where drip tape deprives the weeds of water, while keeping plants hydrated.

Soil types

There are many different types of soil, and each one will benefit from different kinds of irrigation. That’s why it’s so important to find the right one, and to get the equipment properly fitted and calibrated. Improper irrigation can be counterproductive, and agricultural experts will know the right amount of water and methods to make the most of every drop.

Irrigation systems are a common sight on farms, and they make life easier for farmers. However, there’s more to them than simply watering plants. They are water efficient, which saves money and is environmentally friendly, and can help revive damaged areas of soil. Irrigation isn’t just a case of installing sprinklers. It’s a complex system which often needs re-calibrating for maximum efficiency, and there’s a real science behind it. Next time you pass a field and see crops growing, see if you can spot the complex irrigation systems in use.

5 Ways to Transform Your Home Exterior

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When it comes to design, it’s arguable that your home’s exterior is even more important than your interiors. This phenomenon, known on as “curb appeal” can have a powerful impact on how well your home is perceived, which in turn can affect things such as its value and how quickly it may sell. If your home’s exterior is looking drab or out of date, you may want to consider updating it using one of these five ways to transform its appearance.

Put on New Roofing

Roofing is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects your assets from the elements and gives your home a finished appearance at the same time. A new roof has the benefit of not only eliminating things like leaks, but can also give your whole house a facelift at the same time.

House 1

New, architectural roof shingles help you get the best of both worlds. These attractive, durable shingles have a more substantial look to them than more traditional asphalt shingles. They can mimic the appearance of other materials such as wood or stone, and come in a range of colors and styles. They also feature benefits like algae and hail resistance, so your home roof can remain maintenance-free for many years to come.

Add Some New Siding

While many different exterior styles have come and gone, there’s one that always withstands the test of time and has nearly universal appeal – real wood cladding. Wood cladding has a warm, inviting appearance that can instantly transform the look of a home that’s cold, industrial, or simply out of date. You can install wood cladding right on top of other exterior materials, such as brick or stucco, and wall systems that help ensure your home does not only look attractive but is well insulated and water resistant at the same time. So, now your home will look great and perform well year after year as well.


Add Some New Insulation

While you’re undertaking the addition of new siding or roofing to your home, take the time to consider adding insulation at the same time. Most homes today are under insulated, which leads to higher energy bills, as well as interiors that aren’t as comfortable as they could be. And in the case of roofing, lack of insulation could actually be speeding your roof’s demise, by allowing heat from the attic to escape onto the roof. During the summer, this results in a super-heated roof that could cause deterioration, while in the winter this can cause ice dams to form from melting snow and ice on your roof. Insulating when you add new wood cladding or new roofing can help solve these issues and make your home more comfortable at the same time.

Add a Porch

The front entrance to your home has a major impact on how well it’s perceived. And adding a front porch can create a welcoming sight from the road, increasing curb appeal and your property values at the same time. Many prospective homebuyers mention having a porch or some other type of outdoor space on the home’s that they’re looking for; homes with well-maintained front porches get a more favorable response than homes without them. A front porch can also transform the overall look of your home; adding a porch is a great time to also add or change some of the architectural features of your home’s exterior. Columns, pediments, trim, and other areas can all be changed or updated with the addition of a porch, which in turn can make your home look like an entirely new building by the time you’re done.


Update Your Landscaping

You may not realize it, but changing your home’s front landscaping can have as much as a 20% increase in your home’s value. That’s because landscaping is one of the most important features on your home’s exterior. Good landscaping complements your home, highlighting certain features while masking others. If your landscaping is overgrown, it may be time to cut it back to see what’s hiding behind it and bring your home back out into the open. On the other hand, if you have no landscaping at all, adding some colorful plants along the front walkway can help create a favorable impression, leading guests and prospective buyers right to your front door.

Transform Your Home

While it may not seem like much, these five updates can have a powerful effect on your home’s value, as well as on how quickly it sells when the time comes. Make one or all of these changes to your home’s exterior to give your home a fresh, new look. Well-maintained homes have a beauty and class all their own; if your home is looking run down, take the time to update your exterior to give it new life.

Install Energy Efficient Replacement Windows In London, ON

WindowslondonNote: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication.

Homeowners in London, ON, are fighting a battle all year long: do they let the sun shine in or do they pull the curtains close together and keep out either the cold drafts of winter or the hot rays of summer sun. The heat generated from light beaming through your windows in the summer can leave you cranking up the AC, not to mention fade any fabric or leather furniture and hardwood flooring you own. Meanwhile, older windows are known to lose tremendous amounts of heat, not only because of drafts caused by loosened weather stripping but also as a result of heat radiating through the glass itself.

