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Three Incentives to Get Your Kids to Help with the Cleaning


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed photo by Flickr user Janelle.

No parent is sure how, but children seem to have decided that parents and adults all enjoy doing the cleaning. They believe this so much that they will do everything they can to make sure you do it all. If this sounds like your children, and you are ready for a change, here are some great ways to get your kids helping with household chores like cleaning.

Points System

Whether it’s going to the mall with their friends, the movies on a date, or just to play video games, your children are going to need money at some point. Instead of a weekly allowance, allocate a cost towards each of their chores. Not only will they helping around the house but they are also learning the value of work and earning money.

Family Night Out

If your kids are getting bored with Friday night movie night and they enjoy family friendly activities like bowling or roller skating, agree to take them out if they complete a set amount of chores around the house. If the event is large, consider accumulating weeks worth of chores or selecting a larger job to do, such as cleaning the yard or the pool.

The key to this tip is to allow your children to choose the reward, to entice them to complete the work. However, remember to keep it family friendly so everybody can enjoy themselves.

Clean for the Internet

Have you noticed that your children almost always have their nose buried in the screen of their mobile device? Use this to your advantage by changing the wifi password daily, and only providing it to your children at the completion of their daily activities.

While they may be resistant at first, rest assured that the desire to use the internet will take over and your house will be cleaner than it has ever been.

When it comes to children and chores, there is no simple solution which can solve everything. However, these three tips are great ways to start the journey and can get your kids moving!

creative ideas for refinishing kitchen cabinets


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Refinishing your kitchen cabinets can give the room a whole new look. If you don’t have the budget for a complete kitchen overhaul (although that’s a lot easier now kitchen manufacturers offer free design services!) then you can forget about completely renovating or giving the whole room a makeover - just refinish your cabinets and you’ll feel like you have! There are a few ways you can do this. You can use different materials to help change the color, type, wood type, and even the look of the historical era! Usually, you can take the time over a few weekends to do it, and it can be fairly inexpensive. Here are some creative ideas you can try if you want to give it a go.

Get The Real Wood Look

If you want the look of real wood in your kitchen, then you’re going to need the right tools and a little elbow grease. Make sure you take all of the doors and hardware off your cabinets, as you want to be thorough as you refinish your cabinets. You can use an electric hand sander to sand off the current finish if you wish, or you can do it by hand. Make sure it’s gritty enough to get all of the old finish off. You can then apply your chosen stain with a rag. Rubbing the wood as you apply will make sure the stain permeates better. Depending on the results you want, you’ll need to be careful about how much you use. For a darker look, use more stain. It gets darker as it dries, so bear that in mind before you apply more coats.

You also have the option to buy wooden veneers that you can adhere to your current cabinets, helping you to change the type of wood. It’s up to you whether you buy ready adhered or whether you adhere them on by your own means. Perhaps changing the hardware could be a good way to finish off your new look. You could choose vintage hardware,for instance, to get that antique look.  

A Bold Coat Of Paint

Giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint is usually straightforward. That being said, plastic laminate doesn’t usually take to paint very well, so you might need to look into other options. Metal, wood, and wood laminate are all good for painting. Again, you need to be thorough by taking off the doors and hardware. You’ll then need to clean, sand, and prime the surfaces you plan on painting so that the paint adheres well and you get a good coverage. 2-3 coats of good quality paint is usually recommended. Make sure you apply in thin coats to get the best results. Leave four hours between coats too.

If you want to give your kitchen some personality, you could go for a bold or contrasting color or some great kitchen accessories. Copper tableware is in fashion at the moment and it adds a unique feel to your worktop. You could even go for a subtle pastel shade if you want color that isn’t too in your face. This will liven up your kitchen and give you a feature point. They will look great when the rest of your decor is neutral, but of course there are no rules. If you want a simple yet chic look, plain white cabinets can look great.

Furniture Ideas for the Space at the Foot of Your Bed


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The foot of the bed is usually one of the most neglected places in the home when it comes to accessorizing. Hardly anybody really thinks about making this spot look good in general. However, if you know what to do, you can turn this space into a sort of feature point, and enhance the overall look of your room. Once you’ve done it, you’ll wonder why you never did before! Want to know how to do it? Here are some furniture ideas for the space at the foot of your bed:

Use a Wooden Table/Bench

A wooden table or bench can make a great place to place a few ornaments and accessories. Usually, you’ll select a table or bench that is shorter than the bed. However, you don’t need to stick to any rules. You could create contrast and an unexpected element by using a table slightly taller than your bed. This may work depending on your decor at present.

