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10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Hire a Professional Paver


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Paving always looks professional, but it involves a little more than just laying them in the right place, and if one has no experience in this field, it could turn out to be a nightmare. Laying a path or terrace is all about preparation, and having the experience to deal with different surfaces and materials, which is why its best left to the professionals. Here are a few reasons why it isn’t a good idea to go down the DIY road.

  1. Professional pavers take pride in their work, and are not too keen on being called in to repair someone else’s mistakes, so by calling them in at the outset, the job will be completed properly the first time, and will probably be cheaper, as there is less work involved.
  2. Working with stone is a specialised industry, and while it may look easy, it is actually a skill that takes years to master. Stonemasons are highly sought after, and if their work was that easy, they would be redundant.
  3. There is nothing worse than a badly laid path or patio, and if the home is one of character, a poor job on the paving will stand out like a sore thumb.
  4. By using a professional company, they will guarantee their workmanship, and if anything goes wrong, one can simply call them to fix it. If one lives in Western Australia, there are granite pavers in Perth from Mataka that are ideal for all types of paving.
  5. The home is a considerable investment, and it wouldn’t be right to add something that didn’t look in keeping with the rest of the property.
  6. If one is considering stone cladding, this is even more difficult than laying a path or patio, so it is essential to use a qualified person who has working experience with the product.
  7. Another important point is the heavy nature of the work. Unless one is used to manual labour, it can be quite tiring, and without professional guidance, things can quickly get out of hand.
  8. While one does get a degree of personal satisfaction out of a job well done, the embarrassment of having to call in someone to rectify the work makes it a very unpleasant experience. Trying to explain to a tradesman how it managed to get in such a state is not something anyone would look forward to, and by dealing with the right people from the outset, none of this would happen.
  9. A professional would be able to suggest different ideas about the style and finish, which the average person wouldn’t be aware of. The design stage is critical, and a layperson might not have the experience to plan correctly.
  10. Peace of mind is important, especially when the home is concerned, and by using the right people, one can relax and enjoy watching the experts work.

Stone work is a specialised trade and if one has little or no experience with this kind of work, the chances are something will go wrong, and with a professional job, the home will be enhanced.

11 Recycling Facts That You Should Know by Now


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Everyone is doing it. It’s cool to do. People of all ages should be doing it. We should do it more. What are we talking about? Recycling of course and this is a buzzword that everyone seems to be talking about nowadays. Some recycle because they genuinely care about the state of the planet, while others do it because they have to but whatever reason pushes people to recycle more – it is making a difference to the environment. Waste sorting is an important process when it comes to recycling and generally, wet and dry waste should be kept separately and often in homes; the dry waste also needs to be separated into categories such as paper, metal or plastic.

There are lots of ways to get rid of waste and a popular way to do it nowadays is to rent a skip and have a mass clear out. It is easy to rent waste bins in Perth, Manchester, Amsterdam or in any big city or town anywhere in the world through a reputable company that can be found with a quick online search and they can be contacted for more information on how waste can be sorted to make recycling easier and more effective.

Let’s take a look at the top 11 facts that everyone should know about recycling by now:

  1. Recycling is part of the three Rs rule – reduce, reuse and recycle
  2. It only takes about two months for an aluminum tin to be recycled and put back onto the shelves
  3. Everything from raw materials such as plastic and paper can be recycled through to electronics, organic waste and textiles
  4. In order to print Sunday newspapers, half a million trees are chopped down, proving just how pivotal recycling is when it comes to preserving the environment  
  5. Recycling ensures that fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted, as it helps to conserve energy
  6. Every day, the average person generates around four pounds of rubbish
  7. Recycling is important when it comes to preserving natural resources, including oil, gas and coal
  8. While approximately 80% of waste is recyclable, only 35% of it is currently being recycled
  9. Glass can be recycled and appear back on the shop shelves in just 30 days
  10. Each year, around 3% more waste is generated
  11. More than one million sea creatures are killed every year by plastic bags

Recycling is hugely important and more and more people are beginning to understand what a pivotal role it plays when it comes to saving the planet. It is easy to rent waste bins by Allmetro Bins and other well-known rental companies and they will be able to offer advice about what will be done to recycle the waste put into their skips.

