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We are reliant on a constant supply of water for so many aspects of our daily lives – drinking, washing, cleaning, etc. – but that doesn’t mean we should ever use more water than is necessary. Water is life in so many ways and one of the greatest future challenges facing us is resource scarcity, most importantly, water scarcity. It isn’t out of the question to suggest that future wars will be fought over water supplies.

To save water at home for the sake of the planet and humanity, not to mention to save yourself money that could be better spent on other things, take note of the following water preservation tips that all households should try to implement.

Efficient Hot Water Systems

The more efficient your hot water system is, the less water and energy you’ll use and the more you’ll save. Hot water systems from are a great example of hot water systems that are efficient and, therefore, cost-effective. It’s always a good idea to have a chat to a local plumbing professional before you install a new system to get their opinion on what they believe to be the best choice.

Fix Leaks

Whether you can fix the leak by yourself or you need to call an experienced local plumber to fix the leak for you, seeing to any leak promptly can save a lot of water and helps you to reduce your household’s water footprint. Moreover, whether you use gas hot water or electric hot water, you will also save money on your energy bills.

Water-Efficient Washing Machines and Dishwashers

Look at the energy and water ratings when shopping for a new washing machine or dishwasher. While it’s often the case that the most efficient machines are a bit pricier, as you’ll save on water and electricity you’ll quickly recuperate the difference in price.

Take Shorter Showers and Minimise Baths

You can still take two showers per day, but by keeping your showers to under five minutes it’s amazing just how much water your household can save. Reducing your showers to three minutes is inherently achievable by using better showering techniques, for example:

  • Turning off the shower when lathering
  • Lathering using less soap or shower gel
  • Turning the shower on to wash away the soap/shower gel

Time yourself the next time you take a shower and see how long you spend under the water. You may be surprised as to just how much water you use.

Install Aerators on Taps

Most new taps have aerators these days to reduce water flow. By installing aerators on your taps at home you can decrease water use by as much as 30 percent and you won’t notice any difference in performance. You can also install one on your shower to further decrease your water use at home.

The more water you save the more money you’ll save, plus you’ll also be a more responsible global citizen which most certainly has its perks, like feeling better about yourself and the positive changes that you’re helping to implement which will make our world a better place for all!