Install a Slat Wall Divider

If you have a larger bedroom, a slat wall divider at the end of your bed could give your room an element of interest. It can also make your bed feel more secluded and cosy. It won’t be for everybody, but it could be just what you need to separate areas of your bedroom and style it up.

Add a Desk

To make the most of the room at the end of your bed, how about adding a desk? You don’t necessarily need to add a chair too, unless you have the room and you really want to. A desk can give you another surface to use as well as more storage space.

Try Rustic Wooden Crates

Rustic wooden crates look incredible. They add some personality to your home, and you can use them to store anything you have lying around. This might be some of your favorite and most worn novels, accessories - just about anything. They look great in a vintage/antique/shabby chic environment.

Add a Dresser

If you really want to utilize the space you have, add a dresser to the bottom of your bed. A low one with lots of draws should look great as well as give you plenty of storage.

Use a Loveseat or Small Sofa

How about adding a loveseat or small sofa to the end of your bed? You get extra seating, and somewhere to flick through magazines or read a book. You could even make a bit of a reading nook out of it. Of course if you have the space, you could even add a coffee table to finish off the look.

Consider a Chaise

A chaise at the end of your bed will add even more luxury to your bedroom. If you want another seating area but you don’t want a full on sofa, this is a great choice.

These furniture ideas for the space at the end of your bed should work for just about anybody. Of course it’ll depend on the space you have to spare, but if you’re creative, you can do just about anything. Alternatively, you could use a storage bed and keep the floor at the end of your bed clear. Have fun and think outside of the box!

Five simple steps to cleaning your oven


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Ovens are possibly the most essential appliance in the kitchen and they’re often one of the room’s most standout features. But because they are used so regularly, the oven can get filthy within no time at all which can have a major effect on the appearance and the aroma of your kitchen.

Making sure that your oven is spotless can at times feel like a tedious task, but it’s important to remember the benefits of your hard work. Not only will it help your kitchen look spotless, but it can keep you safe from potential health risks and will only benefit the taste of your food too!

If you’re currently struggling to maintain the cleanliness of your oven, then read on to discover these five simple steps to ensure that your oven spic and span...

Warm up your oven

Before you start cleaning, heat your oven ever so slightly for a few minutes before turning it off at the mains and letting it cool. Cleaning your oven will be significantly easier if the conditions are slightly warmer than usual. Once you’re happy with the temperature, it’s time to reach for the rubber gloves and prepare for a messy job…

Tackle filthy oven shelves

To ensure that your cleaning job is as efficient as possible, make sure that all shelves are removed from your oven before you begin. These components are bound to be very dirty so to avoid creating more cleaning jobs for yourself, make sure that you place them in either your sink, a bowl with a large enough capacity or even your bathtub.

Soak them in boiling water before adding either dishwasher powder or liquid into the mix and leave them for 12 hours. During this wait, most of the dirt would have detached from the shelves, however for those stubborn stains that remain, a scrubbing brush and a little elbow grease will remove them.

Once rid of all stains, rinse the shelves with clean water and wait for them to dry.

Remove all remaining burnt-on food

Burnt-on food doesn’t only affect oven shelves, but these irritating, stubborn stains can be found in various places inside your oven. Removing them can be very tricky and tiring, so to ensure that your cleaning job is as seamless as possible you will require a spray nozzle of any effective cleaning product.

Using a foam product will allow you to cover every possible area of your ovens interior and can help lift off grime. Once you’ve applied the cleaning product, leave it to work its magic and soften the burnt-on food.

Once the burnt-on food is ready to be removed, use a wooden spatula to scrape off any remaining mess. Another effective alternative for those without foam products to hand, would be to sprinkle baking powder on the different stains. This should soften the food and make it ready for removal within the following 24 hours.

Erase grease from cooker hood

For those of you with a steel cooker hood, the next step is straightforward and easy, depending on the level and consistency of the grease on your worktop. To tackle grease stains, grab your washing up liquid, a bowl of hot water, a cup of vinegar and get scrubbing!

This is the simplest way to remove any greasy residue that has developed on your cooker hood. Another alternative you can use which will complete the job just as effectively is baby oil, which will provide your appliance with a shiny glow.