Reducing how much we use, then reusing what we do use and lastly recycling as much as possible will go a long way to help to reduce our destructive carbon footprints.

Roller Shutter, The Often Neglected Advertising Space


Many people think that a roller shutter is just for keeping out prying eyes as well as helping to keep the business as secure as possible.

Shutters in Perth are often neglected as an advertising space. Using the shutters are advertising can help to inform people about the business in a very simple and effective way.

Increasingly, businesses are starting to realise that they can use shutters to make their businesses stand out from the rest of the shops on the street. Read this helpful guide about how to maximise the potential for roller shutters to be used as advertising space.


Slogans are a fantastic way to make sure that people passing by remember the business and are motivated to visit the shop once it is open. These slogans need to be as simple as possible because people will only look at the shutter for a matter of seconds. The lettering should be incredibly bold and evenly spaced. Use a font which can be easily read because otherwise, people may be unaware of what the slogan actually says.

An effective slogan will stick inside the heads of passers-by. Hopefully, they will be impressed enough by the slogan to take action. Visit for shutters which can be customised with slogans.

Special Offers

Shutter advertising can be used to highlight special offers. The special offers can be painted onto the shutters in extremely simple lettering. Using shutters to advertise special offers can be most effective for businesses such as bars which are running promotions on drinks for a limited time only.

The shutter can be repainted over a number of months, as the special offers start to change. These special offers will entice people to visit the business and spend their money.

Contact Details

Some people complain that they cannot find the contact details for businesses. Use a shutter to advertise the main contact details. Print the telephone number, email address and social media contact details on the shutters. Using bold letters will allow people to see the contact details as they are passing by in their cars or walking on the other side of the street.

Don’t forget to update the contact details on the shutter if they happen to change. Failing to update the contact details on the shutter could cause people to ring the wrong number or send an email to the wrong address. This could cause a business to lose lots of customers.

‘Best Buys’

Every business has ‘best buys', which are the best value or most popular service that the business offers. Advertise these ‘best buys’ on the roller shutters so that people will be enticed to use these best-value or popular services on a regular basis.


Logos can be an effective way to make a business more appealing. Put the business logo on the shutter so that it will catch the attention of anyone who happens to be passing by. Lots of options are available nowadays to have your own custom logo design according to your budget; you can opt for an AI logo maker or can hire a professional designer also.

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Tips for Storing Your Summer Lawn Equipment During the Winter


If you live in an area where it snows, you are probably ready to pull out the snow blower and shovel and pack away the lawn mower and all of your other summertime lawn equipment.

Before you simply throw your tools and equipment into the shed or a storage unit, it is important to know how to properly store these items, otherwise, the tools may not work properly once you pull them out next summer and your lawn will suffer because of it.

Proper lawn equipment self storage is needed to ensure the longevity of your lawn tools and to ensure that you do not have to replace all of the equipment prematurely. Not sure how to store those items? Let’s take a look at some helpful tips.

Pay Attention to the Details

All of your lawn equipment came with a manufacturer’s booklet or pamphlet that told you how to properly store and maintain the items. If you did not keep these booklets, have no fear. In fact, many people do not and these booklets simply find themselves in the trash can with the box.

Much of your lawn equipment has a small engine within it. Think about your lawn mower, the weed eater, and similar items. You should follow the same storage tips for each one to ensure that your items are kept safe.

  1. Always clean your equipment before you place it in storage. You should remove all dirt and grass from the blades or any of the pieces of the equipment. If required, wash down the equipment and allow it to fully dry before you place it in your storage unit.
  2. Never simply store your lawn equipment without the proper oil to gas ratio. Not doing so can result in your items not starting back up once the winter is over.
  3. You want to make sure that you never place un-stabilized gas in your equipment and allow them to sit. This will cause the equipment to corrode.

In addition to lawn equipment with motors, you will also need to worry about your gardening tools as well.

To store these items, you want to clean them off and sterilize them, especially if you were digging around in the dirt, scooped up your dog’s feces, or anything of that nature. Once the items are clean and sterilized, you can then prep them to be placed within your storage unit.

