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Moving to a new property is far from a simple task. For starters, property hunters have the huge task of finding a property that appeals to them, and then they have to go through the process of hiring lawyers to do their bidding before getting in touch with the banks to secure the best mortgage. When it actually comes to moving day after all the contracts have been signed and finalised, people are then faced with the task of transporting all of their belongings to their new property.

However, oftentimes, people need to put some or all of their belongings into storage before they can move it to their new home. It might be that they have to leave their previous property before their new property is ready, and their family and friends may not have enough room at their home to store everything.

For the reasons above, many people choose to rent a storage unit in Perth where they can keep all of their belongings until they’re ready to make a home for them in their new property. Below, this article will offer eight top tips that will help people make the most of their rented storage unit.

Making the Most of Storage Units

Many people choose reliable storage in Perth with A2B as to feel confident that they’re getting a good price and a high-quality service. However, making the most of their space is up to the homeowner themselves, and these eight tips will help.

  • Keep belongings on pallets – Spills from other units may seep under doors and cause damage to belongings, which is why it’s a good idea to keep them stored on top of pallets.
  • Seal items in a plastic wrap – Sealing items in a plastic wrap will help prevent dust and insects from getting inside boxes and valuables.
  • Use a durable but small lock – Locks should be durable and reliable, but they should also be too small to be broken by criminals who may use tools.
  • Label all boxes – To make sure it’s easy to find everything as and when needed, it’s a good idea to label everything.
  • Be prepared for temperature changes – Applying two layers of plastic wrap will keep things insulated.
  • Look after the unit – Fines may be charged if the unit itself sustains any damage, so it’s important to take care when using it.
  • Have sand at the ready – During the colder times of the year, water could potentially freeze and make the floor hazardous.
  • Make sure things are kept orderly – It’s a good idea to keep valuables in sturdy boxes of a similar size and stack them on top of each to make efficient use of the space available.

Needless to say, storage units can be a great help for a huge number of reasons, but it’s important for homeowners to use them properly if they want to make the most of their investment. Just make sure the best company is chosen as to be sure the best price is secured.