It’s very important to maintain the cleanliness of your cooker hood as it can prevent your extractors from becoming clogged up with grease. Clogged up extractors don’t only limit airflow and fan overheating, but this could potentially cause a fire too.   

Dirty oven door

This final step unfortunately contains a lot of spillages, so before you get going cover your floor with either newspaper, rags or protective sheeting. Once again reach for your array of cleaning products, spray all tough stains in sight and wait patiently for the foam to settle so all grime can be removed effortlessly with a sponge.

If you want your oven door to have that sparkly finish, a glass scraper is the best choice for you to remove those tough food stains and finish the job properly. If you don’t have this item handy then a good alternative would be to use a high-quality glass cleaning spray, because when mixed with hot water this solution will allow you to wipe off grease with ease.

IStock-185125756 (1)

How can I maintain the cleanliness of my oven?

To avoid further excessive cleaning jobs, it’s in your best interest to wash your oven regularly. Follow these simple tips to prevent dirt from taking over your appliance:

  • Cover all fatty foods in foil – products containing a lot of fat such as sausages and bacon spit out when they’re on the grill, so using foil will help preserve the condition of your oven.
  • Use containers when cooking food – fatty foods are not the only products that can cause plenty of mess in your oven, most foods will spit out as they get hotter. Use an enclosed container to ensure that any mess remains within it.
  • If you notice that a meal you’ve just cooked in the oven has left its mark, clean any new spillages or stains as soon as you notice them to avoid a mucky pile up.
  • Whenever you’re using your oven, make sure to place a baking tray on the level below to catch any droppings of grease.

By taking these tips on board, you’ll not only notice the effect a thorough cleaning job has on your appliance, but also on your kitchen’s overall presentation.

How to measure your room for tiles


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If you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom, you might consider installing tiles. This can seem like a mammoth task, and as there are so many variations of tile to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

If this is a home do-it-yourself project, it’s extremely important that you plan each step of the renovation. Making sure you’re fully prepared to carry out this project, and have all the materials you’ll need can ensure that your renovation is successful.

Measuring for tile installation

If you’ve never installed tiles before, it can be a very tricky job. It may be a good idea to enlist the help of an expert if this is your first time.

You should begin by finding out how big your bathroom space is. You can do this with a little bit of carrying out the following steps:

  1. You should measure the length of the wall area you’re looking to tile
  2. You should measure the width of the wall are you’ll be tiling
  3. Finally, you should calculate the area of that wall (length x height)

Once you’ve measured your room and have identified which area you’d like to decorate, you can pick which tiles you’d like to use. As well as choosing your tile design and colour, you should work out how many tiles you’ll need for your bathroom.

You can do this by dividing the area of your chosen wall by the size of your tile.

After you’ve purchased your tiles, you can begin the installation. In most cases, you’ll need to make sure your walls are flat and even, which can involve skimming. Once your walls are prepped, you’ll need to install the tiles, whilst making sure that your pattern is straight and that all your tiles are level.

Looking for an easier way to decorate your bathroom walls?

Measuring for cladding installation

If you’re looking for an easy alternative to tiles, which still gives the same high-finish, Bathroom wall cladding is a great choice.

With wall cladding, there is no need to worry about whether your wall is flat or prepped, because cladding can be installed on a wall of any condition. Alongside the reduction in preparation time, cladding is much easier to install than tiles.

Bathroom cladding can transform a small room and give the illusion of space, all the while keeping your cleaning routine to a minimum. As cladding eliminates the need for grouting, you can avoid scrubbing away at mould on a regular basis.

So, when measuring your walls for cladding you begin the same way you would with tiles, by identifying how big your space is. Follow the same steps as before, but instead of dividing your wall area by the size of a tile to find out how many tiles you need, you just need to consult your cladding providers and buy a set of panels that gives you a little more than you need to decorate your room.

When it comes to installation, all you’ll need is your choice of panels, adhesive (which must be solvent free) and either pins, staples or screws. No skimming or levelling required.

So, there you have it, why limit your bathroom redecoration to paint and tiles? If you’re looking for a quicker option to wall decoration, which won’t break the bank, why not try wall cladding and see the difference it makes to your bathroom.

Investing on Land and Home Property: What Factors to Consider

14201151840_4611726962_kNote: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. Photo of beautiful Western Australia by Adon Buckley.

