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5 Things to Research When Replacing Your Windows and Patio Door


Windows and patio doors are considered perfect additions in every home. They are regarded as great choices because of the unique style, functionality, and convenience that they provide. But over time, they wear out and the need for replacements arises. Fortunately, windows and patio door replacement will never be too much of a worry. Casey Windows and Doors offers only the best service and the highest quality of replacement doors and replacement windows Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

To help you assess your window and patio door replacement needs, here are five things that you need to research beforehand.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Approximately 70% of heat energy inside your home escapes outside through the windows and patio doors. And up to 90% of this heat is released through the glass. During winter, you definitely want your home to be well insulated. While during summers, a better air circulation is desired.

Practically, there are two indices that you need to check before replacing your patio doors and windows. The first one is the U value. The lower the value of this index is, the slower the rate of heat loss inside your room is during the colder seasons. The second index is the SHG or solar heat gain coefficient. The lower the value is, the less heat your home will absorb during the warmer seasons.

  1. Material

Weather and condensation are just two of the several factors that you need to consider when choosing the best material for you patio door and window frames. During summer and fair weather days, there should be no problem with most types of doors. But during the fall, rainwater and high moisture can cause wooden frames to splinter and sag; especially when they are exposed to the outside. Aluminum is a durable frame material but it could rust through time and it is also highly susceptible to temperature changes. Vinyl frames are perhaps the most weather resistant, moderately durable and take a long time before the color fades.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Windows and patio doors are not just used to let fresh air and sunlight to pass through. You must also take into account how well will they look from the inside and from the outside. Consider a wide range of patio doors such as French and Olathe designs, and window styles including sliding, bay, bow, casement, double-hung and much more! Also, consider the space that you have.

  1. Timing

Ask yourself why you need to replace patio doors and windows. Are there any leaks? Does the chill get in more easily during cold seasons? Do they make creaking noises and are difficult to open? Or is the old design not a good match to a newly renovated room? After you have assessed the problems, you can easily know what exact qualities are you looking for in a replacement window or patio door.

  1. Company that You Can Trust

Windows and patio door replacement is definitely not an easy task that you can just trust to any company. You need to find the highest standards of service and product quality to ensure a patio door and window replacement that will last for long.

Casey Windows and Doors banners 40 years of experience in home improvement industry. For several generations, the unwavering passion and commitment to superior service are what made them a trustworthy choice for Colorado homeowners.

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