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Upgrade – Signs that your home needs an electrical makeover


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Like most areas of a house, electrical elements can start to wear out over time. This is especially true at old homes where wiring setups weren’t built to handle the demand of the electronic devices used in today’s modern world. And much in the same way homeowners have swapped out old-fashioned tube televisions for modern flat-screen models, wiring, sockets and the like can be swapped out for updated equipment.

It is fairly easy to determine when it is time to upgrade the living room, but it can be much more difficult to determine whether or not a house is in need of an electrical makeover performed by a Perth-based electrician. With that in mind, here are a few signs that your home might be in need of some electrical improvements.

Energy bills spiralling out of control

A lot of homeowners are baffled by the fact that they have to pay more each month for electricity despite using the same amount of appliances and electronics. They assume that someone has to be leaving the lights on while they are away or maybe even a rogue neighbour is syphoning of electricity. The reality is that old electrical setups tend to be less efficient than new ones.

And when a home’s electrical system is inefficient, it requires more energy to do ordinary tasks. This makes it look as if a home is using more electricity each month despite using the same amount of devices. If a homeowner thinks this is the reason for higher utilities bills, it’s a smart move to have an electrician come out to see what can be done to fix the problem.

Frequent short circuits

Is there anything worse than plugging something in and then having the entire house go dark? Yes, but this is still an annoying problem to deal with if it occurs frequently. Not only does everyone in the home have to stop what they are doing, but it also means the circuit board must be reset. If this is occurring regularly, it can also be a sign that the electrical systems might be in need of some upgrades.

A big home improvement

There is nothing quite as exciting as a big renovation. A new kitchen, a revamped living room or that ideal man den can be what turns and ordinary house into a dream home. It can also be the perfect time to perform an electrical makeover to meet the demands of the new appliances, electronics and lighting that will be installed. Running a bunch of new equipment on an older electrical system can lead to issues that will be a thorn in the side of a homeowner.

However, since the area is being renovated anyway, an electrics makeover can avoid a false dawn scenario where you think a renovation is complete only to find out the room must be rewired.

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