You do not want to leave your garden tools lying on the floor in your storage unit or in your garage. You should utilize garage shelving options to keep them off of the ground and in an upright position.

Choose the Right Storage Unit for Your Needs

If you are looking for a storage unit for your lawn equipment, it is important to pay attention to the features of the unit. For example, if you plan to store your lawn equipment such as a mower or chainsaw, you would benefit best from a climate controlled unit, as it will help to protect your items the best.

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8 Tips For Using A Rented Storage Unit


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Moving to a new property is far from a simple task. For starters, property hunters have the huge task of finding a property that appeals to them, and then they have to go through the process of hiring lawyers to do their bidding before getting in touch with the banks to secure the best mortgage. When it actually comes to moving day after all the contracts have been signed and finalised, people are then faced with the task of transporting all of their belongings to their new property.

However, oftentimes, people need to put some or all of their belongings into storage before they can move it to their new home. It might be that they have to leave their previous property before their new property is ready, and their family and friends may not have enough room at their home to store everything.

For the reasons above, many people choose to rent a storage unit in Perth where they can keep all of their belongings until they’re ready to make a home for them in their new property. Below, this article will offer eight top tips that will help people make the most of their rented storage unit.

Making the Most of Storage Units

Many people choose reliable storage in Perth with A2B as to feel confident that they’re getting a good price and a high-quality service. However, making the most of their space is up to the homeowner themselves, and these eight tips will help.

  • Keep belongings on pallets – Spills from other units may seep under doors and cause damage to belongings, which is why it’s a good idea to keep them stored on top of pallets.
  • Seal items in a plastic wrap – Sealing items in a plastic wrap will help prevent dust and insects from getting inside boxes and valuables.
  • Use a durable but small lock – Locks should be durable and reliable, but they should also be too small to be broken by criminals who may use tools.
  • Label all boxes – To make sure it’s easy to find everything as and when needed, it’s a good idea to label everything.
  • Be prepared for temperature changes – Applying two layers of plastic wrap will keep things insulated.
  • Look after the unit – Fines may be charged if the unit itself sustains any damage, so it’s important to take care when using it.
  • Have sand at the ready – During the colder times of the year, water could potentially freeze and make the floor hazardous.
  • Make sure things are kept orderly – It’s a good idea to keep valuables in sturdy boxes of a similar size and stack them on top of each to make efficient use of the space available.

Needless to say, storage units can be a great help for a huge number of reasons, but it’s important for homeowners to use them properly if they want to make the most of their investment. Just make sure the best company is chosen as to be sure the best price is secured.

Tips to selecting the right sprinkler for your lawn


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Selecting the right water sprinkler for your lawn can seem like a difficult task as there are many to choose from and a lot of companies selling them. Which one is right for me is a common question so don’t feel silly as you’re definitely not alone.

What to consider in helping you make an informed decision

  • Look at different sprinklers at different price ranges
  • Compare the most expensive model to the least expensive model and identify the pros and cons of each one to help you choose and find out all the different features.
  • If you have the necessary skills you may be able to install a simple reticulation or irrigation system yourself
  • Read reviews from real customers who are using them to avoid being taken in by sales talk and ending up with a product that doesn’t live up to your expectations
  • Measure your lawn and choose one that is appropriate to the size of your lawn
  • Think automatic vs manual – which one would suit me best?
  • Find out what the water pressure is like in your area – this will determine what sort of sprinklers are available to you.
  • Think about your watering needs
  • Assess your soil type to make sure the model you choose is suitable
  • Take into consideration your environmental conditions
  • Check the weather forecast regularly in your area to see how often you would need to use the sprinkler and how often it would rain anyway

Rotors vs Pop-Ups - Rotors are great for large areas because they spray along the way and are fully adjustable. Pop-ups are good for smaller area and areas with different contours. They have a nozzle which you can change and set to spray to different distances and patterns. They, however, may not be the solution for you if you live in an area that’s very windy as the spray gets blown around which can leave you with uneven watering.

New technology

There is new technology available for you to take advantage of which are Hydrawise irrigation controllers. These are controlled via the internet and help you keep an accurate track of your water usage. This can be used on your smartphone, desktop computer or laptop. It will send you an alert when you have a problem such as a broken wire or valve so it doesn’t get to the point where dead bit’s are appearing in your lawn and you’re wondering what on earth is happening. It also lets you know when you are using too much water so it saves you ending up with a shockingly big water bill.