Investing on land and home properties is definitely a good idea. It could be well profitable especially after a couple of years. However, just like when venturing other businesses, there are still some risks so it is important that you think and decide carefully. This is most especially true for first timers out there.

It is important to take into consideration many factors first before you spend money buying a house. It is not enough to see that the property is beautiful. There are many beautiful house and land packages Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide but will it be the best investment for you?

In this post, we will share to you some of the most important factors to consider when investing on land and home property for the first time.

Factor 1: Location

When buying a house, it is extremely important to consider the location. In fact, it is the most important factor that you should take into consideration most especially if you are buying a property as a form of investment. You should find a land and house packages with strategic location. It would be nice to find a place near school, offices, restaurants, banks among others. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be in a commercial area because usually, those properties are pricier. What you should do is conduct a research and find a property in an area where there is a plan to put up a mall, a park or any establishments. Once those establishments are built then you could expect increase in value for your property. So make sure that you do your research first. Also, don’t be afraid to ask around. You will get more ideas from them.

Factor 2: Neighborhood

Another important consideration is the neighborhood. You should make sure that the property is within a good neighborhood meaning no violent neighbors, no smelly factories and no recorded crimes or incidents. In case you are planning to rent out your place then you should ensure that you will offer a safe, convenient place for them because it is also your responsibility as the property owner. To check if the neighborhood is safe and peaceful, it is best to do multiple of site visits in different times of the day so you see the atmosphere in the morning and during night time.

Factor 3: Price

Of course you should also consider the price of the property. Make sure that you will buy it in a good pricing and condition. This could be a bit technical and complicated especially for people who are not really good in math and economics. It is recommendable to study the market or find someone who is expert in the field. Seek advice from them and then see if it fits your budget.

Investing your money is wise. However, it will be a lot wiser if you will be careful in choosing where to invest your money. That way, you will ensure that your investment will have a good return. You may also consult a professional realtor to give you guidance especially in terms of legal terms of securing your investment property.

A Win-Win: How to Reduce Your Water Footprint and Save Money


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We are reliant on a constant supply of water for so many aspects of our daily lives – drinking, washing, cleaning, etc. – but that doesn’t mean we should ever use more water than is necessary. Water is life in so many ways and one of the greatest future challenges facing us is resource scarcity, most importantly, water scarcity. It isn’t out of the question to suggest that future wars will be fought over water supplies.

To save water at home for the sake of the planet and humanity, not to mention to save yourself money that could be better spent on other things, take note of the following water preservation tips that all households should try to implement.

Efficient Hot Water Systems

The more efficient your hot water system is, the less water and energy you’ll use and the more you’ll save. Hot water systems from are a great example of hot water systems that are efficient and, therefore, cost-effective. It’s always a good idea to have a chat to a local plumbing professional before you install a new system to get their opinion on what they believe to be the best choice.

Fix Leaks

Whether you can fix the leak by yourself or you need to call an experienced local plumber to fix the leak for you, seeing to any leak promptly can save a lot of water and helps you to reduce your household’s water footprint. Moreover, whether you use gas hot water or electric hot water, you will also save money on your energy bills.

Water-Efficient Washing Machines and Dishwashers

Look at the energy and water ratings when shopping for a new washing machine or dishwasher. While it’s often the case that the most efficient machines are a bit pricier, as you’ll save on water and electricity you’ll quickly recuperate the difference in price.

Take Shorter Showers and Minimise Baths

You can still take two showers per day, but by keeping your showers to under five minutes it’s amazing just how much water your household can save. Reducing your showers to three minutes is inherently achievable by using better showering techniques, for example:

  • Turning off the shower when lathering
  • Lathering using less soap or shower gel
  • Turning the shower on to wash away the soap/shower gel

Time yourself the next time you take a shower and see how long you spend under the water. You may be surprised as to just how much water you use.

Install Aerators on Taps

Most new taps have aerators these days to reduce water flow. By installing aerators on your taps at home you can decrease water use by as much as 30 percent and you won’t notice any difference in performance. You can also install one on your shower to further decrease your water use at home.

The more water you save the more money you’ll save, plus you’ll also be a more responsible global citizen which most certainly has its perks, like feeling better about yourself and the positive changes that you’re helping to implement which will make our world a better place for all!

