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Many people install security systems in their homes and businesses. These systems help to keep property and belongings completely secure. However, it is important to be able to recognise when a security system might be malfunctioning. A security system which is not working properly may cause buildings to become extremely vulnerable to the threat of a burglary. If you have a vacant property that needs protecting, find out more here for security options.

People should read this helpful guide in order to spot whether their security system is really working for them.

Flickering CCTV Images

CCTV images need to be as clear as possible in order to give anyone watching the footage a firm grasp of what is happening both inside and outside of the building. CCTV installation in Perth should be handled by a professional company. One of the major signs of CCTV malfunction is if the images are constantly flickering or breaking up on the screen. This malfunction could allow people to access the building without being detected by anyone. The problem could be caused by faulty wiring or an issue with the hardware inside the security cameras. Make sure to repair or replace damaged CCTV cameras as soon as these problems become apparent.

Shop around in order to find a company that provides quality security cameras. CCTV installation by Castle Security is cost-effective and efficient.

Damaged Security Lights

Security lights are designed to switch on after being triggered by motion. These lights can help to catch people in the act of breaking in. Damaged security lights might not turn on at the vital moment.

Malfunctioning Alarms

Alarms need to be in perfect working order to ensure that an alert will be sounded in the event of a break-in attempt. These alarms need to be tested on a regular basis to make sure that there are no problems. Common problems with alarms include them failing to go off, or going off at the wrong time. The problem may have to be assessed by a professional. A damaged alarm system should be replaced completely in order to make sure that the building is as secure as it can be.

Broken Locks

Locks on windows and doors need to be kept in good condition so that the building cannot be accessed by anyone attempting a break-in. Test the locks regularly to make sure that they have not become damaged in any way.

Replacement locks should be fitted as soon as possible if the old locks have become dislodged or broken.

Damaged Shutters

Window shutters are an effective deterrent for anyone who is hoping to gain access to the building. The metal shutters need to be kept free of rust or dents, and they should be replaced immediately if these problems appear.

Damaged Gates

Gates should be securely locked to make sure that no-one has unwarranted access to the front of the building. The locks can become damaged if the gate is continuously being slammed shut. Gates need to be closed sensibly in order to prevent any problems. If the lock is catching or the gate has become buckled, make sure to have it replaced as soon as possible.

Use this guide to identify problems with security systems.

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