Problem with an existing system?

You may have an existing system which you are having problems with, and some retic repairs may be a simple cost effective solution. So it might be worth looking into retic controllers in Perth from TLC Services Perth, or other similar services from specialists in Perth who are able to answer any questions you may have, and sort you out with all the equipment you will need to take advantage of the latest technology, or just sort out those existing system problems you may be having.

Top 10 Nightstands For Under $200


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Nightstands are an integral feature aesthetically speaking and at the same time have a functionally performative role that they play in rooms. They are a perfect location to keep that glass of water handy along with a beautiful lamp for your late night book cravings.

Finding a purposeful nightstand that potentially caters all your needs, within budget could be a task in itself. Luckily, we can offer some help by suggesting some nightstands under budget. Here is a handy list of top 10 nightstands you can buy under 200$:

1. Crate and Barrel Brighton White nightstand

With its subtle design of a bar table and one attached drawer, this nightstand will certainly give you a pastoral and summery feeling. The deep and classic looking drawer will certainly come in handy to store important things for the night.

2. IKEA Tarva Nightstand

Made entirely of pinewood, this nightstand from idea will certainly complement the colors of the your bedroom. The huge and deep drawer at the bottom will certainly store a lot of books for bedtime reading lovers.

3. West Elm Patchwork Nightstand

Defying all the style norms, this nightstand will certainly bring glamour to your bedroom. With its three handy drawers of different sizes, it will certainly mark all the boxes in your checklist.

4. Threshold Mid-Century Modern Nightstand

The angled, splayed and elegant beauty of this nightstand will be the most striking feature in your bedroom. With its vintage look and contemporary design, this piece of furniture will certainly fulfil all your desires under 200$.

5. Urban Outfitters Finely Nightstand 

If you are not that elaborate a person, then look no further than this nightstand. With its hairpin legs and an open compartment, this nightstand will definitely look different from others in its class.

6. Vettre Nightstand

This piece of furniture stands out from others as there is an opening in its drawer to charge your phone or tablet inside the drawer itself. With wheels attached to its legs, this nightstand is easily portable too.

7. Hemnes Nightstand

The design of this nightstand is an amalgamation between tradition and modernity. It will certainly bring a different class to your bedroom. The main highlight of this table is the drawer and ample space underneath to store books for your night stories.

8. Drawer Midcentury Kids Nightstand

Although meant for kids due to its short height, the design and utility of this nightstand will perfectly fit well even in an adult bedroom.

9. Regency Side Table 

Nearing to a hundred dollars, the design of this nightstand is certainly different from all those in its class.

10. Miles Campaign Nightstand

Although designed for kids, this will be perfect for adults as well. The X-shaped legs of this stand will make a bold statement in your bedroom.

With great power (to choose), comes even greater responsibilities (from where to choose from?). Well, look no further, for the best furniture packages in Perth have a look at the various quality furniture packages by Furniture Fitouts. Why stop at just a nightstand when you can choose from a whole range of products from Furniture Fitouts to suit all your décor needs.

The Importance of Using the Right Tool for the Right Job


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Of course, this applies to all industries, and more often than not, using the wrong tools creates a problem. A tool is designed to do a specific job, and it is vital that one uses the right tool for whatever specific task. Safety can be compromised by using a tool that is not designed for a specific role, which is why it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when using any equipment.

Modern suppliers

Diamond blades are used for a number of cutting and grinding applications, and if one is looking for a diamond blade supplier in Perth, or any other city, there are online solutions that offer a range of precision tools for a variety of industries. The range of products would include,

  • Diamond tipped blades
  • Power tool blades
  • Wall saw blades
  • Stone and tile cutting blades
  • Masonry cutting blades

Road and floor saws are commonly used in the construction industry, and with a range of sizes and specifications, there is always the right tool for the right job.