Energy efficiency is something many London homeowners consider when they look for replacement windows and doors. While replacing the caulking and weather stripping are great ways to reduce drafts, Low-E glass windows will vastly improve the energy efficiency of your home in all seasons. They are applied with a micro-coating that reduces the amount of energy that can pass through the glass, whether it’s going inside or out, reflecting heat energy back to its source and keeping it warm or cool, depending on whether you’ve got the heaters up or the AC running.

As hydro rates in Ontario keep going up, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to save on their bills themselves, as well as add value to their own homes. Energy Star windows are not only an investment that will keep giving back, saving you about 15% of your bill each year, they are also known to have a high ROI as a home renovation. But more importantly, they let you bring more light into your home; if you’ve always wanted gorgeous bay windows or sliding patio doors to add transparency and light to your home, but dreaded the expense, turn to a window manufacturer in London, ON that supplies energy efficient solutions — all you have to do is look for the Energy Star sticker.

An Ontario supplier should not only help you reduce your hydro bills, they should also have the right style of frame and grille, your preferred material (whether it’s aluminum clad, vinyl, or a more traditional wood), and fit any dimensions you need. A number of Southern Ontario contractors and builders partner with London suppliers like Golden Windows because they offer high quality windows with Low-E coatings and customize their products to fit any home project. In addition to fitting any size or style, whether it’s awning, hung, architectural, or skylight, they offer Colonial, Victorian, and Muskoka grille styles, in addition to custom options to fit any modern home.

Investing in replacement windows and doors is a great way to start economizing while increasing the value of your home. Make sure you work with a contractor who knows their way around windows and doors, or who’s willing to rely on a company like Golden Windows that will send their own technicians to make sure you get the most out of your new energy saving product. When it comes to keeping your house protected from the elements, you want to make sure you have the right windows and that they are truly energy efficient.

Modern Or Rustic: Find Solid Wood Tables In Toronto

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Think about the oldest piece of furniture you have seen at a family member's house, possibly something of your grandparents’ or something your parents inherited. It usually has a story about how your great-grandfather worked for weeks to piece it together and make it perfect for the home, or how it was passed down to its current owner. Today, decades later, that same piece of furniture looks the exact same as the day it was built, or perhaps it’s been refinished and restored to its former glory. A well-cared for piece of wood furniture can last forever as you pass the stories of it down to future generations. Real wood furniture simply stands the test of time, not least of all because it’s solidly with joints that stand up to use, abuse, repair, and refinishing.

The dining area is a place where loved ones come to share a meal and share their day; sitting at a custom dining table only adds to this experience. Owning signature pieces of solid wood furniture makes a statement that you are steeped in tradition and care about the lifespan of your furniture, plus it adds a certain character and comfort to your home. These days many furniture manufacturers slap together some plywood and while their furniture may look all right, it's cheap and won't last. According to an information site called Woodweb, it's all about saving money during the manufacturing and the results are bound for the curb within a matter of years. Real wood made by a woodworking shop such as Toronto’s Woodcraft may cost more in labour and materials, but it pays off in the long run as the piece will not have to be replaced.

Wood furniture is a special kind of delight that can transport you to log cabin nights or summer days in the forest; it’s the kind of furniture that shows the knots where tree branches grew as well as the grooves where someone worked by hand to scrape that piece of wood of its bark. While you can paint over these characteristics to create a more contemporary or uniform look that will last for ages, using colours that leave these distinguishing characteristics is popular for those who want a more traditional or farmhouse look. No matter the style of your home, there are custom dining tables in Toronto that will fit your design scheme and that can be updated later to fit the changes you make. The secret is finding something worth refinishing and that’s worth keeping through the years and the changes to your home.

You can take character and visual appeal to another level with pieces like a custom dining table in the middle of a modern room, while a rustic style home begs for these pieces in almost every room to add to the flair and the feel. Trust a reputable shop making solid wood furniture in Toronto like Woodcraft to create a custom piece that will appeal uniquely to you, in the dimensions you want, even if you need to cut odd corners to fit a unique space.

One important thing to remember about wood furniture is that the care that it takes to last for decades is easily done, as long as you store it properly and clean it simply. It's imperative to hire an experienced craftsperson to refinish or repair any issues with your wood furniture, such as dents, scratches, or refinishing jobs. It's also important when first buying premium wood pieces to shop with a manufacturer that promises "White Glove Delivery" to your home, including insurance and experience taking care of such valuable pieces. These signature wooden pieces will not only be in your modern or rustic home for years to come, but should be passed on for generations as well.

It's Time For Your Heater's Checkup

Checkup house
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It’s that time of year again. The rapidly dropping temperatures in cities like Toronto signal the occasion for your annual heater checkup. By keeping on top of this simple appliance maintenance, you can ensure your furnace is running as efficiently as possible. This comes as an advantage after fee increases affect your utility bill, as an efficient heater takes less energy to operate.

