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Buzzworthy Topics Every Home Improvement Blogger Should Be Covering

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With the recent boom of social sites focused on DIY such as Pinterest, traditional home improvement blogs have to really dig deep when it comes to building an audience. That being said, the design and DIY niches are so broad that there's plenty of ground for you to cover. Your audience is out there, granted you take the time to educate them on topics they actually want to read about.

First and foremost, you should make sure that your blog puts a personal touch on each and every post through the following means:

  • Storytelling, which works to build an emotional connection with your readership
  • Education, which includes plenty of how-to guides that are sure to drive traffic
  • Imagery and examples: in the home improvement niche, you should couple visual content with your written pieces so readers can follow along and actually see what you're talking about

The elephant in the room still remains: what topics are ultimately going to win over readers? How do you stand out amongst the crowd in such a competitive niche?

Don't let yourself get discouraged. Instead, ensure that your blog drives traffic and revenue by putting a unique spin on some of the following tried-and-tested topics. Granted that you inject your own sense of voice and personality into your blog, these topics are a hotbed for debate and discussion, guaranteeing that you'll get plenty of love via social media and the comments section.

Buying Your First Home

First-time home-buyers are inherently stressed out and absolutely need to be educated in terms of managing their new investment. The sheer amount of legwork involved in buying a new home represents a goldmine of topics related to decor, from how to decide which pieces to keep from your old home to money-saving hacks for home improvement and beyond.

Think about it this way: what home improvement questions would you have wanted answered when you bought your first home? Brainstorm such topics and branch out from there.

How to Start from Scratch

In the face of a disaster or the desire to reinvent one's living space, many newbies to DIY and décor have no idea where to start. Try to touch on inspirational topics for beginners, noting simple projects to get started with and strategies for breaking down more complex ones.

Don't cater solely to experts: after all, many of your readers are probably looking to learn the ropes of DIY for the first time. In due time, you could become their go-to resource if your content is relevant to their needs.

Hidden Costs and Secret Tips

Breaking your own news is a fantastic tip for any blogger; however, perhaps the best news to break for design enthusiasts is how to keep the price tag down on any given project. Focus on home improvements that save money or are incredibly cost effective: such topics tend to go viral on social sites and could help you build some serious backlinks.

Although you may feel like a small fish in the huge sea of the DIY and décor blogosphere, fear not. Instead, focus on tired-and-tested topics that your readers will love and be sure to provide your unique perspective accordingly.