How Gazebo Kits can Transform your Backyard into an Amazing Outdoor Living Space


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Gazebo kits from Forever Redwood can transform your backyard into an amazing outdoor living space friends and family will absolutely love and enjoy. Our gazebo kits are handcrafted from the finest quality redwood available. The California Redwood used in our kits is over a third thicker than that in traditional lumber kits. They are weather resistant and the most decay-resistant kits on the market. You can also feel comfortable knowing they are crafted from 100% forest restoration lumber. But the best things about our gazebo kits just may be the beauty, flexibility and practicality they add to your property.

Our Sun Gazebos have sliding doors and a sunroof to embrace the sun and stars while providing a comfortable space for outdoor living. Perhaps you'll select an Octagonal Sunroom Gazebo that dramatically displays the natural beauty of redwood. Kikue's Tea House is a beautiful traditional Japanese tea house that can provide both complete privacy or quickly and easily coverts to an open-air pavilion.

Looking for a simple gazebo to provide a bit of privacy and shade? Select our elegant Lattice Gazebo in a choice of sizes to best suit your backyard. Our Spa Gazebo Kit is perfect for those seeking privacy on their terms. Designed for a hot tub, many use this inspiring space for a massage table, as a meditation room, or for just for that comfortable hammock. Don's Hexagonal Gazebo Kit combines a distinctive two-tiered roof with curved corner windows. Exceptional interior lighting sets this unique kit apart. Create personalized space in your yard with our versatile DIY Wood Kits, or step up and into our Dream Gazebos with finely finished interior walls and flooring and a shingle roof.

Our beautiful redwood gazebos can transform your outdoor living space into a quiet retreat or into a hub of social activity. They can be a simple source of shade or used as an elaborate getaway. Add a bit of landscaping, lighting or a stone walkway to complete the transformation! Discover how our unique redwood gazebos can help you make the most of your backyard.

Understand Anodising and the Different Types


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image of the anodised aluminum exterior of the National Museum of Australia by Sam Ilic.

The surfaces of buildings need to be protected against damage from the elements, including fierce sunlight and heavy downpours. Anodising is one effective way to make sure that buildings don’t become worn or damaged.

The process of anodization is a relatively straightforward one: Anodising is an electrolytic process for creating a protective oxide layer on the surface of aluminium. The surface of the building is treated with an acid solution which creates a protective oxide layer.

Natural anodised aluminium has several benefits. Firstly, it lasts a very long time and the process won’t need to be repeated for at least a couple of decades because the surface won’t get chipped. Paintwork will also stay intact. Secondly, anodising makes surfaces easy to maintain because dirt will be repelled by the protection. Thirdly, anodised surfaces are low-maintenance which means that people can get on with running their business. Next, the anodising process can give the exterior of a building a ‘facelift’ and make it look brand new. Finally, the chemicals used during the process are completely safe so there will be no adverse health effects for people who are using the building. Natural anodised aluminium by Anodisers in WA passes rigorous safety standards.

There are several different types of anodization.

Chromic Acid Anodising (Type 1)

The first anodising method invented uses chromic acid in order to achieve the desired results. The chromic acid produces a thin film of 0.5 μm to 18 μm. This type of film is more opaque than other types and is good at self-healing. Usually, this type of anodization is used prior to painting the surface.

Sulfuric Acid Anodising (Type 2 and 3)

Sulphuric acid is the most widely-used acid for anodization. This comes in two types of application. The first type (2) produces a layer of protection between 1.8μm to 25μm thick. Coatings thicker than this are known as Type 3. These types of coatings need to monitor more closely than Type 1 in the production stage. The thicker the application, there more protection there is against damage and wear.

Organic Acid

An organic acid is used to produce different shades when the anodising process has been completed. The organic acid produces yellow colours of different varieties. This is important if people want to give a specific tint to the outside of a building. Organic anodising can achieve a thickness of up to 50 μm.


Phosphoric acid can be used as a treatment substance and is most commonly used before adhesives like cement are added to the surface.


Plasma electrolytic oxidation is used where higher voltages occur. This process creates a more ceramic-like coating than the other processes which have been described previously in the article.

Anodization may seem like a complicated process, but hopefully, this article has made it seem much simpler. It is important to research all the different types of anodising before a final decision is made. People need to decide which method will produce the best results for their building by consulting with a professional company. Why not start the process today?

How to Install a DIY Cat Obstacle Course

4211769373_0017718b03_oNote: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by Sean Naber.