The repair crew at Toronto Refrigeration, a reputable service in the city, would like to remind you that annual inspections are the most important preventative step homeowners can take in order to maintain their heating system. These checkups should only be completed by technicians employed by the appliance repair Toronto homeowners trust, as they’ll be dealing with intricate mechanical systems when performing these assessments. Only those technicians who are licensed, insured, and experienced should ever be given access to your home, whatever the season, so remember to do a thorough background check before you call out for help.

An annual system check will help keep your heater in working order. That’s because a repair professional will inspect the entire appliance to make sure there are no current failures or futures ones that could affect its ability to heat your home. A typical maintenance check will include the following:

Thermostat Check: Your thermostat will be monitored to ensure it’s able to maintain and adjust your home's temperature properly. 

Electrical Connections Check: All of your electrical connections will be measured and checked. Any faulty connections may pose potential safety hazards as well as reduce the life of your heating system. 

Motor Lubrication: Any moving part or motor within your system will be properly lubricated to reduce possible friction. 

Check Condensate Drain:  If clogged, this drain can cause water damage to your home and create humid conditions. 

Check System Controls: Your starting cycle equipment will be checked to ensure that your system starts, stops, and operates properly.

Check Gas or Oil Connections: Your fuel connections, fuel pressure, burner combustion, and heat exchange will all be tested to ensure that your system is working safely. If these connections are not in proper order, your heater could be a potential fire hazard or may even cause health problems. 

In Toronto appliance repair is a necessary part of owning a home. Make sure you schedule your checkup with an appliance repair crew you can trust, so stick with those professionals who are qualified, insured, and reputable to help out when the temperatures drop.

How often should you get your oven cleaned?


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Does your oven smell? Or has your oven cooked food started to taste, let’s say… interesting? Many homeowners are guilty of not cleaning their oven as often as they should. The time and money invested in cleaning is definitely a factor that deters us, and it can be difficult to know how often exactly you should be cleaning it. Service Force, an appliance repair company say cleaning your oven depends on a variety of factors, these include:

How often do you use your oven?

Depending on how frequently you use your oven on a weekly or monthly basis directly correlates with how often you need to clean it. If you use it daily, then Service Force recommends you clean it every two weeks. Grime and spillovers insulate the oven and reduce the transfer of heat to your food. This makes cooking ultimately more difficult and longer.

The amount of dirt in your oven

No matter how careful you are, there are bound to be times when you will spill food. Once you recognise that your oven has grime building up and is emitting a terrible odour, it’s time to get cleaning. The dirt and grime not only leave a nasty odour in your oven but also affects the taste of your food - especially when baking something like cake or bread. Not only will the carbon fumes alter the taste, they have the potential to contaminate your oven cooked food.

What kind of food you cook in your oven

If you are regularly cooking types of food that are heavy on sauce and grease, the best thing you can do is wipe down the oven after you have eaten and once it has cooled down. This will stop any charred bits of food from gathering and will prevent the smell from lingering. If you are usually using your oven for warming up food or baking, you can clean it every 3 months.

Cleaning your oven around the festive period

With the festive period upon us, there is always a rush for oven cleaning companies. Depending on your personal preference, there are pros and cons of cleaning it before and after Christmas:

Cleaning your oven before Christmas

No one wants to face the embarrassment of a dirty oven and unpleasant taste in front of relatives over Christmas. But over Christmas is when your oven will be put through its paces the most

Due to time constraints and being generally busy, it often means regular oven cleaning is neglected. This is a classic example of a buildup of grime. The grime quickly turns into carbon, which when heated multiple times turn into dangerous plumes. This can really affect the taste of your scrumptious Christmas dinner, which is why many people request an oven cleaning company beforehand.

Cleaning your oven after Christmas

In many cases however, the deep cleaning of an oven before Christmas has actually caused the oven to break down, which is why companies such as Service Force are always busy over this period. The high temperatures that are required to clean can have unintended consequences of burning out the heating elements, particularly with older ovens

If you take a look inside your oven, you will be able to quickly decide whether it is worth the risk of cleaning it before Christmas day. It may just be better to wait until after.

How to stop your oven getting dirty

  • Before cooking something in the oven lay down a sheet of tin foil or an oven sheet at the base. Oven sheets come in all sorts of sizes and mean you won’t have to clean the bottom of the oven.
  • Where possible, roast fish and meat in cooking bags to reduce the amount of fat that can spit out around the inside of the oven.
  • When you want to check how well your food is cooking halfway through, remove the tray as this will also avoid splashing around grease.
  • Once you have finished using the oven, a handy tip is to place a heat resistant bowl of water inside. Heat this bowl on a high temperature for about 15 minutes. This will cause the grime and grease to loosen, so when it’s cool enough you can wipe down the interior with paper towels.