Core drilling blades

These are required when heavy-duty concrete needs to be drilled, and diamond tipped drill bits ensure that the job is completed in a short period of time. It might be that a client requires a customised solution, and a reputable blade supplier would be able to undertake this. Core drilling bits can effectively cut through the following materials,

  • Brick and block
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Reinforced concrete

Grinding applications

Certain blades can be used for floor grinding, which is necessary with stone flooring, as it brings the surface to a smooth, even finish with a slow abrasive effect. The type of machine used would be determined by the material to be grounded, but most types of stone can be ground down using this method.

Wet sanders

These can achieve a very high standard of polished stone surface, and are ideal tools for that new stone floor at home. Patience is needed when doing this, as nothing happens in a few minutes, and with constant grinding, a great finish can be achieved. The people who use these machines are very experienced, and would know the right tool to use, whatever the materials.

Safety in the workplace

Using the right tool will go a long way to avoiding an accident, and if one is unsure about that, talk to the experts, who have many years of hands-on experience in supplying the right tools for the right job. There are online suppliers of specialist cutting and grinding applications who would be only too happy to advise on the right equipment for any job.

By checking with the experts, one will always use the right equipment, and by wearing the right protective clothing, the work should be safely completed without incident. If in doubt, ask the professionals, who can quickly establish if one is using the right tools for any particular cutting or grinding job.

Is Your Security System Really Working For You?


Many people install security systems in their homes and businesses. These systems help to keep property and belongings completely secure. However, it is important to be able to recognise when a security system might be malfunctioning. A security system which is not working properly may cause buildings to become extremely vulnerable to the threat of a burglary. If you have a vacant property that needs protecting, find out more here for security options.

People should read this helpful guide in order to spot whether their security system is really working for them.

Flickering CCTV Images

CCTV images need to be as clear as possible in order to give anyone watching the footage a firm grasp of what is happening both inside and outside of the building. CCTV installation in Perth should be handled by a professional company. One of the major signs of CCTV malfunction is if the images are constantly flickering or breaking up on the screen. This malfunction could allow people to access the building without being detected by anyone. The problem could be caused by faulty wiring or an issue with the hardware inside the security cameras. Make sure to repair or replace damaged CCTV cameras as soon as these problems become apparent.

Shop around in order to find a company that provides quality security cameras. CCTV installation by Castle Security is cost-effective and efficient.

Damaged Security Lights

Security lights are designed to switch on after being triggered by motion. These lights can help to catch people in the act of breaking in. Damaged security lights might not turn on at the vital moment.

Malfunctioning Alarms

Alarms need to be in perfect working order to ensure that an alert will be sounded in the event of a break-in attempt. These alarms need to be tested on a regular basis to make sure that there are no problems. Common problems with alarms include them failing to go off, or going off at the wrong time. The problem may have to be assessed by a professional. A damaged alarm system should be replaced completely in order to make sure that the building is as secure as it can be.

Broken Locks

Locks on windows and doors need to be kept in good condition so that the building cannot be accessed by anyone attempting a break-in. Test the locks regularly to make sure that they have not become damaged in any way.

Replacement locks should be fitted as soon as possible if the old locks have become dislodged or broken.

Damaged Shutters

Window shutters are an effective deterrent for anyone who is hoping to gain access to the building. The metal shutters need to be kept free of rust or dents, and they should be replaced immediately if these problems appear.

Damaged Gates

Gates should be securely locked to make sure that no-one has unwarranted access to the front of the building. The locks can become damaged if the gate is continuously being slammed shut. Gates need to be closed sensibly in order to prevent any problems. If the lock is catching or the gate has become buckled, make sure to have it replaced as soon as possible.

Use this guide to identify problems with security systems.

Rockingham Home Security

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How to Control the Light in Your Living Space: A Room by Room Guide


Letting light into your living space is an incredibly important yet easily overlooked aspect of home design.

How so?

For starters, the benefits of natural light are well-documented to increase our moods and help us feel that we're not living in some sort of dark, dingy cave. Likewise, natural light can make our rooms feel larger and compliment our paint-jobs if we've got some off-the-wall colors in our space.

On the flip side, picking and choosing window treatments can be a bit of a pain, especially as you take the following into account:

  • You more that likely want to block out light in certain rooms more-so than others (for example, you may not mind some light in the living room versus your bedroom)
  • Certain window fixtures ensure privacy while others are more “open” (think: you probably don't want something transparent in the bathroom)
  • Some window treatments are flat out expensive: in addition, we don't want to sacrifice style for the sake of functionality, do we?

