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Roller Shutter, The Often Neglected Advertising Space


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by Federico Moroni.

Many people think that a roller shutter is just for keeping out prying eyes as well as helping to keep the business as secure as possible.

Shutters in Perth are often neglected as an advertising space. Using the shutters are advertising can help to inform people about the business in a very simple and effective way.

Increasingly, businesses are starting to realise that they can use shutters to make their businesses stand out from the rest of the shops on the street. Read this helpful guide about how to maximise the potential for roller shutters to be used as advertising space.


Slogans are a fantastic way to make sure that people passing by remember the business and are motivated to visit the shop once it is open. These slogans need to be as simple as possible because people will only look at the shutter for a matter of seconds. The lettering should be incredibly bold and evenly spaced. Use a font which can be easily read because otherwise, people may be unaware of what the slogan actually says.

An effective slogan will stick inside the heads of passers-by. Hopefully, they will be impressed enough by the slogan to take action. Visit for shutters which can be customised with slogans.

Special Offers

Shutter advertising can be used to highlight special offers. The special offers can be painted onto the shutters in extremely simple lettering. Using shutters to advertise special offers can be most effective for businesses such as bars which are running promotions on drinks for a limited time only.

The shutter can be repainted over a number of months, as the special offers start to change. These special offers will entice people to visit the business and spend their money.

Contact Details

Some people complain that they cannot find the contact details for businesses. Use a shutter to advertise the main contact details. Print the telephone number, email address and social media contact details on the shutters. Using bold letters will allow people to see the contact details as they are passing by in their cars or walking on the other side of the street.

Don’t forget to update the contact details on the shutter if they happen to change. Failing to update the contact details on the shutter could cause people to ring the wrong number or send an email to the wrong address. This could cause a business to lose lots of customers.

‘Best Buys’

Every business has ‘best buys', which are the best value or most popular service that the business offers. Advertise these ‘best buys’ on the roller shutters so that people will be enticed to use these best-value or popular services on a regular basis.


Logos can be an effective way to make a business more appealing. Put the business logo on the shutter so that it will catch the attention of anyone who happens to be passing by.