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Five simple steps to cleaning your oven


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Ovens are possibly the most essential appliance in the kitchen and they’re often one of the room’s most standout features. But because they are used so regularly, the oven can get filthy within no time at all which can have a major effect on the appearance and the aroma of your kitchen.

Making sure that your oven is spotless can at times feel like a tedious task, but it’s important to remember the benefits of your hard work. Not only will it help your kitchen look spotless, but it can keep you safe from potential health risks and will only benefit the taste of your food too!

If you’re currently struggling to maintain the cleanliness of your oven, then read on to discover these five simple steps to ensure that your oven spic and span...

Warm up your oven

Before you start cleaning, heat your oven ever so slightly for a few minutes before turning it off at the mains and letting it cool. Cleaning your oven will be significantly easier if the conditions are slightly warmer than usual. Once you’re happy with the temperature, it’s time to reach for the rubber gloves and prepare for a messy job…

Tackle filthy oven shelves

To ensure that your cleaning job is as efficient as possible, make sure that all shelves are removed from your oven before you begin. These components are bound to be very dirty so to avoid creating more cleaning jobs for yourself, make sure that you place them in either your sink, a bowl with a large enough capacity or even your bathtub.

Soak them in boiling water before adding either dishwasher powder or liquid into the mix and leave them for 12 hours. During this wait, most of the dirt would have detached from the shelves, however for those stubborn stains that remain, a scrubbing brush and a little elbow grease will remove them.

Once rid of all stains, rinse the shelves with clean water and wait for them to dry.

Remove all remaining burnt-on food

Burnt-on food doesn’t only affect oven shelves, but these irritating, stubborn stains can be found in various places inside your oven. Removing them can be very tricky and tiring, so to ensure that your cleaning job is as seamless as possible you will require a spray nozzle of any effective cleaning product.

Using a foam product will allow you to cover every possible area of your ovens interior and can help lift off grime. Once you’ve applied the cleaning product, leave it to work its magic and soften the burnt-on food.

Once the burnt-on food is ready to be removed, use a wooden spatula to scrape off any remaining mess. Another effective alternative for those without foam products to hand, would be to sprinkle baking powder on the different stains. This should soften the food and make it ready for removal within the following 24 hours.

Erase grease from cooker hood

For those of you with a steel cooker hood, the next step is straightforward and easy, depending on the level and consistency of the grease on your worktop. To tackle grease stains, grab your washing up liquid, a bowl of hot water, a cup of vinegar and get scrubbing!

This is the simplest way to remove any greasy residue that has developed on your cooker hood. Another alternative you can use which will complete the job just as effectively is baby oil, which will provide your appliance with a shiny glow.

It’s very important to maintain the cleanliness of your cooker hood as it can prevent your extractors from becoming clogged up with grease. Clogged up extractors don’t only limit airflow and fan overheating, but this could potentially cause a fire too.   

Dirty oven door

This final step unfortunately contains a lot of spillages, so before you get going cover your floor with either newspaper, rags or protective sheeting. Once again reach for your array of cleaning products, spray all tough stains in sight and wait patiently for the foam to settle so all grime can be removed effortlessly with a sponge.

If you want your oven door to have that sparkly finish, a glass scraper is the best choice for you to remove those tough food stains and finish the job properly. If you don’t have this item handy then a good alternative would be to use a high-quality glass cleaning spray, because when mixed with hot water this solution will allow you to wipe off grease with ease.

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How can I maintain the cleanliness of my oven?

To avoid further excessive cleaning jobs, it’s in your best interest to wash your oven regularly. Follow these simple tips to prevent dirt from taking over your appliance:

  • Cover all fatty foods in foil – products containing a lot of fat such as sausages and bacon spit out when they’re on the grill, so using foil will help preserve the condition of your oven.
  • Use containers when cooking food – fatty foods are not the only products that can cause plenty of mess in your oven, most foods will spit out as they get hotter. Use an enclosed container to ensure that any mess remains within it.
  • If you notice that a meal you’ve just cooked in the oven has left its mark, clean any new spillages or stains as soon as you notice them to avoid a mucky pile up.
  • Whenever you’re using your oven, make sure to place a baking tray on the level below to catch any droppings of grease.

By taking these tips on board, you’ll not only notice the effect a thorough cleaning job has on your appliance, but also on your kitchen’s overall presentation.