Fortunately, a room-by-room approach to switching up your window treatments is a safe bet. Take the following tips into account whether you feel like you're quite literally living in the dark or are looking for a new home improvement project that won't break the bank.

Go Vertical in the Living Room

Durable, affordable and easy to clean, vertical blinds are ideal for your living room. Unlike more intricate window fixtures, vertical blinds are simple to take care of and can easily adjust to let in just enough light or block it out completely.

Versus costlier treatments that require a more involved cleaning process (think: curtains), blinds are optimal if your home is prone to accumulating dust or pet dander. Blinds also allow you to truly control how much light is in your living space, as you may not mind some sunshine during the day, you may want to shut it out to avoid a glare on your television, for example.

Blind vendors and installers all have their own specialties; use a well-known, established company like Select Blinds Canada to make sure yours are installed perfectly.

Block Out Your Bedroom

It's absolutely crucial that you block out light at night in the bedroom, especially to optimize your quality of sleep. Additionally, privacy is obviously also an issue as you slumber.

The ideal solution for many bedrooms would be heavy curtains, drapes or black-out blinds. Granted it meshes with your room's style, the darker the colors, the better.

Privacy in the Bathroom

Peace of mind in the bathroom is only natural: however, there's no reason not to let some natural light in, right? You can get the best of both worlds through either cellular shades or roller blinds, which typically boast lighter fabrics that filter light and keep anyone from looking in. Keep in mind that you should pick a mold resistant fabric for your shade given the the amount of moisture that builds up after weeks of hot showers and baths.

Curtains in the Kitchen

Kitchens often fall into a sort of all-of-the-above category depending on your home, although many kitchens incorporate some form of curtains or drapes. After all, it's nice to be able to look out the window as you cook: likewise, sometimes you may not want the neighbors to see what you're up to. Granted they're easy to reach when it's time to clean up, some lightweight curtains will probably do the trick for most homeowners.

You should be in control of the light in your living space rather than be at the mercy of mother nature. Although window treatments are easy to overlook, consider how this subtle element of home design could potentially transform each room of your living space.

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5 Decorating Tips that Will Brighten Your Basement


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by Stephen Harris.

Most basements are considered to be scary places with the huge lack of lighting and decoration. But with proper decoration hints you will be able to transform the whole space and make it appealing and pleasant to spend time at. Do not give up on your basement and try to create something unique and bright of it regardless of the purpose of this room. Below we prepared seven best tips for decorating your basement.

  1. Layer the Lighting

One of the easiest ways to make up for the lack of natural lighting in basement spaces is to install pot lights not only on the ceiling but actually throughout the entire space. Professional basement contractor and designer Guy Solomon explains that you should not be afraid that such light will make your ceiling look lower, on the contrary they will widen your space visually. Do not forget about the floor and table lamps for additional ambient lighting.

  1. Paint Walls White

This is also easy and cheap way of lightning any dark space. In order to instantly brighten your basement take white paint any apply it to all the walls. You can combine white with any other bright color if you want to add some personality for your basement room. With the help of monochrome look you will be able to let the eye skip over any bulkheads or odd angles and so make your place to seem larger. You can also add white or bright counters, tables, and other pieces of furniture for the same sake.

  1. Minimize Contrast

If you create sharp contrast between the walls and the ceiling and flooring you risk making the walls look shorter and the ceiling feel lower. This is why experts advise choosing the same paint color for the ceiling and any bulkheads or columns as well as the walls. And it is better if this color is fresh white hue. Make also sure that the flooring color is supplementary to the color of the room.

  1. Choose One Flooring Type

If you have big open space in the basement, do not break it into sections with the different types of flooring. If you do so, it will only look cluttered and tasteless. Instead, professional designers advise choosing only one material that will make the space look larger. For instance, you can opt for polished concrete or light hardwood for better durability and modern look. Furthermore, both options can be made with heated floors for additional comfort.

