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Tips to selecting the right sprinkler for your lawn


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Selecting the right water sprinkler for your lawn can seem like a difficult task as there are many to choose from and a lot of companies selling them. Which one is right for me is a common question so don’t feel silly as you’re definitely not alone.

What to consider in helping you make an informed decision

  • Look at different sprinklers at different price ranges
  • Compare the most expensive model to the least expensive model and identify the pros and cons of each one to help you choose and find out all the different features.
  • If you have the necessary skills you may be able to install a simple reticulation or irrigation system yourself
  • Read reviews from real customers who are using them to avoid being taken in by sales talk and ending up with a product that doesn’t live up to your expectations
  • Measure your lawn and choose one that is appropriate to the size of your lawn
  • Think automatic vs manual – which one would suit me best?
  • Find out what the water pressure is like in your area – this will determine what sort of sprinklers are available to you.
  • Think about your watering needs
  • Assess your soil type to make sure the model you choose is suitable
  • Take into consideration your environmental conditions
  • Check the weather forecast regularly in your area to see how often you would need to use the sprinkler and how often it would rain anyway

Rotors vs Pop-Ups - Rotors are great for large areas because they spray along the way and are fully adjustable. Pop-ups are good for smaller area and areas with different contours. They have a nozzle which you can change and set to spray to different distances and patterns. They, however, may not be the solution for you if you live in an area that’s very windy as the spray gets blown around which can leave you with uneven watering.

New technology

There is new technology available for you to take advantage of which are Hydrawise irrigation controllers. These are controlled via the internet and help you keep an accurate track of your water usage. This can be used on your smartphone, desktop computer or laptop. It will send you an alert when you have a problem such as a broken wire or valve so it doesn’t get to the point where dead bit’s are appearing in your lawn and you’re wondering what on earth is happening. It also lets you know when you are using too much water so it saves you ending up with a shockingly big water bill.

Problem with an existing system?

You may have an existing system which you are having problems with, and some retic repairs may be a simple cost effective solution. So it might be worth looking into retic controllers in Perth from TLC Services Perth, or other similar services from specialists in Perth who are able to answer any questions you may have, and sort you out with all the equipment you will need to take advantage of the latest technology, or just sort out those existing system problems you may be having.