Cats are wonderful pets, but when they're feeling playful, they can turn into little destruction machines. Claw marks, bite marks, and items knocked over all happen when you have a feline companion. Try creating an obstacle course especially for your cat, so that your feline friend has somewhere to play without ruining your home.

Create a Climbing Wall

Install wall shelves in a stair-step pattern to make a simple wall obstacle course for your cat. Choose shelves that are wide enough for your cat to sit on. If you want, you can connect some of the shelves with hammocks to allow your cat to go up and down more easily.

Attach a few toys to the shelves so that your cat has something to do. Scratch pads and posts are essential, too, especially if your home is new and you don't want your cat clawing your furniture or walls.

Add Ceiling Access

The DIY Helpers blog features a post about adding walkways across the walls and ceiling for your cat. Be warned: If your cat likes to pounce, ceiling access is not the best idea. Most cats love to be up high, so putting up a few wooden walkways across the ceiling for the cat will be kitty heaven for your pet. Make sure the walkway has two entrances and exits so that the cat has an easy way up and down.

Make a Space for Sleeping

8025158770_96bfe39099_cImage via Flickr by Sensual Shadows Photography

Cats can be picky about where they sleep. Many pet owners buy plush cat beds only to find their cats sleeping under couches or in baskets of clean laundry instead.

Try hanging a cat hammock in one corner of the ceiling. Put up your wall shelves to give your cat access, then make this little hammock or cat bed irresistible to your kitty by putting pillows and some of its favorite toys inside the hammock. Attract your cat with a few treats the first time you introduce the hammock to your pet.

Give Your Cat Safety Outdoors

For many reasons, pet owners don't want to let their cats outside. Predators, feral animals, and cars are some of the dangers outdoor cats face. Create a tree house or obstacle course for your cat outside. Using wood and chicken wire, craft some enclosed walkways that your cat can play on outdoors. Give your cat access through a cat door so that it can choose when to go outside. As long as you treat your cat monthly for fleas, heartworms, and other parasites, your cat can safely enjoy the outdoors.

Remember not to force your kitty to use the obstacle course you've set up. Instead, add items you know it likes to the obstacle course. Consider sprinkling a bit of catnip on a few of the shelves or pathways, or leave some treats behind. Cats are naturally curious and they love to climb. It won't take long for your clever, agile feline to find the joys of its new obstacle course.

10 things to do after moving into a used home


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All of one’s earthly possessions are packed into a large truck, the family SUV is full, and a friend is following behind, as the move begins. The old home awaits new tenants, and the new abode is ready for the arrival of the new occupants, but before one thinks it is cut and dried, there are some things to remember. Here is a list of essential things to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure you have enough money to pay the removal guys, plus a generous tip, as they will have worked hard to ensure the items arrive in good shape and no damage is done to either property.
  2. A new set of keys with a security code for any keypad entry system is a must, otherwise the whole operation will grind to a halt.
  3. A floorplan of the new home is vital if one wants the removers to unload the contents and put them in the right rooms. As the occupant, one should be clear in directions and the workers will find it much easier to complete the task.
  4. Two or three days before the move, have someone give the new place a spring clean, as one doesn’t want to move into a dirty living space, and often the previous occupants are not so particular about this. If one has no time or inclination to get the mops and buckets out, try for a handyman who can have the place spick and span before the day of the move.
  5. Have the plumbing and electrics inspected prior to arrival, and any repairs can be dealt with easily, as there are no items of furniture or fittings to move. A local renovations and maintenance company could do this without a problem.
  6. Take a cooler box full of sandwiches and other goodies, as one won’t be able to cook anything at first. Make sure there is sufficient to feed everyone, as they all need to keep their energy levels up.
  7. Go through the inventory with the removers, ticking off each item as it is found. Make sure nothing is damaged, and if all is present and correct, one can tip the team and let them be on their way. It is often quicker to put things away without their help, as they would not know your desired locations, and besides, they have had a very long day as it is. One could always hire a handyman if physical exertion is an issue.
  8. Hopefully, all the boxes will be clearly labelled, and one will have no problems finding the right rooms. Failure to do this can cause confusion when unpacking, as box after box must be opened to see what’s inside.
  9. Send the kids off to a relatives for the weekend, as things will go a lot smoother if one doesn’t have to monitor their activities. They will see the new home soon enough, and besides, they will enjoy staying with the grandparents for a few days.
  10. Try to arrange the move on a weekend, as this is often cheaper, and the kids will not be at school, also one’s own work will not suffer.