  1. Paint the Brick

And the last tip that also seems obvious, but is still rarely done is to paint the bricks instead of remodeling them. As Guy Solomon explains, most basements are build with bricks and this material is perfect for being painted or even left as it is. You can use bright natural red-orange tones for loft design or use white paint again to make everything look more appealing. In order to finish the design, make sure to add warm accents in terms of accessories to the room.

National Electrical Code: Things You Should Know When Rewiring Your Home


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An electrical rewire means replacing some or all of the wiring in the home, and this is a job for someone who is both qualified and experienced in rewiring residential properties. Due to the dangers of working with electricity, wiring must conform to local government standards, and the electrician would be familiar with the regulations, and would follow them at all times.

Earth connections

Electricity always runs to earth, and each appliance should be earthed, to prevent the actual appliance becoming live, which could cause electrocution. If one is unsure if the home has been earthed, look under the kitchen sink, and one should see a green and yellow cable that is bolted to the sink, which runs to earth.  If a person needs rewiring and lives in Western Australia, there are online solutions to help one find an electrician in Fremantle, Perth, or any other city, and by choosing someone local, it is more convenient.

List the electrical needs

Undertake an electrical inventory, which is a list of all the devices and appliances one intends to use throughout the house. Only then can one know the level of power required, and the home can be wired accordingly. If one lives in Western Australia, this can be carried out by an electrician in Fremantle, and they can advise on the wiring requirements.

Think about repairs

With most rewiring jobs, there is a degree of making good, as channels might have to be cut into plaster walls, and floor boards raised. Modern wiring does not allow for surface cables, so everything must either be sunk into the wall, or hidden under the floor. A reputable electrician would always make good when rewiring, but it is always best to make it clear that this is included in the quote.

Make a clear list of requirements

When talking to the electrician, be clear about where you want light switches and power points, along with the number of outlets required. Once the tradesperson has the list, he or she can decide how best to meet those requirements, and try not to tell them how to do it, only what one requires. Nobody minds being told what to do, but most professionals do not like to be told “how” to do their job.

Think of the future

Rewiring a house needs a little foresight, so consider if the family might need extra power outlets at some point in the future, and factor those into the rewiring. The electrician can make provisions so that any future additions can be easily completed, if they are told about these requirements.

The right electrician

Rewiring a house can be carried out by any qualified electrician, although it is advisable to use someone that has at least a few years of hands-on experience in rewiring homes. If one is stuck for finding the right person, an online search would reveal a qualified electrician in the local community, and they can drop by and give a quotation. Rewiring a property is not something for the DIY enthusiast to tackle, so make sure one uses a qualified electrician, who can safely rewire the house.

3 Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas


Making a room feel well put together is as easy as decorating the walls. But with a limited budget it can be hard to do that with professional help. Luckily, there are plenty of easy DIY projects that you can do in order to make your room a stylish place. If you’re not feeling up to a DIY project and you’d rather get something professional, visit

Watercolor Wall Art

Watercolor paintings work perfectly in any room. Match the colors of the paint to the theme of your room (light, pastel colors work great for this project) and it will tie in beautifully. For this project you will need the following

  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • Bowls
  • Tempera paint
  • Drinking straws
  • White paper

Start off with two tablespoons of your tempera paint. Add this to a bowl and then add two table spoons of dish soap into the bowl as well. After adding the tempera paint and the dish soap, add half a cup of water. Take a straw and blow into the water until bubbles start to form on the surface.

Quickly place a piece of the paper over the bowl. After the bubbles burst they will leave prints behind on the paper. After these prints dry you can repeat the process with another color. After this is done you can frame it and hang it on your wall.

For more info on tempera paint, click here.

Repurposed Door Panel 

If you go poke around in a scrap yard, you’ll find an old door panel that you can use for this DIY project. After finding your abandoned old door panel you can start by sanding off all of the paint on it. Next, make sure the glass on the panel is completely clean. Depending on the color scheme of the room in which you want to hang this wall art you can choose a color to paint the door with.

The purpose of this DIY project is to display pictures in a creative way. So the next thing you will do is attach bulldog clips to the panel. This will allow you to easily put pictures on the panel. Alternatively, you can hang ribbons, jewelry or anything else you want from the clips.

