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Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by Auburn Alumni Assoc.

Paving always looks professional, but it involves a little more than just laying them in the right place, and if one has no experience in this field, it could turn out to be a nightmare. Laying a path or terrace is all about preparation, and having the experience to deal with different surfaces and materials, which is why its best left to the professionals. Here are a few reasons why it isn’t a good idea to go down the DIY road.

  1. Professional pavers take pride in their work, and are not too keen on being called in to repair someone else’s mistakes, so by calling them in at the outset, the job will be completed properly the first time, and will probably be cheaper, as there is less work involved.
  2. Working with stone is a specialised industry, and while it may look easy, it is actually a skill that takes years to master. Stonemasons are highly sought after, and if their work was that easy, they would be redundant.
  3. There is nothing worse than a badly laid path or patio, and if the home is one of character, a poor job on the paving will stand out like a sore thumb.
  4. By using a professional company, they will guarantee their workmanship, and if anything goes wrong, one can simply call them to fix it. If one lives in Western Australia, there are granite pavers in Perth from Mataka that are ideal for all types of paving.
  5. The home is a considerable investment, and it wouldn’t be right to add something that didn’t look in keeping with the rest of the property.
  6. If one is considering stone cladding, this is even more difficult than laying a path or patio, so it is essential to use a qualified person who has working experience with the product.
  7. Another important point is the heavy nature of the work. Unless one is used to manual labour, it can be quite tiring, and without professional guidance, things can quickly get out of hand.
  8. While one does get a degree of personal satisfaction out of a job well done, the embarrassment of having to call in someone to rectify the work makes it a very unpleasant experience. Trying to explain to a tradesman how it managed to get in such a state is not something anyone would look forward to, and by dealing with the right people from the outset, none of this would happen.
  9. A professional would be able to suggest different ideas about the style and finish, which the average person wouldn’t be aware of. The design stage is critical, and a layperson might not have the experience to plan correctly.
  10. Peace of mind is important, especially when the home is concerned, and by using the right people, one can relax and enjoy watching the experts work.

Stone work is a specialised trade and if one has little or no experience with this kind of work, the chances are something will go wrong, and with a professional job, the home will be enhanced.