Hopefully the move will be a smooth one, and by following the above pointers, one should enjoy the experience.

Improve Your Life With These Life Hacks


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Life hacks are a good way to make things much easier. From saving money on bills to creating more space at home, there are dozens of different ways to take advantage of these life hacks. Read this helpful article in order to learn more about smart ways to save time and money.

Put Items Into Storage

A cluttered house filled with unused items can make people feel extremely stressed and may cause people to avoid spending much time at home. Have an extensive clear out of the house, garage and attic in order to gather all these items together. Then decide which items can be put into self storage in Perth and which items need to be sold or thrown away.

Choosing the right storage unit is not a complicated process. Customers should choose a unit which is cost-effective and is the right size for the amount of goods that need to be kept secure. Security is important, so make sure that the company has fully-functioning security cameras and a crew of guards offering round-the-clock protection.

Homeowners will instantly notice the difference in terms of how much space there is in the house. This will allow the whole family to relax in comfort. Visit for spacious units.

Use Vertical Storage

Put up shelves and wall boxes in order to create as much space at home as possible.

Use Discount Websites To Get Cheap Air Tickets

Sometimes people will need to cancel their holidays at the last minute. Instead of letting their aeroplane tickets go to waste, many people go online to put their tickets up for sale at a discounted price. This is incredibly useful for people who are looking to buy tickets at a fraction of the price. Search online in order to find cheap tickets to their preferred destination – but people should be quick because these tickets are often snapped up in the blink of an eye. Using this life hack could help holidaymakers save lots of money which can be spent on hotels, meals out and souvenirs.

Bargain With Hotels For Discounts On Rooms

Whether someone is on a business trip or a holiday, staying in hotels can become expensive. One way to make sure that the trip becomes much cheaper is to bargain with hotels about the price of the room. It is preferable to do this in advance of the visit, and phoning the hotel is a more effective technique than relying purely on email. Offer the hotel an incentive by promising to leave a glowing review on a site such as TripAdvisor because this will make them more willing to comply with a discount request.

Instead of talking to the receptionist, make sure to communicate with the general manager of the entire hotel in order to have a better chance of securing a discount.

Use this guide for some useful lifehacks.

The 'new' wood transforming window treatments


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by Stuart Pilbrow.

On one hand, the blinds industry might not appear to be overly glamorous. However, if one analyzes behind the scenes, a different story is emerging.

Sure, we can talk about some of the big technological advances in this industry and if you dig hard enough, you can probably find guides of dissertation-length which touch on motorized blinds and similar inventions. Instead, we're going to look at one of the primary materials that is used to make these products and how it has been reshaped into something which is much more suited to the vast majority of consumers in the market.

Wooden blinds have been the sophisticated choice for many a year; they are the product which can turn an ordinary window into one that just oozes class. Unfortunately, they aren't without their drawbacks. There are question marks regarding their durability in certain environments, while the costs are significantly higher than other window treatments.

This is where faux wood, or Durawood as some companies call it, comes into the picture. To say this is reshaping the window treatments industry would be an understatement; suddenly this new material is making the wooden window appearance become more prominent than ever. Here's how.

It's much more affordable

As we've already commented on, traditional wood might look the part but it certainly doesn't cost it. In other words, it just blows most people's budget straight out of the water. Few people complain; after all, the appearance this material provides really is second to none and many believe that it is well worth the initial investment.

However, faux wood is something that saves consumers considerable money. It isn't made from the expensive wood that we have been used to around windows over the years - it's thermally modified meaning that there are big manufacturing savings.

It is durable in a way in which traditional wood cannot compete with

Most will assume that the cost savings will result in a reduction in performance when it comes to this type of product. Fortunately, this isn't the case.

One of the big downsides to the traditional wood window treatment is the fact that it isn't suitable in rooms which trap a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. The blinds will tend to warp and crack - which is hardly desirable on a premium product. Faux wood on the other hand has been manufactured to stave off such issues - making it suitable for pretty much every room in the house.

It retains "the look"

Despite both of the above, let's not forget that faux wood still retains that sophisticated appearance. Sure, if an expert was to take the slats and analyze them closely, they will probably notice a difference. To the Average Joe, there isn't a difference though. They look like wood - but perform and cost much differently.

This appears to be the reason why "wooden" window treatments are surging in popularity - and homes are reaping the benefits in the process.