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Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by Stephen Harris.

Most basements are considered to be scary places with the huge lack of lighting and decoration. But with proper decoration hints you will be able to transform the whole space and make it appealing and pleasant to spend time at. Do not give up on your basement and try to create something unique and bright of it regardless of the purpose of this room. Below we prepared seven best tips for decorating your basement.

  1. Layer the Lighting

One of the easiest ways to make up for the lack of natural lighting in basement spaces is to install pot lights not only on the ceiling but actually throughout the entire space. Professional basement contractor and designer Guy Solomon explains that you should not be afraid that such light will make your ceiling look lower, on the contrary they will widen your space visually. Do not forget about the floor and table lamps for additional ambient lighting.

  1. Paint Walls White

This is also easy and cheap way of lightning any dark space. In order to instantly brighten your basement take white paint any apply it to all the walls. You can combine white with any other bright color if you want to add some personality for your basement room. With the help of monochrome look you will be able to let the eye skip over any bulkheads or odd angles and so make your place to seem larger. You can also add white or bright counters, tables, and other pieces of furniture for the same sake.

  1. Minimize Contrast

If you create sharp contrast between the walls and the ceiling and flooring you risk making the walls look shorter and the ceiling feel lower. This is why experts advise choosing the same paint color for the ceiling and any bulkheads or columns as well as the walls. And it is better if this color is fresh white hue. Make also sure that the flooring color is supplementary to the color of the room.

  1. Choose One Flooring Type

If you have big open space in the basement, do not break it into sections with the different types of flooring. If you do so, it will only look cluttered and tasteless. Instead, professional designers advise choosing only one material that will make the space look larger. For instance, you can opt for polished concrete or light hardwood for better durability and modern look. Furthermore, both options can be made with heated floors for additional comfort.

  1. Paint the Brick

And the last tip that also seems obvious, but is still rarely done is to paint the bricks instead of remodeling them. As Guy Solomon explains, most basements are build with bricks and this material is perfect for being painted or even left as it is. You can use bright natural red-orange tones for loft design or use white paint again to make everything look more appealing. In order to finish the design, make sure to add warm accents in terms of accessories to the room.