Custom canvas prints
You can purchase your very own cheap custom canvas prints to hang up in your home. They’re nice for adding a personal touch to a bland room. Maybe you want to include that adorable photo of your eldest son from when he was a baby to your living room, but be warned, he might never bring a partner over again in fear of seeing the embarrassing image!

Color Blocking

This DIY is the easiest of all. There is just one step: paint your walls.

In order to achieve the color blocked look, buy two contrasting paint colors. Then use tape to make a diagonal or straight line down your wall. Paint the one side and then the other with the contrasting color. Voila!

If you can’t paint your walls, don’t fret. There is another way to color block your walls without altering the walls at all. Buy blank canvas sheets and paint them a color that contrasts with the color of your wall. Hang them up and you’ll have color blocked walls without your landlord getting angry.

You can also keep the color blocking exclusively on the canvas by painting the canvas in two contrasting colors that don’t contrast your wall.

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5 Beautiful Trees You’ll Want to Plant in Your Yard This Fall

5 Beautiful Trees You’ll Want to Plant in Your Yard image 2

Nothing creates more beauty and flair in a yard than a gorgeous, lush tree. Trees create a sense of peace and calm in a landscaping design and accent other aspects of your home’s overall look. In addition, when placed strategically, trees can help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Deciding which type of tree will work best for your yard is no easy task. Trees that grow quickly are among the most desirable but there are many other factors to consider. What growing region you live in impacts your decision and some cities even have ordinances in place declaring what types of trees can or cannot be planted to keep the overall aesthetic neutral.

Regardless, once you’ve established your growing region and checked with your city’s municipality, planting a tree this fall is one of the best decisions you can make. By planting in the fall your new tree will be able to expand and nourish its root base over the winter months and by spring it will be primed for maximum growth.

These are five types of tree that grow quickly and will enhance the beauty of your yard and the curb appeal of your home.

5 Beautiful Trees You’ll Want to Plant in Your Yard image 1

1. Dogwood

The dogwood tree is one of the most popular trees in the United States. There is a variety suited for almost every growing region and it adds beauty to your yard during all seasons. It flowers in the spring sporting lush blooms in pink, white, or red and during the summer the leaves are thick and abundant. In the fall season the leaves turn bright red before falling and many people even like the structure of the bare branches in the winter.

It might be helpful to hire a company that specializes in tree and shrub landscaping services to help you choose the best location for your new dogwood tree as well as to provide instruction on proper care and fertilization during the winter.

2. Crape Myrtle

Thriving in growing zone 7 to 9, the crape myrtle is one of the most beautiful of the ornamental trees and can reach heights of 15 to 25 feet. They are a very hardy tree and can survive drought, pests, and virtually everything else nature throws at them.

These trees need to be placed strategically, however. Not only is their height a factor but they can also have a branch spread of up to 15 feet. Therefore you’ll want to be sure that your new crape myrtle won’t interfere with power lines as it grows.

3. Tulip Tree

For a fast growing tree that also provides beautiful, ornamental blooms, you can’t go wrong with the tulip tree. This beautiful tree can grow more than two feet per year and offers up stunning tulip shaped blossoms in the springtime.

The tulip tree thrives in zones 4 through 9 but be sure to consider its ultimate height when choosing your location. This tree can mature at 70 to 90 feet.

4. Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are among the most popular as they’re not only beautiful but, when mature, also provide a crop of delicious, fresh fruit. The only questions here is the growing zone you live in and what type of fruit tree will do best there. Citrus trees thrive in zones 8, 9, and 10 while apple trees can be grown easily in zones 1 through 9, depending on the variety.

Fruit trees do require more maintenance than other trees and grow more slowly, but the reward of fresh apples or oranges is worth the extra work.

5. Silver Maple

If you’re on the hunt for a fast growing and beautiful, ornamental tree then the silver maple might be the best choice for you. This tree grows about 2 feet per year and can reach heights of more than 50 feet. It grows well in zones 3 through 9.

The silver maple is one of the most popular shade trees for landscaping and its leaves show off a beautiful silver hue when blown by the wind.

Choosing a tree for your yard is a big decision, especially given the fact that many trees will reach fantastic heights at maturity. Be sure to check your climate zone then head off to the nursery and choose your perfect tree.

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