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Tips to Decorate Your Interiors with Plants and Flowers


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. Photo by Dave Chillycub.

Decorating your interiors with plants and flowers adds a breath of fresh air and make your home a more welcoming space. You can decorate simply or create intricate designs which look stunning, apart from bringing character and positive energy into your home. If you don’t have a garden, even then you can easily dress up your home in beautiful floral arrangements for special occasions. You simply have to get your flowers from a reputed florist like flower delivery Brisbane. Having said that, check out these simple yet stunning ideas to decorate your interiors.

Gorgeous orchids

Orchids last long, sometimes for a month or so. Phalaenopsis thrive in humid conditions and need light as well. They do well in bathrooms but as they are potted in fast draining medium, you have to keep them hydrated. Protect from direct and strong sunlight and allow the top half-inch to dry before watering the plant again. Be sure to choose a plant which shiny and bright foliage and the lowest flowers are open.

Add greenery to the kitchen

Your kitchen is the best place to showcase some greenery. While herbs and small plants on the window sill look pretty, flowers and blooms make your kitchen look cheerful and bright.

Decorate from the ground up

You can take plants from the ground level and line them on a bench. You can build a shelf with narrow rows of shelves and will look great, as well as displaying your talent in painting the pots and the shelf. You can choose a variety of house plants and flowers for your unique indoor plant shelf.

DIY terrariums

Tiny DIY terrariums are wonderful, creative additions to any tabletop. The cute factor can be upped by customising with mini figurines.

Dress up flowers

The vase you place your flowers in can add some drama to your arrangement. An interesting African urn would make your flower arrangement look unique and beautiful. Fresh exotic flowers can amp up this décor idea even further flowers.

Towering tree

You can transform an empty, dreary corner into a lively one by adding a lovely, tall tree in it. If you place in on a wheel base, you can wheel it out easily for some sun or to clean the corner.

Succulent still life

Mini cacti and succulents make up an intriguing still life in your living home. Mistletoe cactus, aloe, jade etc can be used to create your succulent artwork placed in beautiful china pots.

Plants and flowers make your home look beautiful and cheerful. Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms can all look great with the addition of greenery.