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Landscaping a garden area adds character to the house, and with a variety of techniques, amazing things can be achieved. Creating that country look doesn’t have to break the bank, and with some careful planning, and a lot of time and energy, one can transform a garden. Here are some tips from the professionals who make a living out of creating dream gardens.

Plan for the year-round look

Evergreen shrubs retain their leaves, and provide essential cover and colour, so should be evident. This also keeps maintenance down, as there are fewer falling leaves, although they require regular trimming. Small evergreen trees lined up in front of a residence adds a touch of elegance and colour, and walkways can be lined with small evergreen shrubs. If one wanted to plant a row of conifer trees around the perimeter, just do an online search for mini bobcat hire in Perth, and the job can be completed in a few hours.

Effective use of levels

It is very rare that a plot of land is perfectly flat, and creating levels is an ideal way to incorporate sloping features. Make sure the steps are visible, with suitable lighting to avoid a fall in the evenings, perhaps a few spike lights on each side of the step. Multiple level landscaping involves earth moving, and RME offer excavator hire in Perth, if one requires heavy machinery for a specific task.


These pull together the whole garden, and attractive paths highlight the surroundings, especially if they are made from the same stone as the house.  Striking edges made from small stone slabs or timber logs can accentuate the path, bringing some colour and texture to the landscape. Stone paths need to be cleaned often, as mould and moss can make them slippery, especially after rain.

Outdoor seating

A crucial aspect of any garden, the seating arrangements should highlight the preferred shady areas, with a patio and awning providing the ideal setting for those summer parties. Stone or timber benches can be intermittently scattered in larger gardens, providing a place to stop and catch one’s breath.

Rustic fencing

This enhances any garden, and with a range of timber finishes and sizes, fencing provides more than seclusion and segregation, adding colour and texture.


Of course, no garden would be complete without a grassed area. This needn’t be so large, unless one plans to play soccer with the children, as grass needs to be cut regularly. Having a lawn that looks like a bowling green, might make one proud, but let’s not forget the amount of hard work it takes to maintain that even, close-cropped look, so think twice before grassing the entire area. Having said that, nothing beats a nice sized lawn, and if that is what one wants, then the best thing to do is to level the area first. For someone in Western Australia who is looking for excavator hire in Perth, an online search will pay dividends.

Landscape gardeners follow these basics, and if one wants a garden that turns heads, it doesn’t have to cost the earth.