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Gone are the days when air conditioners were looked upon as items of luxury; they have become a necessity since the temperature has been rising due to global warming. Whether you live in Australia, United States or any other country, air conditioning is important to make lives easier and comfortable. Air conditioning Brisbane or in any other country requires regular repair and maintenance.

However, the air conditioner might still show signs of problems. The most common problem that homeowners face is improper functioning of the cooling system. Besides that, here are some major AC problems most people encounter.

Faulty Wiring

Air conditioners often malfunction, if the wiring is not installed properly or has problems within it. For instance haphazard or uncertified A/C wiring may lead to fire hazards. Faulty wiring prevents the system from getting enough power and can also trip the circuit breaker again and again.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a liquid present inside the air conditioner that is responsible for cooling the air. Even though, the refrigerant is not used for cooling, it may leak out. Reduced refrigerant level implies there are leaks in the system or problems with the refrigerant system and leads to improper or uneven cooling. Refrigerant leaks must be identified and repaired at once to avoid complete breakdown of the cooling system.

Frozen Coil

Frozen coils indicate improper air-flow. The air often gets restricted by filthy air filters or obstructed by faulty ductwork. Low refrigerant can also lead to frozen coils. So you need to get in touch with the HVAC technicians immediately and get the air conditioner fixed.

Malfunctioning Outside Fan

The outside fan is responsible for free air flow; this mean the heat absorbed from the room is released outside while cool air is circulated within the room. If the fan doe not function properly air circulation is hindered and the heat gets trapped inside the system overheating the air conditioning compressor. Again overheated air conditioning compressor may trip the safety overload. If left unattended for a long time, the compressor may get damaged permanently.

Most homeowners do not take notice of the problems until the air conditioner stops working completely. But that means considerable damage has already been done and only expensive repairs or complete replacement can only solve the problems. However, by being vigilant of the problems you can prevent permanent damage and keep the air conditioner highly efficient.